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BOX II:E1-E62 Part II: E. Public Relations File, 1956-1967
BOX II:E1-E28 General Department File, 1958-1967
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, proposals, surveys, studies, lists, manuals, schedules, calendars, speeches and statements, scripts, transcripts, news releases, publicity material, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by topic, type of material, or name of person, organization, program, or event.
BOX II:E1 “A” miscellaneous
Abboud, El Ferik Ibrahim
Activities reports, 1960-1964
Addams, Jane, Hall of Fame, 1967
Addressograph-Multigraph Co.
Adoption and foster care report, 1959
Advertising Council proposal, 1964
Altamont Conference, 1963
Altamont Staff Conference, 1961
AFL-CIO, 1961-1963
“A Morning for Jimmy,” 1963
American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa, 1962-1963
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1964-1965
Annual report
Comments, 1964
Printing, 1963
Answers to questions submitted by Dayton Daily News, 1964
Apter, David, 1963
BOX II:E2 Assessment project, 1963
“B” miscellaneous
Baker Associates, Inc.
Booker, Simeon, 1961-1962
Boy Scouts of America, 1962-1963
Breezy Point Beach, 1962-1963
“C” miscellaneous, 1961-1964
Cabinet meeting, 1961-1963
Center for Information on America, 1963
Changing Times Reprint Service, 1963
“Charm by Choice”
Correspondence, 1962-1963
Financial budget
Press conferences, 1964
Proposal for Ebony cover
BOX II:E3 Promotion
Chicago Urban League news releases, 1963
Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IV, National Urban League statements
Correspondence, 1964
BOX II:E4 Civil Rights Information Service, 1964
Columbia Broadcasting System
General, 1962-1963
“An Ordinary Man,” 1963
Columbia Broadcasting System
“The Twentieth Century,” 1963
Columbia University Press, 1963
Commerce and Industry Council
Financial project, 1961
Leaflet, 1962
Community Action Assembly
Background papers
Correspondence and memoranda, 1964-1965
Control lists, 1964
BOX II:E5 Publicity
Speeches, 1964
Summary reports
Transcripts of proceedings, 1964
Completed printing projects
Guild manual
Journal reprint “Being a Negro”
“Meeting the Challenge of Our Times”
Omaha, Nebr., secretarial project, 1964
“Opportunities in Our Cities”
Overlap hanger
Religious resources speech, 1963
“Social and Economic Status of the Negro in the United States,” 1962
Talent Bank, U.S.A.
Terms of affiliation
“Urban League Means Equal Opportunity”
“What's Ahead?”
BOX II:E6 Who's Who in the Urban League
Condolence, 1962-1963
Conference for Urban League Executives, 1964
Conference on Education in a Changing Society, 1965
Conference Sites Committee
Confidential report on the Negro market, 1962
Congress of Racial Equality, 1963
Crawford and Associates, 1963
Current printing projects
Affiliate organizational manual
Business Week / News Week on the National Skills Bank, 1964
Day care leaflet
Equal Opportunity Day Banquet, advance notice
“Industry's Most Underdeveloped Resource,” 1963
Johnson, John H., speech, 1964
Recruitment leaflet, 1962
“Speaking of People,” 1958-1963
Stationery: Corporate Support Committee
“A Tale of Two Cities,” 1963-1964
Task force report on job development and employment
“D” miscellaneous
Daniel & Bush Associates, Inc., 1963
Day, William F., 1965
BOX II:E7 Department records, 1961-1962
Domestic Marshall Plan, 1964
Board negotiations, 1962-1963
Drier-Kellor gift, 1964
“E” miscellaneous
Edison, Thomas Alva, Foundation, 1961-1963
Education and youth projects
Correspondence, 1960-1963
Emancipation Centennial, 1962-1963
Employment of Negro actors
Equal Opportunity Day
BOX II:E8 1963-1964
Evans, Herbert B., 1962-1963
“F” miscellaneous, 1961-1963
Field visits, 1963
College admissions, 1963
Petty cash vouchers, 1961-1965
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