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Speech, Article, and Book File, circa 1880-circa 1930 (continued)
"Quack-Novels and Democracy"
BOX 58 Printed matter
Red Cross
"Reminiscence With Postcript"
"The Reprieve of Capitalist Clyve"
"Retrospect and Prospect"
"The Right Honorable the Strawberries"
"The Rocky Mountain Goat and His Country" See Container 70, Musk-Ox, Bison, Sheep and Goat
"Roosevelt and the 1912 Disaster"
"Roosevelt and the War"
Roosevetlt, Theodore (1858-1919), untitled sketch
"S. Weir Mitchell, Man of Letters"
(2 folders)
BOX 59 (2 folders)
"Safe in the Arms of Croesus"
Saint Paul's School, Concord, N.H.
War Memorial
"Salvation Gap"
"The Scab"
"Schicksalsende in Trockenknochen"
"Separ's Vigilante"
"The Serenade at Siskiyon"
"Shall We Let the Cukoos Crowd Us Out of Our Nest?"
"Sharon's Choice"
"The Singing Yankees"
"Song and the Man"
BOX 60 "Sophy Dallas Irwin"
"Specimen Jones"
"Stanwick's Business"
"Strictly Hereditary"
"Subjects Fit for Fiction"
"Sun Road"
"Superstition Trail;" also printed matter
"The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania"
Tavern Club See also Container 52, "The Creed of a Charter Member"
"Theodore Roosevelt"
"Theodore Roosevelt," open letter, 1912
"Theodore Roosevelt: The Sportsman and the Man"
BOX 61 "Timberline"
"To Our Prohibitionists"
Trask, William R.
"The Trouble With Belweather"
"The Twenty-fifth Hour"
"Twenty Minutes for Refreshments"
"Two Counterfeits"
"Upon a Missing Word"
"The Vicious Circle"
"Visit To White House"
"Wagner's Nibelung's Ring"
"War and the Undergraduate"
"When Eggs Were Eggs"
"Where Charity Begins"
"Where Fancy Was Bred," printed matter
"Where It Was"
"Where the Lightning Struck"
"Where the 'Ought' Comes In"
"The White Goat: His Ways" See Container 70, Musk-Ox, Bison, Sheep and Goat
"Who Will Help?"
"The Wilderness Hunter"
"William Dean Howells"
BOX 62 "William Roscoe Thayer"
"The Winning of the Biscuit Shooter"
"With the Coin of Her Life"
"The Young Roosevelt"
List of essays
BOX 63 Poems
"To Woodrow Wilson: 22 Feb. 1916"
Operas and operettas
"Dido and Aeneas"
BOX 64 "Kenilworth"
"Listen to Binks"
Watch Your Thirst See also Container 71, Neighbors Henceforth
BOX 65 Plays
"The Dragon of Wantley"
"The Honeymoonshiners"
"Lin McLean"
"Slaves of the Ring"
"That Brings Luck"
The Virginian
(6 folders)
BOX 66 (2 folders)
Theater accounts
BOX 67 1905-1913
Printed matter
BOX 68 The Dragon of Wantley
The Green Tree
How Doth the Simple Spelling Bee
Printed matter
BOX 69 A Journey in Search of Christmas, printed matter
Lady Baltimore See also Container 17, Cortissoz, Royal, and Container 24, Howe, Mark Anthony DeWolfe
Printed matter
BOX 70 Scrapbook
Sheet music
Lin McLean
Printed matter
Members of the Family, printed matter
Musk-Ox, Bison, Sheep and Goat
Printed matter
BOX 71 Neighbors Henceforth See also Container 20, Foote, Arthur, Container 29, Matthews, Brander, and Container 64, Watch Your Thirst
Dutch translation
BOX 72 Printed matter
The New Swiss Family Robinson
Printed matter
The Pentecost of Calamity
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