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Family Correspondence, 1829-1936 (continued)
Kemble, Frances Anne (grandmother)
Kemble, Henry
Leigh, Frances Butler (aunt)
BOX 3 Leigh, James Wentworth
McCallister, Julia
Mitchell, Langdon E.
Mitchell, Mary C.
Mitchell, Silas Weir See also Container 29, same heading
Roberts, Elizabeth W.
Tuckerman, Emily
Whitesides, W. H.
Whitman, Sarah
Wister, Annis Furness (aunt) See also Container 37, Von Appiano, Richard
Wister, Carl
Wister, Charles J. (grandfather)
Wister, Charles J., II (uncle)
Wister, Edythe
Wister, Ella
Wister, Frances A.
Wister, Frances Kemble (daughter) See also Container 102, Stokes, Frances K. W.
Wister, Isaac J.
Wister, James W.
Wister, John Caspar
Wister, Lewis Caspar
Wister, Mary Channing (wife) See also Container 102, same heading
BOX 4 1905-1910
BOX 5 1911-1913, undated
Wister, Mary Channing (daughter)
Wister, Mary Eustis
BOX 6 Wister, Owen Jones (father) See also Container 101, same heading
BOX 7 Wister, Owen Jones (son)
Wister, S. E.
Wister, Sarah Butler (mother)
James, Henry, 1894-1907
BOX 8 1877-1886
BOX 9 1887-1896 See also Container 37, Waring, Guy
BOX 10 1897-1899
BOX 11 1900-1905
BOX 12 1906-1909, undated
Wister, William Rotch
BOX 13-39 General Correspondence, 1875-1936
Mainly letters received by Wister.
Alphabetically arranged.
BOX 13 Abbott, Holker
Adams, Charles Francis
Adams, Henry
Agassiz, Elizabeth C.
Aide, Hamilton
Alderman, Edwin A.
Aldrich, Maddie
Aldrich, Margaret Chanler
Aldrich, Richard
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey See Container 13, Atlantic Monthly
Allen, Frederick Lewis See Container 23, Harper's Magazine
Allen, Henry T.
American Academy of Arts and Letters
American Magazine
Andrew, A. Piatt
Angell, James R.
Arliss, George
Atherton, Gertrude
Atlantic Monthly See also Container 34, Sedgwick, Ellery
Aydelotte, Frank
“A” miscellaneous
BOX 14 Bacheller, Irving
Bacon, Leonard
Bayly, Lewis
Beck, James W.
Beers, Henry A. See also Container 31, Penniman, Josiah H.
Beith, Ian Hay See also Container 76, A Straight Deal
Benét, Stephen Vincent See also Container 102, Stokes, Frances K. W.
Benson, Edward Frederic
Benson, Godfrey Rathbone
Berlinger, Emile
Beveridge, Albert J.
Bicknell, Eva M.
Biddle, A. J. Drexel See also Container 31, People
Biddle, A. Sydney
Biddle, Francis B.
Biddle, George
Biddle, Moncure
Bingham, Robert W.
Bishop, Joseph Bucklin
Bispham, David
Blankenburg, Rudolph
Blashfield, Edwin
Bobbs, William C.
Bok, Edward W. See also Container 26, Ladies' Home Journal
Bolitho, Hector
Bonaparte, Charles J.
Boston Transcript
Boutet de Monvel, Louis Maurice
Boyesen, Hjalmar H. See also Container 17, Cosmopolitan
Breton, André
Brett, George P. See Container 28, Macmillan Co.
Bridgman, Horace A. See Container 16, Congregationalist
Briggs, Le Baron Russell See also Container 76, A Straight Deal
Brooks, Phillips
Brooks, Van Wyck
Brown, Francis Yeats
Browne, Valentine Edward Charles, Viscount Castlerosse
Brumbaugh, Martin
Bryce, E. Marion
Bryce, James
Bryére, Raymond
Burgess, Gelett
Burlingame, Edward L. See Container 16, Charles Scribner's Sons
Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Burt, Maxwell Struthers
Burton, Emmet
Butler, George Geoffrey Gilbert
Butler, Nicholas Murray See also Container 34, Sinclair, Upton B.
“B” miscellaneous
(1 folder)
BOX 15 (1 folder)
Cable, George Washington
Cameron, W. B.
Campeau, Frank See Container 78, The Virginian
Carnegie, Andrew
Century Magazine See also Container 22, Gilder, Richard W., and Container 25, Johnson, Robert Underwood
Chambers, Robert W.
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