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Part I: G. Vocational Services Office, 1930-1962 (continued)
General Office File, 1941-1962 (continued)
Masonic project
Final report, 1955
Proposal, 1956
Memphis, Tenn., field trip, 1958
Midwestern field trip, 1950
Minneapolis, Minn., school integration project, 1954
Maynz (Emmanuel) Fellowship, 1945
BOX I:G5 Monthly reports, 1946-1949
(2 folders)
Morrow, Capt. Edward, 1952-1955
Motion picture and radio proposals, 1943-1952
Nassau County, N.Y., Vocational Opportunity Committee, 1950
National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials, 1959
National Committee on Employment of Youth, 1960
National Health Council, 1956-1960
National Insurance Association, guidance posters, 1956-1957
National Manpower Council Conference on Women, 1957
National Urban League Guild, 1959-1960
National Vocational Guidance Association, Committee on Community Relations, 1959-1960
“The Negro Potential,” film proposal, 1956-1960
New York Personnel and Guidance Association
General, 1960
BOX I:G6 Annual dinner, 1959-1961
New York Vocational High School, 1957-1958
North Carolina College, Durham, N.C., National Defense Education Act Institute and lecture outline, 1960
(2 folders)
North Carolina field trip, 1959
Occupational monographs, 1947-1948
Oceana Publications proposal, 1950
Ohio guidance project program, 1955-1956
“P” miscellaneous, 1960
Pennsylvania and Ohio field trip, 1958
Personnel, 1948
Pilot placement project, 1948
Plans and programs
(2 folders)
BOX I:G7 1954-1959
(2 folders)
President's Committee on Government Contracts
Correspondence and memoranda, 1956-1958
Reports and miscellaneous material
(2 folders)
Problems and conditions among Negro youth, study, 1949
Program discussion week, 1947
BOX I:G8 1948-1954
(2 folders)
Public education project, 1943-1944
Quarter Century Club, 1956-1960
Quarterly reports, 1941-1943, 1948
“R” miscellaneous, 1960
Radio and television program proposals, 1950-1952
Regional Conference of Industrial Secretaries, 1942
Rich (Raymond) Associates, 1949
Roper (Elmo) proposal, student opinion poll, 1950
Rosenberg Foundation appeal, 1956-1960
Rosenthal project proposal, 1949
“S” miscellaneous, 1956-1960
Sage (Russell) Foundation, 1956
Science Research Associates, 1956-1960
Seidenburg proposal, American Personnel and Guidance Association, 1960
Semiannual report, 1954
BOX I:G9 Southern Education Foundation, 1952
Southern Field Division
Correspondence, 1947-1955
(2 folders)
Memoranda and reports, 1947-1955
(4 folders)
Southern field trip, 1951
Speaking engagements, 1947-1960
BOX I:G10 Staff meetings, 1948-1954
(2 folders)
Subway public education project proposal, 1943-1944
Supreme Council of Masons, 1956-1960
“T” miscellaneous, 1958-1960
Thalheimer Awards, 1948-1953
The Time Is Now, 1958-1960
Valentine, William R., 1959
Vocational Guidance Council
Advisory Committee, 1948
General, 1949-1955
Vocational Guidance Council and Industrial Council merger, 1956-1960
Vocational Opportunity Campaign, kit distribution, 1955
Vocational Services Board Committee, 1955
BOX I:G11 Volker (William) Charities Fund, youth guidance project reports, 1946-1947
(2 folders)
Washington, D.C., field trip, 1949
“Which Way?” proposed booklet
“Working Together for Tomorrow's Jobs” (film), 1952-1953
“W” miscellaneous, 1952-1960
Winston-Salem, N.C., field trip, 1958
“A World for Jim” (film), 1956-1960
Westover School, Middlebury, Conn., 1957-1960
Workshop conference prospectus, 1952
Wrenn, Gilbert, 1960
Year-end report, 1951-1959
Your Career in Insurance, 1948
Youth guidance pilot project, 1957
Youth training incentives proposal, 1957
Zapoleon, Marguerite, 1959
BOX I:G12-G53 Projects and Programs File, 1930-1962
Correspondence, reports, memoranda, newspaper clippings, lists, printed matter, statistical data, press releases and photographs. Arranged in two groupings: Tomorrow's Scientists and Technicians and Vocational Opportunity Campaign: Scrapbook-Reports.
The first has a section arranged alphabetically by city and a section arranged alphabetically by subject. The Scrapbook-Reports are arranged chronologically and therein by title or type of report.
BOX I:G12 Tomorrow's Scientists and Technicians
Akron, Ohio, 1958-1960
Anderson, Ind., 1958-1960
Atlanta, Ga., 1959-1961
Baltimore, Md., 1958
Boston, Mass., 1959-1961
Bridgeport, Conn., 1960-1961
Buffalo, N.Y., 1958-1962
Canton, Ohio, 1958-1960
Charleston, S.C., 1960-1962
Chicago, Ill., 1959-1960
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1958-1961
Cleveland, Ohio, 1958-1961
Clinton, Tenn., 1958-1960
Columbus, Ohio
BOX I:G13 1961
(2 folders)
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