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Part II: A. Administration Department File, 1953-1966 (continued)
General Department File, 1953-1966 (continued)
“H” miscellaneous
BOX II:A23 1965
Harlem Council for Economic Development, 1965
Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited, 1962-1965
Harper and Row, 1965
Health, Welfare, and Housing Council, 1964
House Select Subcommittee on Education, testimony, 1963
Housing Department, correspondence and reports, 1960-1961
“I” miscellaneous, 1963-1965
Industrial Relations Department, correspondence, 1961
Industrial Relations and Vocational Services Council, 1961
BOX II:A24 IBM, 1965
Interracial Council for Business Opportunity, 1965
“J” miscellaneous, 1963-1965
Joint Consultative Committee, 1964
“K” miscellaneous, 1960-1965
Kaiser Industries, 1965
Keller, Mrs. Charles, religious resources project, 1961
Kennedy, Robert F., 1962
“L” miscellaneous, 1963-1965
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and NAACP, 1963-1965
BOX II:A25 League of Women Voters of the City of New York, 1965
Library of Congress, 1964
“M” miscellaneous, 1960-1965
McCormack, John W., 1961
McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1965
McIntire, Carl, application for radio station, 1965
March on Washington, 1963
BOX II:A26 Oct.-Dec.
Comments following the march
Meeting of selected Urban League directors, correspondence, 1964
Melady, Thomas P., 1965
Memoranda to affiliates
BOX II:A27 1964-1966
Memoranda to general staff
BOX II:A28 1963-1965, June
BOX II:A29 1965, July-1966
Memoranda, interdepartmental
Community services, 1961
Fund Department
BOX II:A30 1965-1966
Housing activities, 1961
Industrial relations
General, 1959-1962
Commerce and Industry Council, 1961
Trade Union Advisory Council, 1961
Personnel and training
General, 1964-1966
Fellowship project, 1965
Program Department
BOX II:A31 1964-1966
Education and youth incentives, 1963-1965
Health and welfare, 1963-1965
Housing, 1963-1965
BOX II:A32 Job development and employment, 1963-1966
Labor relations, 1963
National Skills Bank, 1964-1965
Organization of new leagues, 1964
Religious resources, 1960-1965
Special programs, 1964-1965
Public Relations Department
BOX II:A33 1965
Stanley, Frank L., Jr., 1964-1965
Research Department, 1961-1966
Vocational services, 1961
Miscellaneous organizations
BOX II:A34 1964-1965
Mississippi, 1965
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, 1965
Moynihan, Daniel P., report, 1965
“N” miscellaneous
BOX II:A35 1965
NAACP, 1962-1965
National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, 1962
National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials, 1962-1965
National Budget and Consultation Committee, 1962-1963
BOX II:A36 National campaign, 1959-1962
National Conference on Poverty in the Southwest, 1964
National Conference on Social Welfare, 1961-1962
National Association of Social Workers, Executive Committee, 1962
National Capital Housing Authority, 1962-1964
National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, 1963
National Council of Negro Women, 1965
National Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1965
National Council of the Churches of Christ, 1965
National Council on the Aging, 1964
National Education Association of the United States, 1965
National Housing Conference, 1964
National League for Nursing, 1965
National Medical Association, Seventh National Conference Hospital Integration, 1963
BOX II:A37 National Safety Council, 1965
National Skills Bank, 1963
National Social Welfare Assembly
General, 1961-1965
Ad Hoc Committee, 1961
Administrative Committee, 1962
Committee on Personnel, 1961-1962
Committee on Social Issues and Policies and subcommittee, 1962
Executives of affiliate organizations
Intergroup relations, 1961-1962
Members, Conference of Executives, 1960-1962
Quota and Support Committee, 1961-1962
BOX II:A38 Survey of employment, 1961-1962
Uniform accounting project, 1963
National training laboratories, 1962
Nation Urban League
Board of trustees, biographical data, 1965
Guild, 1961-1965
History Committee, 1965-1966
Marshall Plan, 1963
Meeting with the vice president, 1962
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