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Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention (SAODAP), 1969-1988 (continued)
BOX 46 "An Experimental Test of Retention in Residential and Outpatient Programs," 1972
(2 folders)
BOX 46 FASEB Newsletter, 1973
BOX 46 F.D.C. Reports, 1971
BOX 46 Federal Advisory Committee: First Annual Report of the President, 1973
BOX 46 The Federal Challenge to the Community: A Health and Education Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Abuse and Addiction, 1971
BOX 46 "Federal Medical-Health Appropriations," American Medical Association, 1973
BOX 46 "A Federal Sourcebook: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Abuse," 1971
BOX 46 "Federal Strategy for Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking Prevention," 1973
BOX 46 Federal Supported Drug Research Fiscal Year 72, 1972
BOX 46 "A Follow-up of Vietnam Drug Users," 1973
BOX 46 Fragments, 1972, undated
BOX 47 Fragments, 1972, undated
BOX 47 Governmental Response to Drugs: Fiscal and Organizational 1974, 1974
BOX 47 "Heroin Abuse in Boston: The Dynamics of the Heroin Market and the Response of the Criminal Justice System," 1972
BOX 47 "The Heroin Addict in the Criminal Justice System," 1972
BOX 47 "Heroin Epidemics: A Quantitative Study of Current Empirical Data," 1972
BOX 47 "Hospitals with Organized Treatment Programs for Drug Abuse: Results of the Joint AHA-NCHF Survey of Hospitals," 1973
BOX 47 Information and Attitudes about Drugs in D.C., 1973
BOX 47 Information Letter, United States Division of Narcotic Drugs, 1972
BOX 47 "Informational Paper: Cocaine," 1973
BOX 47 "Interim Final Report: Phoenix, Ariz.," Addiction Consultation and Evaluation P.C., 1973
BOX 47 "Interim Final Report: Seattle Wash.," Addiction Consultation and Evaluation P.C., 1973
BOX 48 "Interim Reports of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse," 1972
BOX 48 Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 1973
BOX 48 "The Junkie as Political Enemy," 1972
BOX 48 "Law Enforcement and the National Effort to Control the Drug Abuse Problem," undated
BOX 48 "Legislative Notes: Legal Analysis of Marijuana Legislation in Illinois," 1972
BOX 48 "Marijuana: The Issues and the Dilemma," undated
BOX 48 The Marijuana Review, 1972
BOX 48 "The Media and Drug Abuse Messages”, 1974
BOX 48 Medical Education and Drug Abuse: Report of a Macy Conference, 1973
BOX 48 Methadone, 1971-1974
BOX 48 Military and veterans, 1972-1974
BOX 48 "Multiple and Non-narcotic Prescription Drug Abuse: A Preliminary Critique of National Priorities and Drug Abuse Prevention," 1973
BOX 48 "The Nam and the World: A Description of Heroin Use by U.S. Army Enlisted Men Serving in the Republic of South Vietnam," 1973
BOX 48 "Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Conference," 1972
BOX 48 "Narcotics and Medical Practice," 1971
BOX 48 "Narcotics Related Deaths Decrease in 1972 from the Number of Narcotics Deaths Which Occurred in 1971," 1973
BOX 48 National Clearinghouse for Drug Information Report Series, 1971
BOX 48 "Navy ‘Addicts’ and Their Drug Use Patterns," undated
BOX 48 New York Times editorials, 1972
BOX 48 "Non-voluntary Treatment Civil Commitment and Other Forms of External Pressure," 1973
BOX 48 "Notes on the U.S. Political/Values/Milieu in the 1970s," undated
BOX 48 "Obtaining Measures of Narcotics Abuse in Selected Metropolitan Areas," 1973
BOX 48 Onset Baseline Project Final Report, undated
BOX 49 Origins of Drug Use and Drug Problems: Fact, Theory and Implications for Public Action, undated
BOX 49 "Policy Statement: Diverting Drug Abusers from the Criminal Justice System," 1972
BOX 49 "Policy Statement: Heroin Maintenance," 1972
BOX 49 Project status reports, 1971
BOX 49 Quick Evaluation Methodology, 1973
BOX 49 "A Recommended Position Statement on Methadone Maintenance for the American Social Health Association," 1971
BOX 49 "Report on Current Assignments of Director Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention," 1972
BOX 49 "Report on the Administration and Coordination of Drug Abuse Prevention Programs of the Department of Health Education and Welfare," 1972
BOX 49 "Research Development and Evaluation Goals Accomplishments the Years Ahead," undated
