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Part I: E. Public Relations Department, 1913-1963 (continued)
BOX I:E1-E5 General Department File, 1945-1962
Correspondence and office memoranda, printed and near-print material, reports, notes, newspaper clippings, news releases, and telegrams.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, subject or organization and therein chronologically.
BOX I:E1 Affiliate achievements, 1952
American Teamwork Award, 1953-1955
Anderson, Marian, 1956-1958
Annual dinner
Correspondence, 1953-1954
Awards project, 1947-1950
Benefits, 1958-1959
Congratulatory letters, 1951-1959
Copyright literature, 1947-1955
Cry the Beloved Country, 1952
Equal Opportunity Day
Correspondence and memoranda
BOX I:E2 1958-1962
(3 folders)
(3 folders)
Foster homes, 1955-1956
BOX I:E3 Golden anniversary
General material, 1959-1960
Calendar of events
Fact sheets
Founders' day
History and achievement
"Kick-off" event, 1960
Minutes, 1959
Negro press supplement, 1959-1960
New York Times supplement, 1959-1960
Reference material
BOX I:E4 Hughes, Langston, 1954-1955
International Artists Corp., Negro Drama Group, 1947
Jones, Eugene Kinckle
General, 1948-1952
Reception, 1950-1951
Little Rock story, 1957-1959
Memoranda, local leagues, 1959-1961
(2 folders)
"A Morning for Jimmy" film project, 1959-1962
(2 folders)
National Negro College Fund radio broadcast, 1950-1951
Negro Heroes
BOX I:E5 Reports, press releases, and clippings
"Operation: Feed the Babies"
Correspondence, 1960-1961
Press memoranda and clippings
Public Relations Committee
Correspondence, 1955-1958
Minutes and reports, 1956-1960
Radio broadcasts, 1950
Southern Field Division, program highlights, 1959
Two Friends Award, 1945-1952
Urban League fellows, proposal for historical pamphlet, 1949-1951
Urban League Service Fund, 1946-1947
Volker (William) Charles Fund, youth guidance project, 1946-1947
Western Office
Year-end report, memoranda, 1959-1961
BOX I:E6-E7 Special Equal Opportunity Day Scrapbook-Reports, 1957-1959
Statements, newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, printed matter, and proclamations.
Arranged by year and therein by volume.
BOX I:E6 1957
Vol. 1, summary report
Vol. 2, national dinner scrapbook
Vol. 4, affiliate city reports, A-F
Vol. 5, affiliate city reports, G-R
BOX I:E7 Vol. 6, affiliate city reports, S-W
Vol. 7, non-Urban League cities
1959, Southern Field Division
BOX I:E8-E23 Historical Information and Special Events File, 1913-1962
Correspondence, reports, budget notations, thesis, bylaws, affiliate constitutions, lists, proposals, telegrams, statistical data, and printed and near-print material.
Arranged alphabetically in repeating categories: historical information, 1913-1940; special events, 1930-1935; historical information, 1941-1962; and special events, 1950-1959.
BOX I:E8 Historical information, 1913-1940
Affiliates, miscellany, 1918-1940
Akron, Ohio, 1929-1940
Albany, N.Y., 1930-1940
Atlanta, Ga., 1929-1938
Baldwin, Mrs. William H., 1915
Board membership
Chronological information, 1919-1940
Atlanta, Ga., 1921-1940
Baltimore, Md., 1922-1940
Boston, Mass., 1919-1921
Brooklyn, N.Y., 1940
Buffalo, N.Y., 1940
Canton, Ohio, 1940
Chicago, Ill., 1920-1940
Cleveland, Ohio, 1940
Columbus, Ohio, 1940
Detroit, Mich., 1921-1940
Englewood, N.J., 1940
Fort Wayne, Ind., 1940
Greenville, S.C., 1940
Kansas City, Mo., 1940
Lincoln, Nebr., 1940
Little Rock, Ark., 1940
Los Angeles, Calif., 1940
Louisville, Ky., 1940
Milwaukee, Wis., 1940
Minneapolis, Minn., 1940
Monmouth, N.J., 1940
New Orleans, La., 1940
New York, N.Y., 1940
Newark, N.J., 1919-1940
Omaha, Nebr., 1940
Philadelphia, Pa., 1940
Providence, R.I., 1939-1940
Richmond, Va., 1940
St. Louis, Mo., 1940
St. Paul, Minn., 1940
Seattle, Wash., 1940
Springfield, Ill., 1940
Springfield, Mass., 1940
Tampa, Fla., 1940
Toledo, Ohio, 1940
Warren, Ohio, 1940
Washington, D.C., 1940
Waterbury, Conn., 1940
White Plains, N.Y., 1940
BOX I:E9 Boston, Mass., 1919-1940
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