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Part II: F. Annual Conference File, 1951-1967 (continued)
Correspondence, 1960-1965 (continued)
Office operations
Opening session
BOX II:F17 Opening session greetings
Pet Milk Co.
Plenary session
Preliminary program
Press Office
Press publicity
Press, radio, and television
Program ideas
Program Recommendations Committee
Program sessions, program coordinator
Public relations consultation session, registration forms
Public relations workshop
Public relations workshop session replies
Quarter Century Club
Religious resources session
Reporting services
Resolutions Committee
BOX II:F18 Saturday Film Festival
Southern Advisory Committee dinner
Southern Bell Telephone Co.
Special Government meeting
Staff councils
Community Organization and Housing Council
Council of Executive Directors
Thank-you notes
Travel, Miami Beach, Fla.
Workshop, fund-raising
Youth community sessions
BOX II:F19-F20 Speeches, 1961-1965
Distribution copies and drafts of speeches.
Arranged chronologically.
II:F19 1961, C-Y
1962, B-Y
1963, F-Y
1964, A-K
BOX II:F20 1964, L-Y
1965, A-Y
BOX II:F21 Reports, 1961-1965
Conference and program reports.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX II:F22-F25 Financial Records, 1961-1965
Budgets, income and expense reports, deposit certificates, bills, and receipts.
Arranged chronologically by conference year and therein alphabetically by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX II:F22 1961
Bills paid
Income and expenses
Reports of receipts
Winters National Bank and Trust Co.
BOX II:F23 Henderson Travel Service
Bank deposit duplicate sheets
BOX II:F24 Bills
Conference book sales bills
Reports, hotel and bank
Bills, Miami Beach, Fla.
Bills, Chase Manhattan Bank
Bills, material
BOX II:F25 Bills
BOX II:F26-F30 Transcripts of Proceedings, 1961-1965
Typed transcripts of proceedings.
Arranged chronologically by conference year.
BOX II:F26 1961, Annual Conference, Dayton, Ohio
Sept. 5-7
BOX II:F27 Sept. 5-7
BOX II:F28 1963, Annual Conference, Los Angeles, Calif., July 28-Aug. 2
1964, Annual Conference, Louisville, Ky., Aug. 5-6
Conway, Jack, and Willard Wirtz
BOX II:F29 1965, Annual Conference, Miami, Fla.
Aug. 2-4
BOX II:F30 Aug. 2-4
BOX II:F31-F37 Miscellany, 1951-1967
Correspondence, memoranda, resolutions, guidelines, manuals, bylaws, forms, kits, lists, programs, schedules, publicity material, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX II:F31 Aids, guides, and instructions, 1954-1963
Articles, publications, and statements, 1961-1964
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1964
Bulletins, daily
Bulletins, “How To,” 1945-1959
Bylaws, certificate of incorporation, terms of affiliation, 1960-1964
Conference forms
BOX II:F32 1964-1967
Conference with Ann Tanneyhill, 1965
Consultants, 1965
Delegate member credentials, 1955
Humphrey, Hubert H., visit to conference, 1965
Key leadership in Miami, 1965
Kits, 1961-1962
Labor luncheon, 1965
BOX II:F33 Lists, 1956-1965
BOX II:F34 1963-1965, undated
Newsletters, 1963
Publicity, 1965
BOX II:F35 Quarter Century Club, 1961-1963
Recommendations for resolutions, 1962-1965
Reports of planning conferences, 1964
BOX II:F36 Schedules and programs, 1961-1965
BOX II:F37 Service awards, 1954-1962
Summaries of housing sessions, 1964
Staff workshop materials, 1957
Tally sheets from conference questionnaires, 1960-1961
“Today” samples, 1951-1962
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