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General Correspondence, 1875-1936 (continued)
Kipling, Rudyard
Knight, William
“K” miscellaneous
Ladies' Home Journal See also Container 14, Bok, Edward W.
LaFarge, C. Grant
LaFarge, Florence
LaFarge, John
LaFarge, Oliver H. P.
Lambert, John
Lamont, Thomas W.
LaShelle, Kirke
Laughlin, Clara E.
Lawrence, Susan
Lazarus, Emma
Leach, Henry Goddard
Lee, Sidney
BOX 27 Lennox, Blanche Gordon
Leslie, Shane
Lewis, Alfred Henry
Lewis, Caroline
Lodge, Henry Cabot
Loeffler, Charles Martin Tornov
Lomax, John A.
London, Jack
Long, John Luther
Long, Ray
Loomis, Charles Battell
Lorimer, George H. See Container 34, Saturday Evening Post
Lowell, A. Lawrence See also Container 75, Roosevelt, the Story of a Friendship
Lowell, Amy
Lowes, John L.
Lucy, Henry See Container 79, The Virginian
Lungren, Fernand
Lutyens, Edwin L.
“L” miscellaneous
BOX 28 Mabie, Hamilton W. See also Container 31, Outlook
Macfarlane, K. S. See also Container 29, Mitchell, Silas Weir
MacMechan, Archibald
Macmillan, Frederick
Macmillan Co.
MacVeagh, Wayne
McCall, Jane Byrd
McClure's Magazine
McCormick, Robert R.
McGregor, Jennie M. S.
McKenzie, R. Tait
McMaster, John Bach
“Mc” miscellaneous
Manning, William T.
Markley, Alfred C.
BOX 29 Markoe, Frances
Markoe, Matilda
Marquis, Don
Martin, Edward S.
Matthews, Brander See also Container 72, Neighbors Henceforth
Mayo, Katherine
Meloney, Marie M.
Merwin, Samuel
Messager, André Charles Prosper
Michael, M. Francis
Mitchell, Anne W.
Mitchell, John K.
Mitchell, John K., III
Mitchell, Silas Weir See also Container 3, same heading, and Container 28, Macfarlane, K. S.
Monnet, Jean
Monod, Gustav
Moore, John Bassett
More, Paul Elmer
Morgan, Herbert E.
Morley, Christopher See Container 57, "Quack-Novels and Democracy"
BOX 30 Morley, John
Morris, Gouverneur (1876-1953)
Morris, Harrison S.
Morse, Edward S.
Mosher, Thomas B.
Musgrave, Jeanie L.
“M” miscellaneous
BOX 31 National Institute of Arts and Letters
Newbold, Clement B.
Newton, A. Edward
Nitobe, Inazo
Norton, Charles Eliot
Norton, Sara
“N” miscellaneous
Ollivant, Alfred
Osborn, Henry Fairfield
Osler, William
Outing Publishing Co. See also Container 38, Whitney, Caspar
Outlook See also Container 28, Mabie, Hamilton W.
“O” miscellaneous
Page, Arthur W. See also Container 34, Sedgwick, Ellery
Page, Walter Hines
Paine, Albert Bigelow
Paine, Robert T., III
Parker, Gilbert
Parsons, Geoffrey
Patterson, Joseph M.
Peabody, Endicott See Container 75, Roosevelt, the Story of a Friendship
Peabody, Robert S.
Pennell, Joseph
Penniman, Josiah H. See also Container 14, Beers, Henry A.
People See also Container 14, Biddle, A. J. Drexel
Percy, Herbert
Perkins, Charles E.
Perkins, Maxwell
Perry, Bliss See Container 13, Atlantic Monthly, and Container 23, Houghton Mifflin & Co.
Phelps, William Lyon
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, William
Pier, Arthur Stanwood
BOX 32 Poole, Ernest
Prince, Morton
Pringle, Elizabeth W. A.
Pritchett, Henry S.
Putnam, Herbert
“P” miscellaneous
Ralph, Julian
Ravenel, Harriott H.
Rawle, Francis
Reath, Theodore W.
Redington, J. W.
Reed, David A.
Remington, Eva A.
BOX 33 Remington, Frederic See also same container, Russell, R. H.
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