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Part I: F. Research Department, 1916-1963 (continued)
Field Research Material, 1934-1963 (continued)
BOX I:F71 Seattle, Wash.
“A-H” miscellaneous
(9 folders)
BOX I:F72 “L-S” miscellaneous
(8 folders)
BOX I:F73 “S” miscellaneous
(4 folders)
South Bend, Ind.
“A-E” miscellaneous
(7 folders)
BOX I:F74 “H-S” miscellaneous
(11 folders)
BOX I:F75 Springfield, Mass.
(13 folders)
BOX I:F76 Springfield, Ohio
Family schedules
(12 folders)
BOX I:F77 Family schedules
(5 folders)
“A-I” miscellaneous
(8 folders)
BOX I:F78 “L-W” miscellaneous
(7 folders)
Tampa, Fla.
“A-C” miscellaneous
(3 folders)
BOX I:F79 “E-H” miscellaneous
(6 folders)
BOX I:F80 “I-T” miscellaneous
(13 folders)
BOX I:F81 Tulsa, Okla.
(14 folders)
Warren, Ohio
“A-H” miscellaneous
(6 folders)
BOX I:F82 “H-R” miscellaneous
(11 folders)
White Plains, N.Y.
“A-H” miscellaneous
(6 folders)
BOX I:F83 “L-S” miscellaneous
(3 folders)
Williamsburg, Va.
(14 folders)
BOX I:F84-F89 Early Surveys File, 1916-1940
Correspondence, statistical data, outlines, reports, near-print and printed material, interviews, and questionnaires.
Arranged by survey or groups of surveys.
BOX I:F84 Community surveys
Baltimore, Md.
Correspondence, 1933-1935
(2 folders)
Business, miscellaneous
Community fund
Insurance statistics
Maryland State Conference of Social Welfare
Notes and reports, miscellaneous, 1934
Outline of study, 1934
Questionnaires and surveys
BOX I:F85 Recreation, notes and reports
Social work survey
Social and other organizations
Fort Wayne, Ind., report, 1928
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Correspondence, 1926-1928
Minneapolis, Minn., report, 1926
White Plains, N.Y., 1940
BOX I:F86 Migration study [Study done by Charles S. Johnson for Emmett Jay Scott's Negro Migration During the War (New York, Oxford University Press, 1920), reissued by Arno Press in 1969.]
Correspondence, 1918-1924
Birmingham, Ala., summary
Chicago, Ill., interviews
Final, chapters 7-13
Migration meeting report
Mississippi summary
Negro migrant letters, 1916-1918
(2 folders)
Newspaper extracts, 1916-1917
(2 folders)
BOX I:F87 St. Louis, Mo., summary
Source materials
Labor union survey
American Federation of Labor, 1918-1927
American Negro Labor Congress, 1925-1926
Union questionnaire
General, 1925-1926
Alabama, 1928
California, 1926
Colorado, 1926
Connecticut, 1921
District of Columbia, 1925-1928
Florida, 1928
Georgia, 1926-1928
Illinois, 1925-1926
BOX I:F88 Indiana, 1925-1926
Kansas, 1926
Kentucky, 1928
Louisiana, 1926
Massachusetts, 1926
Michigan, 1926
Missouri, 1926-1927
New Jersey, 1926
New York, N.Y., 1925-1926
New York state, 1926-1928
North Carolina
Ohio, 1926
BOX I:F89 Pennsylvania, 1925-1928
Rhode Island, 1926
South Carolina, 1928
South Dakota, 1926
Tennessee, 1926-1928
Texas, 1926-1928
Washington state, 1926
West Virginia, 1928
Wisconsin, 1926
“The Negro and Labor Unions,” 1924
“The Employment of Negroes on Railroads,” 1933
Working papers
Miscellaneous research material
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