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General Correspondence, 1875-1936 (continued)
Garfield, James R. See also Container 79, The Virginian
Garland, Hamlin
Garnett, Porter
Gilder, Jeannette L.
Gilder, Richard W. See also Container 15, Century Magazine
Goetschius, Percy See same container, G. Schirmer, Inc.
Goldschmidt, Otto
Gollancz, Israel
Goodman, Arthur
Goodrich, Arthur F. See Container 38, World's Work
Goodspeed, Edgar Johnson
Gosse, Edmund
Grant, Robert
Grassie, Henry
Greely, Adolphus Washington
Greenslet, Ferris
Greenwalt, John C.
Grey, Edward (Grey of Fallodon)
Grinnell, George Bird See also Container 20, Forest and Stream Publishing Co.
Guiraud, Ernest
“G” miscellaneous
Hadfield, Robert A.
Hagedorn, Hermann, Jr. See also Container 37, The Vigilantes
Hague, Arnold
Haldane, A.R.B.
Hammond, John Hays
Harbord, James G.
Harper & Brothers See also Container 17, Corbin, John, and Container 23, Harvey, George B. M.
Harper's Bazar
BOX 23 Harper's Magazine
Harrison, Hall
Hart, Albert Bushnell See Container 73, Philosophy 4
Hart, William S. See Container 76, A Straight Deal
Harvard Club
Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Harvey, George B. M. See also Container 22, Harper & Brothers
Hawkins, Sir Anthony Hope
Hay, John See also Container 79, The Virginian
Hayne, William H.
Hays, Arthur Garfield
Hemingway, Ernest
Henry, Barklie
Herbert, Aubrey
Higginson, Henry L.
Higginson, Ida
Hill, Adams Sherman
Hill, Frederick Trevor
Hitchcock, Ethan A.
Hobbs, William H. See also Container 76, A Straight Deal
Hofmann, Josef
Holland, Rupert Sargent
Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1841-1935)
Holt, Henry
Hope, Anthony See Container 23, Hawkins, Sir Anthony Hope
Houghton Mifflin & Co.
House, Edward M.
Howard, Esme
BOX 24 Howe, Mark Antony DeWolfe (1864-1960) See also Container 39, Youth's Companion, and Container 69, Lady Baltimore
Howells, William Dean
Howland, Hewitt H. See Container 32, Reader
“H” miscellaneous
Ingham, John H.
Innes, George (1854-1926)
Irving, Henry
Irwin, Agnes
Irwin, Sophy
“I” miscellaneous
(1 folder)
BOX 25 (1 folder)
J. B. Lippincott Co.
Jackson, Joseph Henry
James, Henry For additional material see Container 7, Wister, Sarah Butler
James, William For additional material see Container 8, Wister, Sarah Butler
Jastrow, Morris
Jervey, Dean
Jervey, Theodore D.
Jewett, Sarah Orne See also Container 19, Emerson, Sylvia
Johannsen, Albert See also Container 102, same heading
Johns, Clayton
Johnson, Burges See Container 22, Harper & Brothers
Johnson, Robert Underwood See also Container 15, Century Magazine
Jones, W. Strother See also Container 34, Saint Paul's School, Concord, N.H.
Jusserand, Elise
Jusserand, Jean Jules
BOX 26 “J” miscellaneous
Kane, Florence B.
Kauffman, Reginald Wright
Keen, William W.
Kendall, William Sergeant
Kipling, Caroline
Kipling, Rudyard
Knight, William
“K” miscellaneous
Ladies' Home Journal See also Container 14, Bok, Edward W.
LaFarge, C. Grant
LaFarge, Florence
LaFarge, John
LaFarge, Oliver H. P.
Lambert, John
Lamont, Thomas W.
LaShelle, Kirke
Laughlin, Clara E.
Lawrence, Susan
Lazarus, Emma
Leach, Henry Goddard
Lee, Sidney
BOX 27 Lennox, Blanche Gordon
Leslie, Shane
Lewis, Alfred Henry
Lewis, Caroline
Lodge, Henry Cabot
Loeffler, Charles Martin Tornov
Lomax, John A.
London, Jack
Long, John Luther
Long, Ray
Loomis, Charles Battell
Lorimer, George H. See Container 34, Saturday Evening Post
Lowell, A. Lawrence See also Container 75, Roosevelt, the Story of a Friendship
Lowell, Amy
Lowes, John L.
Lucy, Henry See Container 79, The Virginian
Lungren, Fernand
Lutyens, Edwin L.
“L” miscellaneous
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