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Part II: G. General Miscellany File, 1959-1968 (continued)
Urban League directory, 1962
Vacations, “A-Y,” 1964
BOX II:G13 Cancelled checks
1959-1960, Oct.
BOX II:G14 1960, Nov.-Dec.
BOX II:G15 1961, Feb.-Dec.
BOX II:G16 1962, Feb.-June
BOX II:G17 1962, July-Dec.
BOX II:G18 Receipts
BOX II:G19 July-Dec.
BOX II:G20 1961, Jan.-Dec.
BOX II:G21 1962, Jan.-Feb.
BOX II:H1-H56 Part II: H. Printed Matter, 1956-1966
BOX II:H1-H15 Affiliates, 1960-1966
Printed matter including annual reports, newsletters, program pamphlets, meeting and conference programs, studies, and manuals.
Arranged alphabetically by name of affiliate or regional office and therein chronologically.
BOX II:H1 Akron, Ohio, 1960-1965
Anderson, Ind., 1962-1964
Atlanta, Ga., 1961-1965
Baltimore, Md., 1961-1964
Bay Area, San Francisco, Calif., 1964-1965
Bergen County, N.J., 1965-1966
Boston, Mass., 1963
Buffalo, N.Y., 1960-1963
Chicago, Ill.
BOX II:H2 1960-1965
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1960-1965
Cleveland, Ohio, 1963-1965
Columbus, Ohio, 1961-1965
Colorado, 1962-1963
Dayton, Ohio, 1962-1965
Detroit, Mich.
BOX II:H3 1960-1966
Elkhart, Ind., 1964-1965
Englewood, N.J., 1960-1965
Essex County, N.J., 1960-1965
Flint, Mich., 1961-1966
BOX II:H4 Fort Wayne, Ind., 1961-1966
Gary, Ind., 1960-1965
Grand Rapids, Mich., 1963
Hartford, Conn., undated
Jacksonville, Fla., 1961-1964
Kansas City, Mo., 1961-1964
Little Rock, Ark., 1961-1964
BOX II:H5 Los Angeles, Calif., 1960-1965
BOX II:H6 Louisville, Ky., 1964
Marion, Ind., 1962-1965
Massillon, Ohio, 1961-1962
Miami, Fla., 1962-1964
Milwaukee, Wis.
BOX II:H7 1962-1964
Minneapolis, Minn., 1960-1966
Morris County, N.J.
BOX II:H8 1960-1963
Muskegon, Mich., 1960-1965
New Haven, Conn., undated
New Orleans, La., 1960-1965
New York, N.Y.
BOX II:H9 1961-1966
BOX II:H10 1961-1966
Oklahoma City, Okla., 1960-1964
Omaha, Nebr.
BOX II:H11 1960-1965
Onondaga County, N.Y., undated
Philadelphia, Pa., 1962-1966
Phoenix, Ariz., 1961-1962
Pittsburgh, Pa., 1961-1965
BOX II:H12 Pontiac, Mich., 1961-1964
Portland, Oreg., 1960-1965
Rhode Island, 1960-1964
Richmond, Va., 1961-1964
St. Louis, Mo., 1960-1966
St. Paul, Minn., 1960-1965
BOX II:H13 San Diego, Calif., 1963-1964
Seattle, Wash., 1962-1965
South Bend, Ind., 1960-1965
Southern Regional Office, 1960-1965
Springfield, Ill., 1960-1965
Springfield, Mass., 1961-1963
BOX II:H14 Tampa, Fla., 1961-1964
Tulsa, Okla., 1961-1965
Warren, Ohio, 1960-1965
Washington, D.C., 1960-1965
Westchester, N.Y., 1961-1965
BOX II:H15 Wichita, Kans., 1960-1965
Winston-Salem, N.C., 1960-1964
BOX II:H15-H23 National Office, 1960-1966
Printed matter including annual reports, department publications, program pamphlets and reports, conference material, programs, manuals, and reprints of speeches, articles, and statements.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX II:H15 1960-1961
BOX II:H16 1961-1962
BOX II:H17 1962
BOX II:H18 1962-1963
BOX II:H19 1963
BOX II:H20 1963-1964
BOX II:H21 1964-1965
BOX II:H22 1965-1966, undated
BOX II:H23 Undated
BOX II:H24-H56 Non-Urban League, 1956-1966
Printed matter including reports, studies, and other reference material, newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, and brochures, much of it relating to the National Heath Survey. A large news clipping file documenting league activities is filed at the end of the subseries.
Arranged as National Health Survey Project and various publications and therein either alphabetically by type of material or topic or chronologically.
BOX II:H24 National Health Survey Project
BOX II:H25 Reference material
Area planning for hospitals
Civil Service Commission reports
Governor's Commission on Provident Hospital
Northwest Hospital Study Committee
United States Civil Rights Commission
BOX II:H26 Southern Regional Council
Stokes County, N.C.
Studies in California, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania
BOX II:H27 Miscellaneous
BOX II:H28 Miscellaneous
BOX II:H29 Miscellaneous
BOX II:H30-56 Various publications, as well as a large news clipping file about League activities, 1956-1966
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