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Part I: F. Research Department, 1916-1963 (continued)
National Defense Program File, 1940-1945 (continued)
War Department, 1941-1945, undated (continued)
(2 folders)
“Color Bar in Industry Begins to Give Way Before Pressure of War Needs,” by Alvin White
Discrimination in defense employment by firms holding contracts, 1941
Discrimination in labor unions
Draft boards
Heroism of Negro soldiers and sailors in World War II
Local urban leagues and defense
Navy opens ranks to Negroes, 1943
Negroes appointed in government, 1941
BOX I:F18 Selective Service System, 1941-1942
Un-American activities of Negroes
Miscellaneous clippings
(5 folders)
BOX I:F19 Miscellaneous clippings
(6 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX I:F20 Miscellany
(5 folders)
BOX I:F21-F28 Community Relations Project File, 1942-1950
Correspondence, telegrams, memoranda, and reference data including studies, outlines, notes, surveys, reports, statistical data, and near-print and printed matter relating to black migration and city surveys.
Arranged by city, with correspondence separated from working or reference papers that are arranged by subject.
BOX I:F21 Charleston, S.C.
Correspondence, 1946-1947
Local committees, 1945-1950
Charleston, W.Va.
Correspondence, 1948
Study, 1948
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Correspondence, 1947-1950
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, 1947
Churches and religious organizations, 1947
Community organizations, 1947
Crime and juvenile delinquency, 1947
BOX I:F22 Education reports and memoranda, 1947
Employment and industrial relations, 1947
Health, 1947
Historical background, 1947
Labor unions, 1947
Library, 1947
List of industrial firms, 1947
Minutes of meetings, 1947
Population, 1947
Race relations
YWCA and YMCA, 1946-1947
Chester-Media-Darby Township, Pa.
Child care and the family
Churches and religious organizations, notes
Early history, notes
BOX I:F23 Education
Employment and industrial relations
Housing data
Housing surveys
Juvenile delinquency and crime
Local committees' correspondence, 1942-1946
(2 folders)
BOX I:F24 Population notes
Race relations
Social agencies
Specialists' correspondence, 1946-1947
Dayton, Ohio, correspondence
Gary, Ind.
American Federation of International Institutes, 1945
Comments on study report
Community contacts, 1944
Correspondence with Manet Fowler, 1946-1947
BOX I:F25 Report, 1945
Specialists' correspondence, 1944-1945
(4 folders)
“Spotlight on Gary,” rough draft of final copy
Houston, Tex.
Correspondence, 1945-1947
Kansas City, Mo., revisit data, 1947
New London, Conn., 1945-1946
BOX I:F26 St. Petersburg, Fla.
Housing problem, 1949
Local contacts, 1945-1949
Tulsa, Okla.
Correspondence, 1945-1948
(3 folders)
Advisory Committee
Field specialists' report summary
BOX I:F27 Follow-up visit by J. Harvey Kerns, 1947-1948
Recreation, 1945
Specialists, 1946-1947
Study summary
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Correspondence, 1945-1950
Advisory Committee
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Business and professions
Crime, juvenile delinquency
Housing survey
BOX I:F28 Labor and industry
Miscellaneous information
Miscellaneous reports
Negro Home and Welfare Association
Population notes
Recreation, public
Retirement plans
Sororities and fraternities
Social agencies
Day nurseries
United States Children's Bureau
Program outline and summary, 1946
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