BOX 49 "SAODAP Drug Abuse Research Strategy," undated
BOX 49 "Scientific Research on Papaver Bracteatum," 1972
BOX 49 "Some Epidemiological Considerations of Onset of Opiate Use in the United States," 1973
BOX 49 "Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention Answers the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Abuse," undated
BOX 49 Status Report: Telephone Contacts with Methadone Maintenance Program, 1973
BOX 49 "Studies of EN-16394 (Naltrexone), a New Narcotic Antagonist," 1973
BOX 49 "Task Force Report: Narcotics, Marijuana, and Dangerous Drugs, Findings and Recommendations 1969," 1969
BOX 49 "Technology and the Treatment of Addiction," undated
BOX 49 "Therapeutic Communities and Arrest of Preliminary Analysis of Arrest Before and After Treatment," undated
BOX 49 "Transcendental Meditation as Applied to Criminal Justice Reform Drug Rehabilitation and Society in General," 1973
BOX 49 "Treatment of Neonatal Withdrawal Syndrome," 1973
BOX 49 The Unique Identification System, 1973
BOX 49 "U.S. Army Summary Reports on the Army Worldwide Alcohol and Drug Abuse Conference," 1971
BOX 49 Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 27 March 1972, 1972, Mar. 27
BOX 50 "Working Paper of the Federal Task Force on the Social Indices of the Etymology and Epidemiology of Drug Abuse," 1972
BOX 50 World Opium Survey, 1972
BOX 50 Requests for proposal
BOX 50 Evaluation of selected components of the Office of Education's Help Communities Help Themselves program, undated
BOX 50 Evaluation of treatment and rehabilitation programs, 1972
BOX 50 SAODAP 73-2, technical proposal by Addiction Consultation and Evaluation, P.C., 1973
(2 folders)
BOX 50 Research
BOX 50 New opiate substitutes, 1971
BOX 50 Development and evaluation, division of, undated
BOX 50 Section 224, undated
BOX 50 Single State Agencies for Drug Abuse Prevention
BOX 50 Handbook, 1973
(2 folders)
BOX 50 Notices, undated
BOX 50 Section 409, 1972
BOX 51 Special Advisory Committee on Epidemiology, 1973
BOX 51 Speeches and writings
BOX 51 Alcohol and Drug Problems Association speech, 1972
BOX 51 Bibliography, undated
BOX 51 Chambers, Carl D., 1972
BOX 51 "Developing a National Response to Problems of Drug Abuse," undated
BOX 51 Drafts, 1973
(2 folders)
BOX 51 "Drug Abuse: A National Overview," 1972
BOX 51 Economic Club of Detroit, 1973
BOX 51 "Federal Efforts in the Area of Drug Traffic Control and Drug Abuse Prevention, 1969-1973," undated
BOX 51 Fragments, 1971-1973, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 52 Fragments, 1971-1973, undated
BOX 52 Harvard Medical School faculty, undated
BOX 52 "The Healthcare Delivery System and the National Response to Drug Abuse Problems," 1972
BOX 52 "The Law of Political Entropy: You Can't Win, You Can't Break Even," undated
BOX 52 "Looking Back Around the Corner," undated
BOX 52 "Maintenance Treatments: Their Place in the Overall Scheme of Things," undated
BOX 52 "Methadone Maintenance and the National Strategy," undated
BOX 52 Modular speeches, 1972
BOX 52 "Multimodal Approaches to the Treatment and Prevention of Opiate Addiction," 1972
BOX 52 Percy, Charles H., 1972
BOX 52 Presentation at St. Louis, Mo., 1971, Jun. 24
BOX 52 "The Problems of Developing a National Strategy for the Treatment of Heroin Addiction," undated
BOX 52 "Treatment and Rehabilitation: A Multi-modal Problem," 1971
BOX 52 "Withdrawal Phenomena as Manifestations of Disuse Supersensitivity," undated
BOX 52 State drug abuse program coordinators, 1972-1973
BOX 52 Thebaine, 1973
BOX 52 Title II funds, 1973
BOX 52 Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime (TASC), 1972-1973, undated
BOX 52 United Drug Abuse Council, Inc., 1972
BOX 52 United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 1971
BOX 52 United States Agency for International Development, 1971
BOX 52 United States Attorney, annual report, 1972-1973
BOX 52 United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1973
BOX 52 Weinberger, Caspar W., undated
BOX 52 White House memoranda, 1972
BOX 52 White House press releases, 1971-1972
BOX 52 Workshop on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, undated
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