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Speech, Article, and Book File, circa 1880-circa 1930 (continued)
Dutch translation
BOX 72 Printed matter
The New Swiss Family Robinson
Printed matter
The Pentecost of Calamity
BOX 73 Printed matter
Philosophy 4
Printed matter
BOX 74 Red Men and White
Roosevelt, the Story of a Friendship, 1880-1919 See also Container 17, Corbin, John, and Cortissoz, Royal, Container 19, Edmonds, Walter D., Container 27, Lowell, A. Lawrence, and Container 35, Street, Julian
BOX 75 D-Z
Printed matter
The Seven Ages of Washington
Printed matter
A Straight Deal; or, The Ancient Grudge See also Container 14, Beith, Ian Hay, and Briggs, Le Baron Russell, Container 23, Hobbs, William H., and Container 38, Wood, Leonard
BOX 76 Correspondence
Printed matter
(2 folders)
BOX 77 (2 folders)
Ulysses S. Grant See also Container 33, Rhodes, James Ford
Italian translation
Printed matter
The Virginian See also Container 19, Farnum, Dustin, Container 22, Gardner, Isabella, and Garfield, James R., Container 23, Hay, John, and Container 36, Thayer, Abbot H., and Thayer, William S.
BOX 78 French translation
BOX 79 G-Z
Printed matter
(2 folders)
BOX 80 (8 folders)
BOX 81 (6 folders)
BOX 82 (3 folders)
When West Was West
"With Wine in France"
BOX 83 Unfinished novel about Philadephia, Pa., circa 1912
Literary fragments
Ideas for novels
BOX 84-92 Biographical File, 1866-1936
Includes appointment books, autobiographical and genealogical notes, newspaper and magazine clippings, certificates and awards, financial records, invitations and programs, legal documents, musical compositions, notebooks, passports, political campaign material, and school records.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material or subject.
BOX 84 Appointment books
BOX 85 1929-1936
Autobiographical and genealogical notes and outlines, undated
Biographical accounts, newspapers and magazines
(7 folders)
BOX 86 (12 folders)
BOX 87 (1 folder)
Certificates and awards
Financial papers
BOX 88 Toland, Elizabeth U.
(5 folders)
BOX 89 Invitations and programs
Tavern Club
Kane, Florence B., notes on Wister's manuscripts
Legal papers
Musical composition
1885-1895, 1900-1907
(3 folders)
BOX 90 1911
(5 folders)
Passports, 1919-1930
BOX 91 School records
Notebooks, 1874-1882, undated
BOX 92 Reports, weekly, monthly, and term, 1866-1878, undated
Unidentified fragments, notes, and miscellany
BOX 93-100 Printed Matter, circa 1870-circa 1930
Scrapbooks of clippings and other items pertaining to John Jay Chapman, inscribed pamphlets, items relating to World War I, and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or document type with miscellaneous items at the end of the series.
BOX 93 Chapman, John Jay, scrapbooks
Inscribed pamphlets
BOX 94 World War I
(6 folders)
BOX 95 (7 folders)
BOX 96 Miscellaneous
(9 folders)
BOX 97 (6 folders)
BOX 98 (6 folders)
BOX 99 (11 folders)
BOX 100 (8 folders)
BOX 101-102 Addenda, 1882-1966
Journals, family correspondence and papers, general correspondence, writings, and miscellany.
Organized by the year in which the addition was processed and thereunder alphabetically by subject or type of material in conformity with the arrangement of the main body of papers.
BOX 101 1980 Addition
Family correspondence, Owen Jones Wister, 1882-1883 (formerly restricted) See also Container 6, same heading
1984 Addition
Journals, 1914-1915
(2 vols.)
Family papers
Tuckerman, Emily, 1907-1923, undated
Wister, Mary Channing (wife), 1916, undated
Wister, Sarah Butler (mother)
Correspondence, 1883, undated
Manuscript of "The Early Years of a Child of Promise," 1905
(5 folders)
Wister, William (son), 1937
General correspondence
Furness, Horace Howard, and family, 1897-1921, undated
Haines, Ella (Mrs. D. Jansen Haines), 1917
Harrison, Hall, undated
Kane, Florence B., 1898-1937, undated
Kipling, Rudyard, 1936
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), 1915
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