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Part VI: Southern Regional Office, Projects and Programs File, 1973-1979 (continued)
Houston, Tex.
Jacksonville, Fla.
Lexington, Ky.
Little Rock, Ark.
Louisville, Ky.
Memphis, Tenn.
Miami, Fla.
Montgomery, Ala.
Nashville, Tenn.
New Orleans, La.
BOX VI:D11 Oklahoma City, Okla.
Palm Beach County, Florida
Tallahassee, Fla.
Tampa, Fla.
Tulsa, Okla.
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Report, Manpower Information System, 1976
Office of Program Development and Training
Quarterly report, Southern Region, 1976-1977
Technical assistance records, 1976
Youth conference, Atlanta, Ga., 1977
Regional Forum project
Correspondence, 1973-1974
Ingram, Robert, 1974
Master chronological file, 1974
Rural Development project
Gulf Coast, Miss.
BOX VI:D12 Lowndes County, Ala.
Correspondence, reports, 1972-1974
Reports, 1971-1974
(3 folders)
“The National Urban League and the Rural South” (report)
BOX VI:D13 Summer fellowship program, 1974
Women in Non-Traditional Jobs program
Charlotte, N.C., 1976-1977
Expense reports, 1976
Greenville, N. C., 1976
Jacksonville, Fla., 1976
Reports, 1976
Savannah, Ga., 1976
BOX VI:E1-E14 Part VI: Southern Regional Office, Speech and Article File, 1922-1979
Typed, printed, and mimeographed speeches and articles, occasionally supplemented by notes.
Arranged by type of presentation, author or meeting, and year.
BOX VI:E1-2 Articles and speeches, chiefly of Jesse O. Thomas
BOX VI:E3 1940-1943
Articles and speeches, chiefly of William Y. Bell, 1944-1945
BOX VI:E4 Articles and speeches, chiefly of William Y. Bell and Nelson C. Jackson, 1946-1948
Articles of George L. Edwards, 1948
Articles of Nelson C. Jackson, 1949
Miscellaneous articles and speeches, 1949
BOX VI:E5 Articles and speeches, chiefly of Nelson C. Jackson, 1950-1951
BOX VI:E6 Articles of Nelson C. Jackson, 1952
Speeches of Mahlon T. Puryear, 1952
Miscellaneous speeches, 1952-1953
Articles and speeches of Lester B. Granger, 1953
Speeches at the National Urban League Annual Conference, 1953
BOX VI:E7 Miscellaneous articles, 1954-1955
National Urban League annual dinner, 1954
National Urban League Annual Conference, 1954
Puryear, Mahlon T., 1954
Thomas, Julius A., 1954
Articles, National Urban League Board Convention, 1955
BOX VI:E8 Speeches
Alston, Harry L., 1957
Miscellaneous, 1955-1957
National Urban League Annual Conference, 1955-1957
Miscellaneous articles, 1957
BOX VI:E9 Speeches
Coleman, Clarence D., 1960
Miscellaneous, 1958-1979
National Urban League Annual Conference, 1957-1959
Puryear, Mahlon T., 1957
Speech notes, Howard High School, Atlanta, Ga., 1957 (Harry L. Alston)
BOX VI:F1-F10 Part VI: Southern Regional Office, Financial File, 1919-1977
Workers' expense statements, bills, receipts, and bank statements.
Grouped by type of material and therein by year.
BOX VI:F1 Workers' expense statements
BOX VI:F2 1937-1949
BOX VI:F3 1950-1963
BOX VI:F4 Bank statements
BOX VI:F5 1947-1950
BOX VI:F6 1951-1956
BOX VI:F7 Bills and receipts
BOX VI:F8 1934-1939
BOX VI:F9 1940-1950
BOX VI:F10 Financial statement, National Urban League, 1973
Requisitions and requests for payment, 1973-1977
(3 folders)
BOX VI:G1-G45 Part VI: Southern Regional Office, Printed Matter, 1919-1978
Publications by the national office as well as printed and mimeographed annual and special reports from affiliates; newsletter; serials, including copies of Opportunity, the Survey, Socialist Call, and the Progressive; publications by the Southern Regional Office; a few copies, 1957-1958, of a Mississippi satirical weekly, the Petal Papers; social work bulletins; and miscellaneous publications.
Grouped in Urban League and non-Urban League categories and therein chronologically by year or period of years.
BOX VI:G1 National Urban League
BOX VI:G2-5 1936-1945
BOX VI:G6-7 1946-1949
BOX VI:G8 1950
BOX VI:G9 1951-1952
BOX VI:G10 1952-1953
BOX VI:G11 1953-1954
BOX VI:G12 1954-1955
BOX VI:G13 1955-1956
BOX VI:G14 1956
BOX VI:G15 1957
BOX VI:G16 1958-1963
BOX VI:G17 1973-1978
BOX VI:G18-20 Non-Urban League
BOX VI:G21-33 1936-1945
BOX VI:G34-39 1946-1949
BOX VI:G40 1950
BOX VI:G41 1951-1952
BOX VI:G42 1953-1956
BOX VI:G43 1957
BOX VI:G44 1958
BOX VI:G45 1959-1978
BOX VI:H1-H6 Part VI: Southern Regional Office, Miscellany
Miscellaneous reports by the Southern Regional Office and the United Community Defense Service, stenographic notes, bulletins, check lists, blueprints, guest book, appointment books, calendars with appointment notations, diploma, invitations, fragments, and other material.
Organized by type of material.
BOX VI:H1-H6 Miscellany
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