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Part I: A. Administration Department, 1911-1964 (continued)
BOX I:A138-A141 Special Projects File, 1957-1960
Correspondence, memoranda, report lists, notations, and printed matter. Organized in a Church and Community Relations Project File and Taconic Foundation Project File.
The first file is arranged alphabetically by city, with miscellany at the end, and the second by subject or name of person and therein chronologically.
BOX I:A138 Church and Community Relations Project file, 1957-1958
Akron, Ohio
Baltimore, Md.
Boston, Mass.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Detroit, Mich.
Gary, Ind.
Kansas City, Mo.
Memphis, Tenn.
Minneapolis, Minn.
New Jersey
New Orleans, La.
New York, N.Y.
New York state
Omaha, Nebr.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Providence, R.I.
St. Louis, Mo.
Seattle, Wash.
Washington, D.C.
Localities, general
Luncheon, Ralph W. Sockman
BOX I:A139 Taconic Foundation Project file, 1958-1960
Appointment letters, 1959
Board Committee, 1958-1959
Budget, 1958-1960
Currier, Stephen, 1959
Negro press
General, 1959-1960
(2 folders)
Local urban leagues, 1959-1960
List, 1959
National Newspaper Publishers Association meeting (Aug. 28, 1959)
BOX I:A140 Plan of cooperation, 1959
Publisher, 1959-1960
New York Times, supplement
General, 1960
Insertion fees, 1960
Orders, 1960
Reprints, 1960
Thank-you letters
Subcommittee on Newspaper Project, 1959
BOX I:A141 Photography project
Correspondence, general, 1959-1960
Board of judges, 1959
Miscellaneous outlines and statements
News releases
Screening jury
Pre-conference sessions
Proposals for project
Special Projects Committee
Summary of committee discussions and agreements
BOX I:A142-A151 Personnel File, 1911-1960
Correspondence, applications, and employee records.
Organized in five categories; four are arranged alphabetically by name of person and the fifth chronologically.
BOX I:A142 Former fellows, 1911-1958
"A-W" miscellaneous
(15 folders)
BOX I:A143 Fellowship applicants, 1954-1958
"A-W" miscellaneous
(17 folders)
Golden anniversary survey of fellows, 1960
"A-G" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX I:A144 "H-W" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Employment inquiries, 1948-1958
(7 folders)
BOX I:A145 Employee records
Allen-Brooks, L.
(16 folders)
BOX I:A146 Brooks, M.-DeWitt
(25 folders)
BOX I:A147 Dowall-Harris
(21 folders)
BOX I:A148 Hills-Lacy
(25 folders)
BOX I:A149 Lee-Parker
(21 folders)
BOX I:A150 Parris-Turner
(27 folders)
BOX I:A151 Valentine-Yearwood
(20 folders)
Miscellaneous employee appraisals, 1947-1949
BOX I:A152-A175 Lester B. Granger Papers, 1935-1961
Correspondence and memoranda; typescripts of speeches, articles, and other writings; speech notes; and printed matter.
Organized in Personal Correspondence arranged chronologically; Special Correspondence (evidently culled from the files of various league offices) arranged alphabetically by name of person; a Speech Article, and Book File arranged by type of material; and Miscellany.
BOX I:A152 Personal correspondence
(5 folders)
BOX I:A153 1948-1952
(7 folders)
BOX I:A154 Special correspondence
American Arbitration Society, 1947
American Association of Social Workers, New York chapter, 1947-1948
(2 folders)
Amsterdam News, 1951
Americana Annual, "American Negroes," 1949
Common Ground, "Racial Democracy, the Navy Way," 1946-1947
Community, "Number One Social Problem," 1945
Crisis, "Does the Negro Want Integration?" 1951
Newspaper statements, 1946
Miscellaneous, 1942-1959
BOX I:A155 Committee affiliates
General, 1951
Joint Committee on Social Reconstruction, 1951
National Citizens Commission for the Public Schools, 1951
(2 folders)
Randolph, A. Philip, White House Committee, 1951
Dartmouth College, Dartmouth, N.H., degree, 1946
Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va., 1951
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