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Part II: E. Public Relations File, 1956-1967 (continued)
BOX II:E36-E49 Speeches, Articles, and Interviews, 1956-1966
Drafts and final copies of speeches, transcripts of interviews, and drafts and print copies of articles, columns, and other writings.
Arranged as speeches, articles, and interviews, then alphabetically by name of individual, and therein chronologically.
BOX II:E36 Speeches
Allen, Alexander Joseph
“The Crisis Is Racial”
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1958, Oct. 23
Special Subcommittee on Labor, 1962, Jan. 18
Committee on Intergroup Relations of the National Social Welfare Assembly, 1962, May 26-27
Emancipation Proclamation, one-hundredth anniversary, 1963, Mar. 26
John Brown Memorial Association, 1963, May 26
Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1963, June 24
Alves, Paget L., Jr.
Webster Council of Human Rights, 1964, May 5
“Housing Needs of Negroes,” 1964, Dec. 9
“Atomic Implications of Human Relations at Oak Ridge,” 1965, Mar. 31
Babbidge, Homer D. Jr., American Council on Education, Forty-sixth Annual Meeting
Baldwin, William H., Public Relations Society of America, New York chapter, 1963, Mar. 26
Banner, Warren M., Philadelphia Bar Association, Philadelphia, Pa., 1962, May 7
Beavers, George A., Urban League Workshop, Los Angeles, Calif., 1963, July 31
Berry, Edwin C.
National Council on the Aged, 1964, Feb. 13
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 1964, May 28
Block, Joseph L., Equal Opportunity Day dinner, New York, N.Y., 1965, Nov. 18
Brimmer, Andrew F., deputy under assistant secretary of commerce, 1963, Nov. 13
Brooke, Edward W., National Conference of the Urban League, 1963, July 28
Brown, Raymond R.
Annual meeting of McGuffey Center, Inc., 1965, Jan. 13
Ohio Municipal Intergroup Relations Conference, 1965, Apr. 27
Carter, Lisle C., Jr., National Urban League Conference, 1963, July 28
Celebrezze, Anthony J., 1964, Nov. 10
Chalmers, W. Ellison
“Random Observations on Possible Programs Involving Universities and Negro Southern Institutions, Drawn from Interviews with Administrators and Faculty in some Negro Colleges,” 1964, Mar. 30
Chapin, Arthur A.
National Conference of the Urban League, 1964, Aug. 5
Regional Conference, Jack & Jill, Inc., 1963, Oct. 19
Cohen, Henry, “Planning Strategy for Urban Resource Development in Urban Regions,” National Conference Social Welfare, 1965, May 24
Cohen, Wilber J., “Trends and Issues in Social Welfare,” 1961, Mar. 22
Cutlip, Professor Scott M., “Public Relations and the Social Conscience,” Public Relations Institute, N.Y., 1964, June 8
Diggs, Charles C., House of Diggs radio program script
Dodson, Dan W., 1964, Apr. 8
Dampson, James R.
National Urban League Health and Welfare Workshop, 1964, Mar. 19
Dedication of cottages, Greer School, 1964, Oct. 13
Eppert, R., United Community Funds and Councils of America, 1964, Feb. 4
Erikson, Erik, Women in America Conferences, 1963, Sept. 27-28
Finley, Otis F.
General Subcommittee on Labor, House Labor Committee, 1961, June 29
House Committee on Labor and Education, 1961, Nov. 4
Statement at Eighth Annual Conference, National Association of Personnel Workers, 1962, Feb. 20
Education and Youth Incentives Task Force, 1962, Sept.
BOX II:E37 House Committee on Labor and Education, Hearings on H.R. 3000, National Educational Improvement Act of 1963, 1963, Apr. 2
Challenge of the Dropout, New Horizons in Education in the Sixties, 1963, Apr. 26
Emancipation Centennial Observance, Yeshiva University, New York, N.Y., 1963, Apr. 28
Equality of Opportunity in Private Education, 1963, June 24
Malverne, N.Y., school board, 1963, Aug. 8
Illinois Governor's Conference on Youth, 1964, May 15
Career Conference, YWCA, 1964, June 6
“Health and Human Rights,” 1965, Apr. 30
Fox, James F., Massachusetts Federation of Business and Professional Women Annual Conference, 1963, May 25
Foy, Fred, Biennial National Conference, United Community Funds and Councils of America, 1962, Mar. 14
Freeman, Andrew G.
