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Archibald MacLeish papers, 1907-1981

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Literary File, 1919-1978 (continued)
"TV Commercial"
"A Talk With Laurens Hammond"
"Three Riddles With One Answer"
"The Thrush in the Gaelic Islands"
"To the Tune of Walsingham"
"Two Poems From the War"
"Two Women Talking"
"Voyage to the Moon"
BOX 35 "Voyage West"
"What Killed the Bullfinch House on Beacon Hill"
"White-Haired Girl"
"Years Ago"
"You, Andrew Marvell"
"The Young Dead Soldiers"
Printed copies
"About a Trespass on a Monument," New York Times, 7 Dec. 1958
"The Age of Adolescence," Boston Globe, 19 Dec. 1973
"The Alternative," Yale Review, June 1955
"The American Writers and the New World," Yale Review, Sept. 1941
"April Elegy," Atlantic Monthly, June 1945
"Archibald MacLeish Answers Fifteen Vital Questions," Look, 14 July 1942
"The Art of the Good Neighbor," Nation, 10 Feb. 1940
"ASCAP and the Arts," undated
"The Beginning of Things," undated
"Books in Wartime," New York Times, 6 Dec. 1942
"The Conquest of America," Atlantic Monthly, Aug. 1949
"The Cranbrook Show," undated
"Declaration of Faith," 1940
"Evangelism in Verse," undated
"Football Piece," undated
For an exhibition of photographs by Therese Bonney, 15 Nov. 1940
Book on Stephen Vincent Benét, 1978
Collection of prose pieces, 1977
"Age of Change," edited by Robert Wernick
The Estate of Poetry by Edwin Muir
BOX 36 Fortress of Freedom by Lucy Salamanca
Immediate Sun by Rosemary Thomas
Catalog of an exhibition by An American Group, Inc., Jan. 1943
Catalog of the Stanley Family Exhibition, Feb. 1944
"The Golden Calf," undated
"The Humanities and the Defense of the Republic," undated
"The Inevitable War," undated
"Instructions of the Librarian of Congress," 1 Oct. 1944
Interventions for The Play of Herod, 1969
Byron Price at the Library of Congress, [May 1945?]
Book of children's stories by Muna Lee
Cultural Relations by Muna Lee
Eloges and Other Poems by Saint-John Perse
The Last Men of the Revolution by Elias B. Hillard, edited by Wendell D. Garret
Our Singing Country by Alan and John Lomax
The Year of Peril by Thomas Hart Benton, Mar. 1942
"Is Mr. Lincoln Dead?" undated
Jefferson (Thomas) Bicentennial, 1943
(3 folders)
"The Knowable and the Known," undated
"Library of Congress Employee Relations Program," Personnel Administration, May 1943
"Lilienthal's Atomic Energy," undated
"Looking Jefferson in the Eye," New York Times, 17 June 1973
"Memorials Are for Remembrance," Architectural Forum, Sept. 1944
"Mr. Nixon and the American Dream," undated
BOX 37 "The Next Harvard," Atlantic Monthly, May 1941
"A Note on Alexis Saint-Léger Léger," Poetry, Mar. 1942
"Notes on a Manifesto on Racial Equality," 12 Sept. 1944
"Notes on the Teaching of Writing," undated
"Now Let Us Address the Main Question: Bicentennial of What?" New York Times, 3 July 1976
On The Irresponsibles
On Walter Lippmann, 1977
"One American," undated
"The Poems of Emily Dickinson," undated
"Post-War Writers and Pre-War Readers," New Republic, 10 June 1940
"The Premise of Meaning," American Scholar, Summer 1972
"Rediscovering the Simple Life," McCall's, Apr. 1972
"Reflections on the Occasion of Mr. MacLeish's Return From Persia," 1926
"Return From the Excursion," undated
Out of the People by J. B. Priestly
Pastoral by Robert Hillyer
"The Ramparts We Watch"
"Riders on Earth Together, Brothers in Eternal Cold," New York Times, 25 Dec. 1968
"Santayana, the Poet," undated
"Silencing the Times," New York Times, 18 June 1971
"South America III: Chile," undated
"South America IV: The Argentine," undated
"Sweet Land of Liberty," Collier's, 8 July 1955
"The Swing Right," Civil Liberties, Feb. 1969
"The Teacher's Faith," undated
"The Third Anniversary," undated
"A Time Without a Mirror"
"To Face the Real Crisis: Man Himself," undated
"Topsails and Conestogas," undated
"Tribute to John Hall Wheelock," 26 Nov. 1978
"The Venetian Grave," Saturday Review, 9 Feb. 1974
"Victory Without Peace," Saturday Review, 9 Feb. 1946
"We Have Purpose, We All Know It," Life, 30 May 1960 See also Container 45, "The National Purpose," June 1960
"We've Been Pretending That We Didn't Know It's Just One World," San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Apr. 1945
"What Is 'English'?," undated
"Who Killed Cockrobin?," undated
BOX 38 "The Women's War," Junior League Magazine, Sept. 1942
"Words Are Not Enough," Nation, 13 Mar. 1943
"The Worn at Heart," undated
"Yankee Skipper," Yale Review, June 1949
(2 folders)
Printed copies, 1934-1974, undated
(3 folders)
Screenplays and scripts
"The Eleanor Roosevelt Story," motion picture, 1965
Manuscript drafts
BOX 39 "It Can't Last"
"John Keats"
"Magie Prison," 1967
Manuscript and typescript drafts
Morgan, Arthur, film project
"Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honors," telecast
"The Star-Spangled Banner," recordings script for the Smithsonian Institution, 15 Feb. 1968
"This Is Your Enemy," introduction
War Loan Drive script for Orson Welles, June 1944
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