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Part II: E. Public Relations File, 1956-1967 (continued)
General Department File, 1958-1967 (continued)
“Birthright” radio program proposal and script
Census reports, 1961-1962
Columbus, Ohio, Tomorrow's Scientists and Technicians magazine story
Delacorte Graphics Institute, 1962
Mobile unit for National Urban League, 1961
Non-Partisan Voter Education-Registration Project
National missions, 1964
Professional participation, Arthur Brandel
Suggested and pending
Television program, “Social Dynamite”
Board manual, 1961
Christmas boycott
Community Action Assembly
Film by Sherwood Ross
“The Story of Greenburgh School District 8, N.Y.,” 1964
Proposed printing project
Newsclip biweekly sheet, 1964
“On the Aged Negro,” 1964
“Poverty Re-Examined,” 1964
Secretarial Training Project
“They Made It,” 1962
“The Urban League Fights Poverty,” 1964
Youth incentives literature, 1962
BOX II:E22 Prospectus, 1963-1964
Poverty, statistical study, 1964
Public Affairs Committee, 1962-1963
Cooperation in pamphlets, 1964
Pamphlets, 1962-1963
Public Relations Advisory Committee, 1961-1963
Public Relations program for local leagues, 1964
Public Service Films, Inc., 1964
Quarterly reports, 1961-1964
“R” miscellaneous, 1961-1963
Radio programs
Correspondence, 1965
Lists of stations, 1965
Radio and television planning, 1962
Randolph, Robert L., 1965
Regional plan
BOX II:E23 Requests
Information, 1960-1963
Literature, 1962-1963
Research proposals
Ross, Sherwood, 1964-1965
“S” miscellaneous, 1961-1964
Sample congratulatory messages
Schuyler, George S., 1962-1963
Secretarial recruiting
Secretarial Training Project
Correspondence and memoranda, 1963-1964
Clippings and scrapbook material
News releases and press memoranda, 1963-1964
Reports, 1963-1964
Write-up submitted to PR News
Semiannual report, 1964
BOX II:E24 Seminar for Public Relations Professionals
General, 1963-1964
Questionnaires, 1964
Miscellany, 1963
Seminar on integration, 1963-1964
“Slums and Suburbs,” 1961
Southern Regional Council Office, 1962-1965
(2 folders)
BOX II:E25 South-Wide Advisory Committee, 1964
Staff meetings, 1962-1963
Staupers, Mabel, luncheon
Correspondence, 1963
Steeger, Henry, 1961-1963
“T” miscellaneous, 1961-1964
Taconic Foundation proposals, 1959-1963
“Tale of Two Cities” filmstrip, 1964
Tanneyhill, Ann, 1964-1965
Tarrytown retreat, N.Y., 1964
BOX II:E26 “To Be Equal,” 1964
Tomorrow's Scientists and Technicians, 1958-1963
“U” miscellaneous, 1961-1962
Unesco, 1961-1963
Unions, 1963
United Community Funds and Councils of America, 1962-1963
United Fund, Mich., 1962-1963
United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census, 1961-1965
United States Department of Labor, 1961-1963
United States Department of Labor, conference with Urban League affiliate directors, 1962
United States Department of Health, Education & Welfare
General, 1962-1963
Conference with Urban League, 1962
BOX II:E27 United States State Department, correspondence, 1961-1962
United States Exhibit Committee, 1962-1963
United States National Commission for Unesco, 1965
Urban League
Attacks, 1963-1965
Pending manual, 1961
“Urban League Means Equal Opportunity,” 1964
Urban League Youth Committee, 1964
“V” miscellaneous, 1961-1964
Vacation schedules
Voter registration, 1962
Visual aids, “Tel-Ops,” 1963
“W” miscellaneous, 1961-1963
War on Poverty Workshop, 1964
Washington Office, 1962
Washington Bureau, 1962-1964
BOX II:E28 Washington Conference for Urban League Executives, 1962
(3 folders)
Weekly calendar, 1962-1966
Western Electric Conference on Equal Employment, plan, 1963
Western Regional Office, 1962-1965
Williams, Delores, 1963-1965
World's Fair exhibit, National Association of Social Workers, 1962-1963
“X-Y” miscellaneous, 1962-1963
(2 folders)
Young, Whitney, television and radio appearances, 1963-1965
“Z” miscellaneous, 1963-1965
BOX II:E29-E35 Press Releases, 1960-1967
Press releases and related material.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX II:E29 1960-1963, Jan.
BOX II:E30 1963, Feb.-Oct.
BOX II:E31 1963, Nov.-1964, Apr. 11
BOX II:E32 1964, Apr. 13-May
BOX II:E33 1964, June-Sept.
BOX II:E34 1964, Oct.-Dec. 11
BOX II:E35 1964, Dec. 11-1967, May 9
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