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Part I: F. Research Department, 1916-1963 (continued)
General Department File, 1943-1952 (continued)
Relationships, national agencies
Religious groups
Minneapolis, Minn., proposed study, 1950-1951
Muskegon Heights, Mich., Citizens Recreation Association, 1949-1950
“N” miscellaneous, 1949-1952
(2 folders)
National Civil Liberties Clearing House, 1949
National Conference of Social Work
(2 folders)
National Jewish Welfare Board, 1951-1952
National Social Welfare Assembly
BOX I:F6 1950-1952
(2 folders)
Booklet, Shall We Make a Survey? 1949
Committee on International Affairs, 1951-1952
New York state Commission Against Discrimination, news releases, 1951-1952
Niagara Falls, N.Y., 1949
“O-P” miscellaneous, 1949-1952
(4 folders)
Philadelphia, Pa., proposal for a new branch, 1945-1949
Pontiac, Mich., field visit, 1950
Port Chester, N.Y., proposed studies, 1949
Program outline, 1945-1946
Psychiatric study proposal, 1945
Public service appointments of Urban League employees and fellows
“Pulse of the Nation,” request for information, 1951-1952
“R” miscellaneous, 1949-1952
(2 folders)
Requests for information, outgoing, 1949-1952
(2 folders)
Restricted and racial tension areas report, 1943
BOX I:F7 “S” miscellaneous, 1949-1952
(2 folders)
St. Louis, Mo., correspondence concerning survey, 1947-1949
Savannah, Ga., proposed Urban League, 1947-1949
Scholarship Service Fund for Negro Students, 1949
General, 1944-1947
Biographical data
Social Work Research Group, 1951-1952
Social Work Vocational Bureau, 1949-1952
(2 folders)
“T” miscellaneous, 1947-1952
(6 folders)
United Service Organizations Club, 1943-1946
United States Department of Labor
Children's Bureau, 1945-1946
BOX I:F8 General, 1944-1948
United States Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, 1947
United States War Department, 1945
Urban redevelopment study, 1948-1949
“V-W” miscellaneous, 1947-1952
(6 folders)
Waterbury, Conn., proposed study, 1944-1945
Webbe, Bill, East Harlem, N.Y., Protestant ministers, 1949
White collar workshops, 1950-1952
Williams, Sadye Carter, 1947-1948
Willimantic State Teachers College, Willimantic, Conn., 1947-1948
Wilmington, Del., health study, 1948-1949
Winston-Salem, N.C., 1947
“X-Z” miscellaneous, 1947-1952
(2 folders)
BOX I:F9-F20 National Defense Program File, 1940-1945
Correspondence, reports, statements, questionnaires, government news releases, and newspaper clippings concerning the league's role in securing defense work and housing for African Americans during World War II.
Arranged by chronological period, then by type of material, and therein alphabetically by name of person or subject.
BOX I:F9 1940
“A-Y” miscellaneous
(4 folders)
Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.
International Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers' Labor Advisory Committee
Institute for Propaganda Analysis
Local leagues' general memoranda
(6 folders)
National Youth Administration
Office of Production Management
Social Security Board, Bureau of Employment Security
Washington, D.C., conference, Sept.-Dec.
(2 folders)
BOX I:F10 Reports and statements
Defense housing
Nonintegration of Negroes in the defense program, compiled for Lester B. Granger
Washington, D.C., conference, Oct. 22-23, 1940
Government releases
Civil Aeronautics Administration, aviation training
Miscellaneous agencies
War Department
Local leagues and defense
Selective Service System
Miscellaneous clippings
BOX I:F11 1941-1945
“A-Y” miscellaneous, 1941-1944
(4 folders)
American Association for Adult Education, Fight for Freedom Committee
Civil Aeronautics Administration, 1941
Council for Democracy
Federal Council of Churches, interracial review
Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.
International Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers' Labor Advisory Committee
Institute for Propaganda Analysis
Local urban leagues
General memoranda, 1941
BOX I:F12 “A-C” miscellaneous, 1941-1942
(2 folders)
“D-K” miscellaneous, 1941-1943
“L” miscellaneous, 1941-1943
“M-W” miscellaneous, 1941-1942
(2 folders)
BOX I:F13 March on Washington Committee
NAACP, 1941-1942
National Lawyers Guild
National Medical Association
National Negro Business League
National Non-Partisan Council
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