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Part II: A. Administration Department File, 1953-1966 (continued)
Affiliates File, 1957-1966 (continued)
Lancaster, Pa., 1965
Lansing, Mich., 1964-1966
Little Rock, Ark., 1961-1965
BOX II:A71 Los Angeles, Calif., 1961-1965
Louisville, Ky, 1961-1965
Marion, Ind., 1961-1965
Massillon, Ohio, 1961-1965
Memphis, Tenn., 1961-1965
Miami, Fla.
BOX II:A72 1965
Milwaukee, Wis., 1960-1965
Minneapolis, Minn., 1961-1965
Morristown, N.J., 1961-1965
Muskegon, Mich.
BOX II:A73 1962-1965
Newark (Essex County), N.J., 1961-1965
New Brunswick, N.J., 1961-1965
New Haven, Conn., 1965
New Orleans, La.
BOX II:A74 1964-1965
New York, N.Y.
BOX II:A75 1965
Oklahoma City, Okla.
BOX II:A76 1962-1965
Omaha, Nebr., 1961-1965
Peoria (Tri-County), Ill., 1965
Philadelphia, Pa., 1961-1965
Phoenix, Ariz.
BOX II:A77 1965
Pittsburgh, Pa., 1961-1965
Pontiac, Mich., 1961-1965
Portland, Oreg., 1961-1965
Providence, R.I.
BOX II:A78 1965
Racine, Wis., 1964
Richmond, Va., 1961-1965
Rochester, N.Y., 1965
St. Louis, Mo., 1961-1965
St. Paul, Minn., 1961-1965
San Diego, Calif., 1961-1965
BOX II:A79 San Francisco (Bay Area), Calif., 1961-1965
Seattle, Wash., 1961-1965
South Bend, Ind., 1961-1965
BOX II:A80 Springfield, Ill., 1961-1965
Springfield, Mass., 1961-1965
Springfield, Ohio, 1961-1965
Syracuse (Onondaga County), N.Y., 1965
Tampa, Fla., 1961-1965
Tulsa, Okla., 1961-1965
Warren, Ohio, 1961-1965
BOX II:A81 Washington, D.C., 1961-1965
Westchester County, N.Y., 1961-1965
BOX II:A82 Wichita, Kans., 1961-1965
Winston-Salem, N.C., 1961-1965
BOX II:A83-A85 Lester B. Granger Papers, 1960
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, itineraries, and printed matter documenting Granger's activities during his last full year as executive director.
Arranged alphabetically by topic, type of material, or name of person, organization, program, or event and therein chronologically.
BOX II:A83 Correspondence
“A-W” miscellaneous and unidentified
Action, Inc.
Africa trip
American Heritage Foundation
Committee affiliation requests
Committee sponsorship requests
Community Guidance Service
Council Against Communist Aggression
Guest appearances requested
BOX II:A84 Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.
Heller Graduate School, Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass.
International Conference of Social Work
“Manhattan and Beyond”
Miscellaneous committee assignments
National Health and Welfare Retirement Association
New York School of Social Work
Opinion Institute recording
References and recommendations
BOX II:A85 July-Dec.
Rockefeller, Nelson
Saint Paul's College, Lawrenceville, Va.
Speaking engagements, not accepted
Standard Security Life Insurance Co.
State University of New York
United States Department of Labor, Federal Advisory Council
Valparaiso Institute on Human Relations, Valparaiso, Ind.
BOX II:A86-A92 Whitney M. Young Papers, 1961-1965
Correspondence, writings, invitations, programs, background material, publicity material, and writings, largely concerning Young's speaking engagements and columns.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and alphabetically therein by name of organization, institution, or event and therein chronologically.
BOX II:A86 Correspondence
“A-Y” miscellaneous and unidentified, 1962-1965
Guest appearances and invitations, 1961-1964
BOX II:A87 References and recommendations, 1961-1962
Requests for copies of speeches, 1964-1965
Speaking engagements
All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington, D.C., 1964
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 1964
Amalgamated Clothing Workers, 1964
American Public Health Association, 1964
American Civil Liberties Union, 1964
American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1963-1964
American Retail Federation, 1963-1964
American Society of Newspaper Editors, 1964
American Textbook Publishers, 1964
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, New England Regional Office, 1963-1964
Aspen, Colo., 1964
Association for Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1964-1965
Atlanta Urban League, Equal Opportunity Day Speaker, Atlanta, Ga., 1964
“The Big Smoker,” 1964
Board of Christian Education (Presbyterian), 1964
Boston Conference on Religion and Race, Boston, Mass., 1964
Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass., National Women's Committee, 1964
Chamber of Commerce, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1964
Child Study Association, 1964-1965
BOX II:A88 Christ Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1964
Columbia University, New York, N.Y., executive plan, 1964
Conference of Art Teachers, 1964
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