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Stanley Edgar Hyman papers, 1932-1978

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Literary File, 1932-1978 (continued)
Brooks, Cleanth, The Hidden God See also same series, Wimsatt, William
Burgess, Anthony, A Clockwork Orange
Burke, Kenneth, Language as Symbolic Action
Buzzati, Dino
Larger Than Life
A Love Affair
Capote, Truman, Selected Writings
Carson, Anthony, Travels: Near and Far
Cary, Joyce, An American Visitor
Cau, Jean, The Mercy of God
BOX 39 Cheever, John, The Wapshot Scandal
Chekhov, Anton
The Island
Seven Short Novels by Chekhov
Cozzens, James Gould, Castaway
Cummings, E. E., Adventures in Value
Curley, Daniel, A Stone Man, Yes
Donleavy, J. P., A Singular Man
Eca de Quieroz, Jose Maria, The Relic, Cousin Bazilio, and The Sin of Father Amaro
Elliott, George P.
David Knudsen
A Piece of Lettuce
Ellison, Ralph, Shadow and Act
Everett, Peter, Negatives
Faulkner, William
The Reivers
Finegan, Jack, The Archaeology of the New Testament
Fitzgerald, Robert (trans.), The Odyssey
Fontenrose, Joseph, Python
Frame, Janet, Scented Gardens for the Blind
Friedman, Bruce Jay
A Mother's Kisses
Fuchs, Daniel, Three Novels
Gaster, Theodor H., Thespis and Passover
Gelber, Jack, On Ice
Gold, Herbert, Salt
Golding, William
The Inheritors
The Spire
Grass, Gunter, The Tin Drum
Grossman, Alfred, Acrobat Admits and Many Slippery Errors
Harrison, Jane Ellis, Themis
Hemingway, Ernest, A Moveable Feast
Henry, Jules, Culture Against Man
Holmes, John Clellon, Get Home Free
Howe, Henry F., Prologue to New England; and Grace Lee Nute, Caesers of the Wilderness
Joyce, James, Letters of James Joyce
Kawabata, Yasunari, Snow Country and Thousand Cranes
Keller, Gottfried, Green Henry
Keller, Werner, The Bible as History in Pictures
La Farge, Oliver, The Door in the Wall
Lawrence, D. H., The Complete Poems
Liebling, A. J., The Most of A. J. Liebling
Mailer, Norman, An American Dream
Malamud, Bernard
Idiots First
A New Life
Mallory, Thomas, Le Morte D'Arthur
Mandel, Siegfried and Wolf Wirgin, The History of Coins and Symbols in Ancient Israel See same series, Wirgin, Wolf
Markfield, Wallace, To an Early Grave
Martin, Jay, Nathanael West
Masters, Edgar Lee, Spoon River Anthology
Miller, Henry, Tropic of Cancer
BOX 40 Mitchell, Joseph, Joe Gould's Secret
Montherlant, Henry de, The Bachelors and Selected Essays
Moore, Marianne, A Marianne Moore Reader
Morris, Desmond, The Naked Ape
Murdoch, Iris, An Unofficial Rose
Mwase, George Simeon, Strike a Blow and Die
Nabokov, Vladimir
The Gift
The New English Bible: New Testament
The New English Bible: Old Testament
Nute, Grace Lee, Caesers of the Wilderness See same series, Howe, Henry F.
O'Connor, Flannery, Everything That Rises Must Converge
O'Faolain, Sean, I Remember! I Remember
Oliver, Paul, Blues Fell This Morning
Ousmane, Sembene, God's Bits of Wood
Pavese, Cesare
The House on the Hill
The Selected Works of Cesare Pavese
Percy, Walker, The Moviegoer
Porter, Katherine Anne, Ship of Fools
Powell, Anthony, A Dance to the Music of Time
Powers, J. F., Morte D'Urban
Purdy, James, Cabot Wright Begins
Pynchon, Thomas, V.
Ransom, John Crowe, Selected Poems
Reik, Theodor, Myth and Guilt
Roth, Philip
Goodbye, Columbus
Portnoy's Complaint
Salinger, J. D., Raise High the Roofbeams Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction
Shane, Alex M., The Life and Works of Evgenij Zamjatin
Silone, Ignazio, The Fox and the Camellias
Singer, Isaac Bashevis
Satan in Goray
Short Friday and Other Stories
Sologub, Fyodor, The Petty Demon
Steinbeck, John, The Winter of Our Discontent
Svavo, Italo, A Life
Tanizaki, Junichiro, Seven Japanese Tales
Trilling, Diana, Claremont Essays
Tyler, Parker, Chaplin: Last of the Clowns
Updike, John
The Centaur
Pigeon Feathers
Warren, Robert Penn
World Enough and Time
Warshow, Robert, The Immediate Experience
Weltfish, Gene, The Lost Universe
White, William Allen, editor, Defense for America
Williamson, Henry, Hustler!
Wimsatt, William and Cleanth Brooks, Literary Criticism See also same series, Brooks, Cleanth
Wirgin, Wolf and Siegfried Mandel, The History of Coins and Symbols in Ancient Israel
Wouk, Herman, Youngblood Hawke
BOX 41 Speeches and lectures
Classroom lectures
Approaches to Shakespeare, 1969-1970, undated
Art seminar, undated
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