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Part V: Washington Office, Publicity File, 1963-1988 (continued)
Directory of Special Projects, 1979-1980 (continued)
(2 folders)
Discrimination and Minority Youth Employment, 1979
Discussion Paper, 1974-1979
(3 folders)
Economic Policies and Black Progress: Myths and Realities, 1981
"The Economists, the Minimum Wage, and the Poor," 1980
"Energy and the Cities," 1979
BOX V:33 "Energy Stamp Program: Pilot Program Recommendations," 1974
Equal Opportunity Day: Program and Promotion Booklet, 1977
Evaluation Status Report, 1981
A Final Report on Project Star (Serving to Advance Rehabilitation), circa 1972
Full Employment: A Policy Paper, 1984
Guide to Working with Black Families in the Adoptive Process, 1981
Guidelines for Relationships between the National Urban League and Its Auxiliaries, 1977
Guidelines for Urban League Seminars for Volunteers and Staff, 1977
Handbook: National Urban League, 1973
BOX V:34 "High Tech: New Hopes, Old Problems," 1983
Issues 1979, 1979
Issues 1980, 1981
Issues 1981, 1982
Legislative Alert, 1980
Legislative Update, 1982, undated
"Legislative Update on Fiscal Year 1985 Federal Budget," circa 1984
"Lobbying Provision of the Tax Reform Act and Its Implications for the National Urban League and Its Affiliates," 1977
Minority Economic Development: A Strategy for Urban Survival, 1978
Mobilizing for the Challenges of the 1980s: NUL's Plan for the Future, 1980-1981
"1985 Federal Budget: An Examination of Impacts on the Poor and Minorities," 1984
"The National Alliance of Business Program for 1980-82 to Strengthen Business Support and Involvement in Meeting the Employment and Training Needs of the Hard-to-Employ," undated
BOX V:35 A National Survey of Employer Attitudes and Practices toward Youth, 1980
National Urban League Blueprint for Action, 1982-1983
National Urban League: Fiscal Year 1979-80 Goals, Objectives, and Action Summaries, circa 1979
"National Urban Network and Youth Program Development," 1977
News from National Urban League
(4 folders)
BOX V:36 1980-1983, undated
News from National Urban League Conference, 1969-1977
News from the Washington Bureau, 1976-1979
News from Washington Bureau, 1974
Newsletter, National Urban League, Washington Bureau, 1974-1978
(2 folders)
Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1963-1982
(2 folders)
NUL Planning System, 1981
BOX V:37 "The NUL's 1943 Chicago Conference Revisited," 1979
Partnerships, 1983
A Periodic Survey of the Black Community in America, 1979-1980
(2 folders)
Point of View, 1978-1983
Point/Counterpoint, 1981-1983
Population Policy and the Black Community, 1974
Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Parenthood Project (Final Report), 1979-1981
BOX V:38 Press advisories, 1978-1979
Press Release, Office of Washington Operations, National Urban League, 1979-1984
Press releases, miscellaneous, 1969-1983, undated
"Program for the Education and Development of Board Officers of Urban League Affiliates," 1979
"Program for the Education and Development of Affiliate Board Members," 1981
(2 folders)
Proposal: Targeted Outreach Program: CETA Title III, 1981
Quarterly Economic Report on the Black Worker, 1975-1978
Readings in Child Protection, 1980
BOX V:39 "Recommendations of the National Urban League," 1974
"Revenue Sharing--The Unfulfilled Promise," 1975
The Rites of Passage: A Black Perspective, 1982
"Running the Gauntlet: Black Men in America," 1984
A Selected Annotated Bibliography: Minority Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy, 1980
Showcase News, 1983
"The Sixth Annual James L. Anderson Community Services Awards Banquet," circa 1981
Special Alert, circa 1980-1981
Special Policy Report on the Socio-Economic Status of Blacks, 1976
Special Report, 1974-1982
(2 folders)
Special Reports on Federal Resources, circa 1972-1974
Brown, Ronald Harmon, 1970-1977
(2 folders)
BOX V:40 Cooper, Maudine Rice, 1976-1983
(3 folders)
Glasgow, Douglas G., 1984
Jacob, John E., 1981-1982
(2 folders)
Jordan, Vernon E.
(2 folders)
BOX V:41 1979-1981, undated
(2 folders)
Unidentified, 1976-1980, undated
(2 folders)
Young, Whitney M., 1967-1970, undated
Staff Quarterly
Fall 1980-Summer 1981
(2 folders)
BOX V:42 Winter 1981-Fall 1982
The State of Black America, 1976-1988
Brown, Ronald Harmon, 1975-1979
Cooper, Maudine Rice, 1974-1982
Jordan, Vernon E., 1977-1981
Others, 1977-1984
"A Statistical Overview of Black America," 1982
The Street Academy: The Five Year Experience, A Final Report, 1977
Brown, Ronald Harmon
BOX V:43 1975-1979
(4 folders)
Cooper, Maudine Rice
(2 folders)
BOX V:44 1979-1983, undated
(5 folders)
Jordan, Vernon E., 1974-1981
BOX V:45 Others, 1971-1984
Testimony list, 1974-1982
To Be Equal, 1974-1982
(6 folders)
BOX V:46 Toward a National Youth Development Policy (A Call to Action), 1978
Transcripts, radio and television, 1968-1981
Urban Policy Watch, undated
Urban League News, 1973-1977
"The Utility Crisis in Black America," 1978
Washington Bureau, What It Is. . . What It Does. . ., circa 1970
"Washington Operations Update: Meeting of the Chief Executive Officers, National Urban League, Inc.," 1981
"Workfare: An Urban Analysis," 1982
"Youth Employment: Current and Proposed Legislation," 1977
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