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Martha Dodd papers, 1898-1990

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BOX 10-14 Writings, 1934-1982
Drafts, publication copies, correspondence, revisions, research materials, reviews, and related items pertaining to Dodd's books, magazine and newspaper articles, short stories, and screenplays. Interviews, memoirs, press releases, radio addresses, translations, and miscellaneous writings are included.
Arrangement is alphabetical by topic or type of material and chronological therein.
BOX 10 Articles
"Adenauer Raus," 1960
"The American Student," 1934
"Assault on a White Female," 1963
"Babes in the Woods, Spies in the Sky," 1960
"Black Sea Coast," undated
"Black Sea Vacation," 1960
"China," undated
"Cuba," undated
"The Daily Revolution," 1967
"Daughter of Earth," 1965
"The Days Are Numbered," 1963-1964
"Demonstration of Prague Against the Oppressors of Cuba," undated
"Dinosaur in Vietnam," 1965
"The Eternal Brilliancy of Norman Bethune," 1965
"An Explosive Force," 1964
"A Fateful Moment," 1961
"Germany Revisited," 1959
"Hail and Farewell," 1964
"Health in High Tatras," 1961
BOX 11 "Home Away from Home," 1963
"I am a Folksinger: Paul Robeson," 1963
"Imprison a Flame?" 1961
"Independence," 1963
"Eine Lanze fur Chicago," 1934
"The Life Rules the Pen," 1964
"The Lips to the Teeth," 1965
"Meeting with Moscow," 1958
"Miracles in Zdiar," 1961
"Moscow," 1962
"Mr. Oxford," 1962-1963
"The Nazi Riders Are Again in the Saddle," 1960
"New Hoyerswerda: Second Socialist City of the GDR," 1960
"No Pasaran," 1960
"Of Blue Jeans and Socialism," 1965
"Open Letter to the Editors of Ogonyok," 1959
"Pillars of Fire," 1965
"Prisoner Number 4678860," 1963
"A Rally," 1960
"A Reading by Ilya Ehrenburg," 1962
"Robeson and Hemingway," 1963
"Salesman of Death," 1960
"Socialist Hotelery in the High Tatras," 1961
"Sounding Reveille in Siboney," 1963
"Stranger than a Blockage and Cyclone," 1963
"The Tail of the Alligator," 1961
"Thoughts about Munich," 1959
"A Time to Speak Out and a Time to Act," 1965
"To a Red Army Soldier," 1959
"To Make a Desert, to Call It Peace," 1965
"To Those Who Sit in Darkness," 1960
"The Twain Have Met, or N.S.K. Via-a-via U.S.A.," 1959
"Twilight in the Earth," 1965
"Under the Gilded Dome," 1959
Unidentified translations in Czech and Russian, 1959-1965, undated
Untitled [re. Vietnam War], 1967, undated
"Waiting in Poprad," undated
"What? No Tipping?" 1965
"Wieder in Deutschland," 1959
"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," 1963
"World Without Weapons," 1959
"A Yankee in Cuba," 1962-1963
"Years to Remember," 1964
Ambassador Dodd's Diary
First edition
Comments and quotes, 1940-1941
Contract, 1941
Reviews and related materials
BOX 12 1941-1943
(2 folders)
Later editions, changes made, 1960-1961
Our Nation, 1941
The Searching Light
First edition
Comments and quotes, 1953-1955
Reviews and related materials, 1955-1957
Later editions
Changes made, undated
Reviews, 1960-1965
Sowing the Wind
First edition
Comments and quotes, 1945
Reviews and related materials, 1945-1947
Later editions
Changes made, 1958, undated
Comments and quotes, undated
Contract, 1960
Reviews and related materials, 1967-1969, undated
Through Embassy Eyes
Comments and quotes, 1939
Reviews and related materials, 1939
Correspondence with publishers
Das Magazin, 1960-1963
Mainstream, 1959-1963, 1969
Other publishers, 1931, 1939, 1950-1968, 1978
Seven Seas Books, 1959-1966
Verlag der Nation, 1961, 1973-1978
Verlag Volk and Vert, 1947, 1960-1962
Victor Gollancz, Ltd., 1939-1940
World Literature, 1961-1965
Interviews, undated
Memoirs (unfinished), 1962, 1968-1969
BOX 13 Miscellany, 1958-1963, undated
(2 folders)
Open letter to newspapers, 1947
Press releases and statements, 1957-1962
Radio addresses and speeches, 1959, undated
Research materials
Africa, undated
Castro, Fidel, 1963
Civil rights, 1959-1963, undated
Communist Party USA, 1953-1961, undated
Czechoslovakia, 1968-1969
Du Bois, W. E. B., undated
Dulles, John Foster, 1959-1961
Fascism, 1956-1961
Harnack, Mildred, 1936-1947, 1982, undated
Hemingway, Ernest, 1961
Kennedy, John F., and Robert F., 1961-1963, undated
Korean War, 1950, undated
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