“The Future Is Yours,” 1962, June 21
“New Horizons in Social Planning,” 1962, June
Friedman, Murray, reprinted from Atlantic Monthly, 1963
Granger, Lester B.
Annual Conference, National Urban League, 1961, Sept. 4
“The Story Thus Far,” 1961, Oct. 8
“Toward the Elimination of Poverty in the United States,” 1964, Apr. 19
Griffin, Robert P., House of Representatives, 1965, Feb. 4
Hayes, John S., “United for What?” United Community Funds and Councils of America, 1964, Feb. 5
Hodges, Luther H., secretary of commerce, Equal Opportunity Day dinner, 1963, Nov. 19
Hoffman, Moe, “Civil Rights Struggle,” 1963, Nov. 18
Holland, Jerome H., “A Look Ahead,” 1961, Sept. 7
Holmes, Adolph, “The Role of the Communicator in Equal Employment Opportunities,” 1964, Nov. 12
Humphrey, Hubert H., Plans for Progress Conference, 1965, Jan. 26
Isaac, Sol Morton, National Conference on Social Work, 1965, May 23
Jackson, Hobart C., Conference of the National Urban League, 1964, Aug. 4
Jackson, Nelson C.
Board-Staff Institute, Southern Field Division, National Urban League, 1961, Mar. 22
“Integrated Aspects of Health, Education, and Housing,” 1961, Apr. 24
Roundtable, National Organization for Better Schools, 1962, Apr. 26
“Impact of Urbanization on Child Welfare Programs,” 1963, Apr. 27
General session, National Conference of Urban League, 1963, Aug. 29
“Civil Rights, the Challenge to Social Work,” 1964, Mar. 18
Annual meeting, Boston Urban League, 1964, Apr. 10
National Conference on Social Welfare, 1964, May 27
University of Massachusetts, 1965, Feb. 13
“Notes on Social Revolution,” 1965, Apr.
Jenkins, Howard, Jr., annual meeting observing Equal Opportunity Day, 1963, Nov. 18
Johnson, Cernoria D.
Statement to subcommittee on involuntary relocation of the elderly, 1962, Oct. 22
Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act, 1963, Apr. 30
BOX II:E38 Johnson, John H.
Advertising Age Workshop, 1964, Sept.
Equal Opportunity Day dinner, 1964, Nov. 17
National Urban League board of trustees meeting, 1964, Feb. 20
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Equal Opportunity Day, 1962, Nov. 19
Remarks, Community Action Assembly, 1964, Dec. 10
Excerpts from State of the Union address, 1964, Jan. 8
Johnson, Reginald A.
Senate Committee on Public Health, 1960, Jan. 27
White House Conference on Children and Youth, 1960, Mar. 29
“Making Democracy Work in Housing,” 1960, Sept. 19
Thirteenth Annual Human Relations Institute, 1961, Feb. 22
“Some Next Necessary Steps Towards First Class Citizenship,” 1962, May 15
“Problems and Trends in Housing,” 1963, July 31
National Association of Puerto Rican Civil Rights, Inc., 1965, Mar. 5
Jones, Jeweldean
Western Regional Health and Welfare Workshop, 1964, May 22
National Conference of Social Welfare Workshop, 1964, May 22
Urban League luncheon, National Conference on Social Welfare, “The Social Revolution and Health and Welfare” 1964, May 26
Health and welfare, 1964, Dec. 19
Keppel, Francis
American Association of School Administrators, 1964, Feb. 15
Community Action Assembly, 1964, Dec. 10
“Equal Opportunity in Education-New Perspectives and Recommendations,” 1963, Jan. 24
Kimball, Lindsley F., Equal Opportunity Day dinner, 1965, Nov. 18
King, Ruth Allen, New York State Department of Commerce, 1964, Dec. 11
Kirk, Grayson, 1964, Apr. 9
Kravitz, Sanford L., “America's Youth and Their Problems,” 1962, Sept. 1
Kruse, Arthur H., “New Directions in Public Relations,” United Community Funds and Councils of America, 1964, Feb. 4.
Law, H. B., annual meeting, Chicago Urban League, Chicago, Ill., 1964, Mar. 5
Lear, Walter J., National Conference of the Urban League, 1964, Aug. 4
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