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Part I: D. Industrial Relations Department, 1922-1962 (continued)
BOX I:D1-D20 General Department File, 1923-1962
Correspondence and office memoranda, printed and near-print material, reports, notes, newspaper clippings, news releases, and telegrams. Arranged alphabetically by name of person, subject or organization and therein chronologically.
BOX I:D1 1923-1940
"A" miscellaneous, 1926-1929
Activity and field reports, 1925-1932, 1938
(3 folders)
American Federation of Labor
General, 1925-1935
(3 folders)
Baskerville, B. C., 1934
American Fund for Public Service, 1926-1930
American Management Association, 1926
American Negro Labor Congress, 1940
Annual reports, 1929-1933
BOX I:D2 Appeals to governors, 1931-1933
(2 folders)
"B-I" miscellaneous, 1926-1940
Barbers and hairdressers organizations, 1933
Black Workers and the New Unions, correspondence, 1939-1940
Bowers, Henry S., 1925-1926
Brotherhood of Dining Car Employees, 1926-1938
Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, 1936
Brotherhood of Railway Carmen, 1933-1934
Brotherhood of Trainmen, 1933-1935
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, 1925-1937
Building trades, Negro participation, 1934
Cayton, Horace R., 1934
Chicago., Ill., proposed conference on economic status of Negroes, 1931
BOX I:D3 Citizens Conference on Vocational Education, 1933
Commission on Interracial Cooperation, 1930-1931
Committee for Industrial Organization, 1935-1936
Committee on Care of Transient and Homeless, 1937-1938
Committee on Race Relations, 1929-1932
Conference on the employment of Negroes, 1931
Council on Interstate Migration, 1939
Dining-car employees, 1926-1938
Durham Fact-Finding Conference, Durham, N.C., 1929-1930
Eastern and Gulf Marine Cooks' and Stewards' Union, 1932-1933
Executive board, reports, 1925-1931
Executive secretary, reports, 1930-1931
Expansion of department, 1929
Field trips, T. Arnold Hill
Southwest, 1938
Midwest and South, 1938
Midwest, 1939
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., 1925-1930
Harlem Labor Committee, New York, N.Y., 1935
BOX I:D4 Harmon Foundation, 1930-1931, 1936
Harris, Abram Lincoln, 1935
Hickok, Mrs. Charles V., 1930-1934
Hillsdale Conference, 1927
Hotel and Restaurant Employees' International Alliance, 1936
Industrial campaign memoranda, 1924-1929
Industrial Committee, memorandum, 1929
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, 1925, 1935
International Longshoremen's Association, 1933
International Association of Machinists, 1936
"J-P" miscellaneous, 1926-1934
Kentucky Home Society for Colored Children, 1925-1929
Labor program, 1934
Lathers' union, Chicago, Ill, 1923-1926
Laundry workers' union, New York, N.Y., 1936
Medical Practices Act, Harlem, N.Y., 1938-1939
Memoranda, 1929-1934, undated
(2 folders)
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., 1930
(1 folder)
BOX I:D5 Miscellany
(1 folder)
Motion Picture Corp., 1931-1932
National Association of Colored Waiters and Hotel Employees, 1933
National Committee on Employer Relationships, 1931
National Committee (Council) on Household Employment, 1938-1940
National Conference of Social Work, Hill report, 1937
National Conference Concerning the Education of Negroes, Vocational Committee report, 1934
National Industrial Conference, 1928-1929
National Interracial Conference, 1928
National Occupational Conference, 1933-1936
"Negro in Industry Week"
Correspondence, 1925-1929
(2 folders)
Reports, 1925-1929
Negro Labor Committee, 1935-1936
New Jersey State Temporary Commission, 1940
BOX I:D6 New York Coordinating Committee for Employment, 1938
New York Mattress Co., strike, 1931
New York Relief Administration, report on Dutchess Junction, 1932
New York State Conference on Negro Welfare, 1935-1936
New York State Temporary Commission on the Condition of the Urban Colored Population, 1937-1939
Ohio State Conference on Social Work Among Negroes, 1927
Opportunity, industrial issues, 1925
Pacific Steamship Co., 1930
Painters' union, Atlanta, Ga., 1936
Penney (J.C.) Foundation, 1931-1932
Pittsburgh Courier articles, correspondence, 1925-1926
Plans and programs, 1927-1938
President's Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership
"B-W" miscellaneous, 1931-1932
Burroughs, Nannie Helen, 1931-1932
Gordon, Lena, 1931
Greene, Lorenzo Johnston, 1930-1931
Gries, John, 1931
Johnson, Charles, 1931
Moses, Earl, 1931-1932
Newcombe, Robinson, 1931
BOX I:D7 Reports, 1931
(3 folders)
Reference studies, 1931
Memoranda, notes, and tables, 1931
President's Emergency Committee for Employment, 1930-1931
Public Works Administration projects, 1934
"R-Y" miscellaneous, 1926-1936
Rosenwald (Julius) Fund, 1930-1937
Rumford Baking Powder Co. program, 1932-1933
Savings Bank Life Insurance League, 1937-1939
Society of Friends, 1928-1929
BOX I:D8 Standard Oil Co., 1926
State conferences on Negro employment, 1939-1940
Station Porters' Union, 1934-1935
Steering Committee, memorandum, 1925
Survey magazine, 1925-1926
Tobacco industry conditions, 1933-1935
Trade Union Committee for Organizing Negro Workers, 1925
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