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BOX II:G1-G21 Part II: G. General Miscellany File, 1959-1968
Correspondence, memoranda, financial records, lists, notes and notebooks, calendars, kits, scrapbooks, statements, a musical composition, directories, publicity material, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX II:G1 Advanced booking notices, 1966-1968
American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa
American Jewish Committee, kit for integration
Appointment calendar, board room, 1964
Attendance records
BOX II:G2 1964
Bills and receipts
America's Many Faces Project, 1960
Annual Conference, luncheon meeting, 1963
Building fund
BOX II:G3 1964
Furniture offer, 1962
Miscellaneous, 1961-1965
Typewriters and service contracts
Cancelled checks
Annual Conference, expenses, 1961
Building fund
BOX II:G4 1962-1964
Check stubs, 1962-1963
Conference reservations, 1963
BOX II:G5 Equal Employment Opportunity, United States Post Office
Equal Opportunity Day kit, 1959
Galley Proof, “Revolution of Color”
Harlem Youth Opportunity Unlimited, pamphlet critique
Addressograph-Multigraph Corp., 1964
Board of directors, 1959
Catholic Interracial Councils
Commerce and industry prospects, 1961
Contributors to affiliates, 1960-1964
BOX II:G6 Contributors, 1959-1961
Friends of the Urban League
Industrial corporations, 1959
Local affiliates, 1964
Local league presidents and delegate members, 1964
Local urban league guilds, 1964
Mailing list additions, 1962-1964
National Social Welfare Assembly members, 1964
National Urban League program committees
National Urban League trustees and delegates at-large, 1962
New local league board lists
Newspapers in local league cities
Newspapers and magazines
Special contributors lists, 1964
Trade unions, 1959-1964
United Community Funds and Councils of America, 1962
BOX II:G7 Urban League boards
1960-1961, “A-W”
BOX II:G8 1964-1965
United States government news releases
Musical composition for piano
National Conference Youth Community registration forms, 1965
National Social Welfare Assembly
Negro market, press releases, 1960-1966
BOX II:G9 Postage records, 1965
President's message on civil rights, 1963
Press distribution, “To Be Equal,” 1964-1965
Press release distribution, 1962-1963
Program kit
BOX II:G10 Program kit
Psychology and desegregation, 1960-1961
Public relations material
Radio stations account balance slips, 1965
Secretarial Training Project, scrapbook
BOX II:G11 Secretarial Training Project, scrapbook
Southern Regional Council, reports and news releases, 1960-1964
Statement by George Meany, General Subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and Labor, 1965
Statement before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee No. 5 (International Brotherhood of Teamsters), July 1963
Terms of affiliation
Transmittal sheets, 1960
BOX II:G12 Mar.-Dec., and membership reporting
United States Department of Labor, weekly news digest, 1962-1966
Urban League directory, 1962
Vacations, “A-Y,” 1964
BOX II:G13 Cancelled checks
1959-1960, Oct.
BOX II:G14 1960, Nov.-Dec.
BOX II:G15 1961, Feb.-Dec.
BOX II:G16 1962, Feb.-June
BOX II:G17 1962, July-Dec.
BOX II:G18 Receipts
BOX II:G19 July-Dec.
BOX II:G20 1961, Jan.-Dec.
BOX II:G21 1962, Jan.-Feb.
BOX II:H1-H56 Part II: H. Printed Matter, 1956-1966
BOX II:H1-H15 Affiliates, 1960-1966
Printed matter including annual reports, newsletters, program pamphlets, meeting and conference programs, studies, and manuals.
Arranged alphabetically by name of affiliate or regional office and therein chronologically.
BOX II:H1 Akron, Ohio, 1960-1965
Anderson, Ind., 1962-1964
Atlanta, Ga., 1961-1965
Baltimore, Md., 1961-1964
Bay Area, San Francisco, Calif., 1964-1965
Bergen County, N.J., 1965-1966
Boston, Mass., 1963
Buffalo, N.Y., 1960-1963
Chicago, Ill.
BOX II:H2 1960-1965
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1960-1965
Cleveland, Ohio, 1963-1965
Columbus, Ohio, 1961-1965
Colorado, 1962-1963
Dayton, Ohio, 1962-1965
Detroit, Mich.
BOX II:H3 1960-1966
Elkhart, Ind., 1964-1965
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