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John Von Neumann and Klara Dan Von Neumann papers, 1912-2000

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Subject File, 1930-1974 (continued)
Atomic blasts, undated
General, undated
BOX 17 Greece and Turkey, undated
Princeton University bicentennial, Princeton, N.J., 1946-1947
Publicity, 1934, 1946-1956
(2 folders)
Ramo-Woolridge Corp., 1953-1955
Rand Corp., 1947-1955
Research and Development Board, 1947-1950
Research Board for National Security, 1945
Sandia Corp., 1954-1955
Scientists' Committee on Loyalty Problems, 1948-1949
Security clearances, 1948-1954
Standard Oil Development Co.
Consultant agreement, 1948-1955
General, 1949
General correspondence
BOX 18 1949-1954
(5 folders)
Sun Oil Co., 1954
Taub, Abraham Haskel, 1945-1946
Television appearance, 1955
Colombia, 1950
Europe, 1949
(2 folders)
BOX 19 Mexico, 1946
United Nations, 1948-1951
United States Air Force
ATLAS Scientific Advisory Group, 1954
Scientific Advisory Board
Consultant agreement, 1951-1955
General, 1951-1957
University of California, Berkeley, Calif., 1952-1955
Von Neumann, Klara Dan, professional miscellany, 1947-1962, 1974
Weapons Systems Evaluation Group, 1950-1955
BOX 19-33 Speeches and Writings File, 1928-1960
Correspondence, speeches, articles, book drafts, notes, contracts, clippings, and printed matter.
Speeches have been separated from other writings, which are arranged alphabetically by type of writing and therein alphabetically by type of material, subject, or title.
BOX 19 Speeches
(12 folders)
BOX 20 1949-1954
(13 folders)
BOX 21 1955-1956, undated
(7 folders)
Article file
By Von Neumann
1928, "Zur Theorie der Gesellschaftsspiele"
1932, "Zur Operatorenmethode in der Klassischen Mechanik"
1934, "On an Algebraic Generalization of the Quantum Mechanical Formalism"
1935, "On Relativistic Gas-Degeneracy and the Collapsed Configuration of Stars"
"On Rings of Operators"
"The Uniqueness of Haar's Measure"
"Continuous Rings and Their Arithmetics"
"On Rings of Operators II"
BOX 22 "Quantum Mechanics of Infinite Systems"
"Some Matrix-Inequalities and Metrisation of Matrix-Space"
"Uber ein Okonomisches Gleichungssystem und eine Verallgemeinerung des Brouwerschen Fixpunktsatzes"
1938, "On Infinite Direct Products"
"Discussion of De Sitter's Space and of Dirac's Equation in It"
"Minimally Almost Periodic Groups"
"On Rings of Operators III"
"Distribution of the Ratio of the Mean Square Successive Difference to the Variance"
"Fourier Integrals and Metric Geometry"
"Approximate Properties of Matrices of High Finite Order"
"Further Remark Concerning the Distribution of the Ratio of the Mean Square Successive to the Variance"
"Statistics of the Gravitational Field Arising From a Random Distribution of Stars"
1943, "On Rings of Operators IV"
(2 folders)
"On the Principles of Large Scale Computing Machines"
"Symmetric Solutions of Some General N-Person Games"
BOX 23 1947
"Discussion of a Maximum Problem"
"The Mathematician"
"Coding Scheme for the Poiseuille-Flow Stability Problem"
(2 folders)
"First Report on the Numerical Calculation of Flow Problems"
(2 folders)
"Second Report on the Numerical Calculation of Flow Problems"
(3 folders)
1949, "On Rings of Operators: Reduction Theory"
1950, "Statistical Treatment of Values of First 2000 Decimal Digits of e and pi Calculated on the ENIAC"
"Description of the Conformal Mapping Method for the Integration of Partial Differential Equation Systems with 1+2 Independent Variables"
"Eine Spektraltheorie fur allgemeine Operatoren eines unitaren Raumes"
"Remarks Concerning Various Forms of the 'Relaxation Method'"
BOX 24 1952, "Digital Computations in Hydromechanics"
"Certain Zero-Sum Two-Person Game Equivalent to the Optimal Assignment Problem"
"Notes on the Photon-Disequilibrium-Amplification Scheme"
"Two Variants of Poker"
"Non-Linear Capacitance or Inductance Switching, Amplifying and Memory Organs"
(5 folders)
"Numerical Method to Determine Optimum Strategy"
BOX 25 1955
"Blast Wave Calculation"
"Can We Survive Technology?"
Fermi, Enrico
"On the Permutability of Self-Adjoint Operators"
"Probabilistic Logics and the Synthesis of Reliable Organisms from Unreliable Components"
"An Inequality Concerning Rational Functions of Non-Hermitean Matrices"
"Comparison of Two Cells"
"Discussion of the Cylinder Symmetrical Geometry of Points and Trajectories"
"Fourier Transformation Method for Two-Dimensional (Baratropic) Meteorological Prediction"
"Measure in Functional Spaces"
"Non-Isomorphism of Certain Continuous Rings"
"Numerical Method for Determination of the Value and the Best Strategies of a Zero-Sum Two-Person Game with Large Numbers of Strategies"
"On Generalized Matrix-Algebras with a Unique Trace"
"On Relativistic Gas-Degeneracy and the Collapsed Configuration of Stars"
"Point-Source Model"
"Point-Source-Solution, Assuming a Degeneracy of the Semi-Relativistic Type, p=Kp 4/3, Over the Entire Star"
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