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Part III: Community Development Department, 1947-1979 (continued)
BOX III:72-83 Housing Division, 1947-1977
Research reports, project records, correspondence, and memoranda related to minority housing and transportation issues. Also included are records of urban renewal demonstration projects in several affiliate cities and topical reports produced 1947-1954.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or project title and therein chronologically.
BOX III:72 Development Foundation, National Urban League, 1972-1973, undated
Eastern Region Conference, Hartford, Conn., 1973, undated
Ford model housing demonstration
Correspondence, 1971-1974
(2 folders)
BOX III:73 Evaluation, 1972-1974, undated
(2 folders)
General, 1971-1973, undated
Housing abandonment
Correspondence, 1969-1971
General, 1970-1971, undated
National survey, 1970-1971
(2 folders)
Housing statistics, 1960-1964, undated
Housing and Urban Development Task Force, team no. 4, 1973
BOX III:74 Land use research, 1972-1973, undated
Market analysis, 1948
Miscellany, 1947-1954, 1964-1973, undated
(2 folders)
Mortgage activity, 1952-1954, 1967-1973, undated
New towns
Correspondence, 1971-1977, undated
(2 folders)
General, 1971-1973
BOX III:75 Operation Breakthrough, 1970, undated
Operation Equality
Budget, 1965-1973, undated
Correspondence, 1967-1972, undated
(3 folders)
Reports, 1969, undated
Poverty, 1964-1965, undated
1957-1958, 1964, 1971-1973, undated
BOX III:76 Undated
Restrictive covenant, 1948-1953, 1960, undated
Savings and loan associations, 1952-1955, undated
Technical assistance
Housing grants, 1969-1973, undated
(2 folders)
Summary returns, 1970-1971
Terminal Conference, Atlanta, Ga., 1973
Transit marketing, 1971-1972
BOX III:77 Transportation Department
Airport impact study, 1971, undated
(2 folders)
Equal employment opportunity awareness program, 1971
General, 1970-1972
(2 folders)
Proposals not acted on, 1971
Relocation Assistance Advisory Services, 1973, undated
BOX III:78 State relocation study
Budget, 1971-1973
Contracts, 1971-1973, undated
Correspondence, 1971-1973
Internal memoranda, 1971-1973
Monthly reports, 1972-1973
(2 folders)
Special reports
15 May-15 Sept. 1972
BOX III:79 21 Sept. 1972-20 Feb. 1973, undated
Transportation survey returns, 1972
Urban renewal demonstration project
Atlanta, Ga., 1971-1973, undated
(3 folders)
Colorado Springs, Colo., 1970-1971, undated
Jan. 1963-July 1971
BOX III:80 Aug. 1971-June 1973, undated
(4 folders)
Memphis, Tenn., 1970-1973, undated
(2 folders)
BOX III:81 Oklahoma City, Okla., 1971-1973, undated
(2 folders)
San Francisco, Calif., 1971-1973, undated
(3 folders)
Westchester County, N.Y.
Mar. 1971-Apr. 1972
BOX III:82 May 1972-May 1973, undated
Affiliate population city profiles, undated
Budget, 1971-1973, undated
Citizen participation, 1972-1973, undated
Consultant contract guide forms, 1971-1972, undated
Consultant's contract, 1972-1973, undated
Financial report, letter of agreement, 1972, undated
Housing and Urban Development, Department of
Contract, 1971
Grant application, 1971
BOX III:83 Instructions, 1971-1973, undated
Miscellany, 1970-1973, undated
(2 folders)
Quarterly reports, 1971-1973, undated
Report, 1971, undated
Research correspondence, 1972-1973
Research and decision making, 1972, undated
(2 folders)
BOX III:84-108 Minority Aged Services Training Institute, 1963-1978
Correspondence, memoranda, proposals, reports, manuals, directories, and publications pertaining to advocacy and care programs for minority elderly, as well as the files of Barbara A. Cowan, MASTI director.
Arranged alphabetically by name of individual, topic, or title of publication or project and therein chronologically.
BOX III:84 "Action Strategies: Developing Minority Elderly Institutions Through Aging Programs," undated
Administration on Aging
Correspondence, 1974-1978, undated
(3 folders)
General, 1975-1978, undated
"List of Area Agencies on Aging," 1974
Adoption, 1972-1977, undated
Advisory Committee
Ad Hoc Subcommittee, 1977
General, 1976-1978, undated
BOX III:85 Meetings, 1976-1978
(6 folders)
Advocacy in support of minority aged program
Chicago, Ill.
Mar. 1971-Mar. 1973
BOX III:86 Apr. 1973-Jan. 1975, undated
(2 folders)
Columbia, S.C., 1972-1973, undated
General, 1972-1974, undated
San Diego, Calif., 1972-1974, undated
(2 folders)
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