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Owen Wister papers, 1829-1966

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Arranged in two groups as "Babel" and miscellaneous scrapbooks. The Babel scrapbooks, so named and numbered by Wister, are arranged numerically. An index to items in volumes 1-6 is available for consultation in the Manuscript Division reading room. Miscellaneous scrapbooks are arranged chronologically.
Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 22,325.
BOX 40 REEL 1 "Babel"
Vol. 1, "Notoriety," letters received and miscellaneous clippings, 1890-1930
BOX 41 REEL 1 Vol. 2, "Roosevelt medal and letters," letters received, 1894-1918, and clippings, 1929-1930
BOX 42 REEL 2 Vol. 3, untitled, letters received and miscellaneous clippings, 1895-1897
BOX 43 REEL 2 Vol. 4, untitled, letters received and miscellaneous clippings, 1897-1900
BOX 44 REEL 2 Vol. 5, miscellaneous clippings, 1911-1912
BOX 45 REEL 3 Vol. 6, When West Was West, letters received and clippings, 1928-1929
Vol. 7, "Therefore is the name of it called BABEL because the Lord did there confound the language of all the Earth. Gen. XI:9," letters received, clippings and printed matter, 1892-1894
BOX 46 REEL 3 Vol. 8, untitled, letters received and miscellaneous clippings, 1894-1895
BOX 47 REEL 4 Miscellaneous
BOX 48 REEL 3 1901, 1911, 1914
BOX 49-83 Speech, Article, and Book File, circa 1880-circa 1930
Manuscripts, typescripts, and printed copies of Wister's speeches, articles and short stories, poems, operas, plays, and books.
Grouped by format or genre and therein arranged alphabetically by title or subject. Untitled speeches are grouped by date, and the poems are unarranged.
BOX 49 Speeches
Chronological file
1882, Nov. 15
1886, June 15
1899, June 26
1901, June 5
Jan. 9
Dec. 18
June 17
June 26
Feb. 12
Nov. 14
1923, Mar.
Jan. 26
Feb. 21
July 4
1928, Nov. 24
1932, June
1933, Jan. 20
Alphabetical file
Alliance Francaise, introducing Guy Irvin and Jean Jules Jusserand
"America's Month"
BOX 50 Clemenceau, Georges
Coit, Henry A.
Coolidge, Charles
Cutler, Elliot
Furness, Horace Howard, memorial tribute
Greenough, Chester
Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Howells, William Dean
Irwin, Agnes
Jusserand, Jean Jules
Lowell, Lawrence
Philadelphia, Pa.
Scheel, Fritz, memorial tribute
"The Seven Ages of Washington"
Sibley, Florence
"Superstition and the Doctor"
Twain, Mark
Washington, George, toast to the memory of
Untitled and undated
BOX 51 Articles and short stories
"Absalom of Moulting Pelican"
"According to a Passenger"
"After Four Years"
"At the Sign of the Last Chance"
"The Bear Creek Barbecue"
"Before the Dude Came"
"Belinda the Bold"
Book reviews
"A Boom in Tucson"
"The Bridge of Dread"
"Called Up"
"Can These Bones Live?"
"Capitalist Clyve"
"Captain Quid"
BOX 52 "The Case of the Quaker City"
"Catholicity in Musical Taste"
"Charles E. Ingersoll"
"Clayton Johns, 1884-1932"
"A Columbian Improvisation"
"Concerning 'Bad' Men"
"Concerning Children"
"The Creed of a Charter Member" See also Container 60, Tavern Club
"Destiny at Drybone"
"Doctor Coit"
"Don't Squander the Past"
"The Drake Who Had Means of His Own"
"Ernest Harold Baynes"
"Evert Jansen Wendell"
"The Evolution of the Cow-Puncher"
"Express Trains, American and English"
Fiction, essays on the subject of
"For Belgium, For Our King"
BOX 53 "For Him It Is Three Strikes and Out"
"The Founding of Harvard College"
"The Fragments That Remain"
"Francis Rawle"
"Fred Stone"
"From Moliére to America"
"The Game and the Nation"
"The General's Bluff"
"George W. Norris"
"The Gift Horse"
"Grandmother Stark"
"Guillermo Colesberry Purves"
"H. L. H." (Henry Lee Higginson)
"Hank's Woman"
"Happy Teeth"
Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass., "Report of the Committee Appointed by the Board of Overseers to Visit the Department of Music"
"Henrick Ibsen, the Dramatist"
"High Speed," correspondence
"His Own Family"
"His Real Patient"
"Horace Howard Furness"
BOX 54 Horae Scholasticae, Wister's articles in
"The Hour of Dedication"
"How I Was Taught the Game of Polo"
"How Lin McLean Went East"
"How One Bomb Was Made"
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