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DuPree African American Pentecostal collection, 1861-2020

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African American History and Culture File, 1892-2019 (continued)
BOX 40 Proposal and methodology, 2005
BOX 40 Report drafts and fragments, circa 2006
BOX 41 Report drafts and fragments, circa 2006
(3 folders)
BOX 42 Report drafts and fragments, circa 2006
BOX 42 Research (general), 2005-2006
(4 folders)
BOX 43 Research (general), 2005-2006
(2 folders)
DF Research, PDF and text files, 2006
Digital ID: mss86320_193_176
BOX 43 Structures, 1983-1990, 2002-2007
(2 folders)
BOX 43 Timelines, circa 2006
DF Education, audio and video files
DF Akbar, Na'im, "Black Aspirations Week," key note address, Cleveland State University, 2010
Digital ID: mss86320_193_141
DF Akua, Chike, "Education for Transformation," undated
Digital ID: mss86320_193_105
BOX 43 Florida folklife organizations, 1999-2013
BOX 43 Florida Storytelling Association, 2006-2007
BOX 43 Florida Task Force on African American History, 2003-2009
(2 folders)
BOX 44 Florida Task Force on African American History, 2010-2019
(5 folders)
BOX 44 Genealogy, 2001-2014
(2 folders)
BOX 44 Gospel and praise music
BOX 44 Artist index, undated
DF Audio files
DF Bishop Samuel Kelsey and the Congregation of The Temple Church of God in Christ, Washington, D.C., 2006
Digital ID: mss86320_193_112
DF Brothers of Harmony, Right Now, 2015
Digital ID: mss86320_193_253
DF The CounSoul, The Set Up Hand Picked fo' This, 2005
Digital ID: mss86320_193_226
Digital ID: mss86320_193_227
DF Daddy Grace, A Night with Daddy Grace, 2005
Digital ID: mss86320_193_225
DF Davis Sisters, 1949-1952, 2003
Digital ID: mss86320_193_115
DF Estelle, Randy
DF For Unto Us a Child, 1994
Digital ID: mss86320_193_096
DF Mission from God, 1994
Digital ID: mss86320_193_095
DF More than Wonderful, 1996
Digital ID: mss86320_193_224
DF Lockhart, Gloria and Nobel, "Holiness," 2003
Digital ID: mss86320_193_167
DF Marie & Friends, Rev. Dr. Marie Herring, "Songs that Stir the Soul," 2008
Digital ID: mss86320_193_102
DF Marla, Good News, 2000
Digital ID: mss86320_193_133
DF The Melody Four, Classics, 2007
Digital ID: mss86320_193_252
DF Powell, Sara Jordan, Experientially Yours!, 1999
Digital ID: mss86320_193_228
DF Rivers, Mother Willie Mae, Say Yes to Jesus!, 1994
Digital ID: mss86320_193_098
DF Smalls, Marlena and the Hallelujah Singers, Gullah Carry Me Home, 2007
Digital ID: mss86320_193_067
DF Swope-Dupree, Sheryl, Living for the Lord, 2002
Digital ID: mss86320_193_186
BOX 45 The Consolers (singing group), 1994-2011
BOX 45 Events, 1986-2016 See also Container OV 16 , Posters
BOX 45 Exhibits, 1993-2017
(2 folders)
DF Exhibits, text files, 1994
Digital ID: mss86320_193_153
BOX 45 Hollis, Deacon Major James, 1994-1996
BOX 45 International Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Detroit, Mich., 1997-2006
BOX 45 Jay, Abner (notes), 1992
DF Photographs (digital files), 2007
Digital ID: mss86320_193_210
BOX 45 Photographs (singing groups and sheet music), circa 1991
BOX 45 Record catalogs, 1984-1993
BOX 45 Reference bibliographies, 1990-2004
BOX 45 Reference, 1990-2008
(3 folders)
BOX 46 Reference, 1990-2008
BOX 46 Sacred steel (guitar), 1993-2002
BOX 46 Sheet music
BOX 46 "Back in Love Again," Hanks, Len Ron, and Zane Grey, 1977
BOX 46 "Birmingham Jail," Manoloff, Nick, 1935
BOX 46 "Call on Jesus in Secret Prayer," Banks, Charles, 1945
BOX 46 "The Castle of Broken Dreams," McPherson, Aimee Semple, 1934
BOX 46 "I Believe," Drake, Ervin, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl, and Al Stillman, undated
BOX 46 "I'm Just a Singer Saved by Grace," Dorsey, Thomas A., 1937
BOX 46 "I'm Willing to Wait," Andrews, Inez, Arr. Morris, Kenneth, 1958
BOX 46 "In the Center of God's Will," McPherson, Aimee Semple, undated
BOX OV 15 "It Takes a Long, Tall, Brown-skin Gal to Make a Preacher Lay His Bible Down," Walker, Marshall, and Will E. Skidmore, undated See Container OV 15, same heading
BOX 46 "Jesus Gave Me Water," Campbell, Lucie E., 1946
BOX 46 "Just a Cup of Cold Water," McPherson, Aimee Semple, 1934
BOX 46 "Lift Every Voice and Sing," Johnson, James Weldon, undated
BOX 46 Miscellaneous (photocopies), undated
BOX 46 "Ol' Man River," Kern, Jerome, and Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, undated
BOX 46 "Plenty Good Room," Arr. Smith, Wm. Henry, 1937
BOX 46 "Satisfied," McGhee, Morris and Roberta Martin, 1949
BOX 46 "Thank You for All the Days of My Life," Arr. Dorsey, Thomas A., 1946
BOX 46 "Through it All," Crouch, Andrae, 1971
BOX 46 "Trusting in Jesus," Davis, Clifford E., 1940
BOX 46 "Walking with My Jesus," Ford, H.J., Arr. Morris, Kenneth, 1945
BOX 46 "What Could I Do if it Wasn't for the Lord?," Dorsey, Thomas A., 1944
BOX 46 "Where Shall I Go to Ease My Troubling Mind?," Davis, Clifford E., 1949
BOX 46 "Why Worry?," Lawson, Nathaniel, 1949
BOX 46 Songbooks
BOX 46 Billy Graham Crusade Songs, Barrows, Cliff, 1960
BOX 46 The Blackwood Brothers, 50th Anniversary, 1983
BOX 46 The Cross Triumphant: An Easter Choir Cantata, Wilson, Ira B., 1947
BOX 46 The Famous Davis Sisters: Special Folio No. 26, Martin and Morris Music, Inc., 1957
BOX 46 Glad Tidings in Song, Rodeneaver, Homer, undated
BOX 46 God with Us, DeArmond, Lizzie, and John J. Thomas, undated
BOX 46 Gospel Harmonettes Specials, Martin and Morris Gospel Star Song Book No. 2, undated
BOX 46 Gospel Pearls, Sunday School Publishing Board, National Baptist Convention, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 47 Gospel Treasures, Vol. 3, Martin and Morris Music, Inc., circa 1989
BOX 47 Harvest Hymns, Coleman, Robert H., 1924
BOX 47 Highlights of Familiar Sacred Music, Anthony, George Walter, 1958
BOX 47 Hymns of Power and Songs of Fellowship, National Council of Presbyterian Men, undated
BOX 47 Men's Bible Class Songs, Thomas, John R., et. al., 1934
BOX 47 Miscellaneous fragments (photocopies), undated
BOX 47 National 4-H Club Song Book, 1954
BOX 47 Roberta Martin Singers Vol. 2, 1951
BOX 47 Roberta Martin Singers Vol. 3, 1954
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