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Archibald MacLeish papers, 1907-1981

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BOX 39-50 Speeches and Lectures File, 1939-1978
Handwritten and typewritten drafts, correspondence, trial lines, printed copies, notes and worksheets, outlines, proofs, and miscellaneous items relating to classroom lectures, interviews, and radio and television broadcasts.
Arranged by type of material and chronologically therein, except for the classroom lectures, which are arranged alphabetically by course title.
BOX 39 Classroom lectures
180, An Approach to Poetry
283, Forms and Conditions of Modern Poetry
(1 folder)
BOX 40 (1 folder)
130, An Approach to Poetry
(4 folders)
BOX 41 (1 folder)
130a, An Approach to Poetry
Chinese poetry lectures
John Keats lectures
BOX 42 Ezra Pound lectures
Rainer Maria Rilke lectures
William Butler Yeats lectures
Unidentified lectures and notes
5 Jan., Johannes Steele broadcast
17 Jan.,"March of Time" broadcast
1952, 10 Nov., recorded interview
1960, Jan., Hall, Donald, "An Interview With Archibald MacLeish," Horizon
1972, Mott, Ben de, interview for Paris Review
1974, Oct., Heyen, William, and Anthony Piccione, "A Music That Means: A Conversation With Archibald MacLeish," edited by Philip L. Gerber at Brockport Writers' Forum
1975, Kressler, David J., interview for Ph.D.
1976, 7 Mar., "A Conversation With Archibald MacLeish," Public Broadcasting System, Bill Moyers' Journal"
1944, 31 May, Walgren lecture, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
1947, 11 June, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H., outline for course on "Great Issues"
1952, July, Nashville, Tenn., on the teaching of poetry
1958, Oct., "Poetry and Journalism," Seymour lecture, Minneapolis, Minn.
BOX 43 1967, 1 Nov., "The Teacher and the Lively Arts," Education Council for School Research and Development
Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, Mass., seminar on the writer's art
"The Language of Poetry," paper prepared for the Columbia Conference on "The Unity of Knowledge"
"Human Values in the World Today" Mount Holyoke College, Holyoke, Mass.
"Poetry and the Anti-World"
"Poetry and the Arable World"
Radio and television broadcasts
1939, 26 Dec., Broadcast address on Johann Gutenberg
16 Apr., Introductory remarks for CBS program of folk music from the Library of Congress
4 May, "America Was Promises," CBS broadcast See also Container 33, America Was Promises
24 Nov., "Art and Our Warring World," NBC broadcast
1941, 13 Dec., "The Bill of Rights Now," Metropolitan Opera Program
14 Feb., "This Is War"
1 Mar., "Propaganda: Good and Bad," NBC Broadcast
14 Mar., Remarks on NBC, "Inter-American University of the Air"
13 June, Closed circuit broadcast on gasoline and rubber shortages
13 Sept., Intermission remarks on "CBS Summer Symphony"
May-June, Proposals for NBC, "Inter-American University of the Air"
21 Aug., "For This We Fight," NBC broadcast
25 Dec., "The Meaning of Peace," Metropolitan Opera Program
25 July, "It Is What We Are," Edwin C. Hill radio program
2 Dec., Remarks on the Metropolitan Opera Program
Feb.-Aug., "Our Foreign Policy," NBC broadcast
BOX 44 11-25
(2 folders)
May-Aug., Armed Forces Radio Service programs
(2 folders)
16 June, "Report From San Francisco," NBC broadcast
16 Dec., "Can We Educate for World Peace?" WGN-Mutual broadcast
Eulogy for Paul Valery, [1945?]
1946, 25 Sept., Remarks on UNESCO, NBC broadcast
1951, 30 Nov., Intermission remarks on Bernal Diaz's The True History of the Conquest of New Spain
BOX 45 1960, 30 May, "The National Purpose," WBC broadcast, See also Container 37, "We Have Purpose, We All Know It," Life
1962, 2 Aug., "The Dialogues of Archibald MacLeish and Mark Van Doren," CBS telecast
1976, 4 July, On the American Revolution
12 Oct., "The American Experience," dedication of the Hispanic Room in the Library of Congress
19 Oct., "Libraries in the Contemporary Crisis," Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa.
19 Nov., Remarks at the laying of the cornerstone of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y.
"The Freedom to End Freedom," Survey Associates
Jan., "The Obligation of Libraries in a Democracy," District of Columbia Library Association
22 Feb., "The Librarian: His Name and Nature," Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.
9 Apr., "Writers and Scholars," American Philosophical Society
31 May, "The Librarian and the Democratic Process," American Library Association, Cincinnati, Ohio
May, Dedication of Columbus mural in the Hispanic Room of the Library of Congress
10 Sept., International Student Service, International House, New York, N.Y.
13 Oct., New York and Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities, Brooklyn, N.Y. See Container 24, The American Cause
23 Oct., Forum of the New York Herald Tribune See Container 24, The American Cause
19 Nov., "The Duty of Freedom," Printing House Craftsmen
12 Feb., "Lincoln in This Day," Canadian Club, Ottawa, Canada
3 Apr., "New Land: New World," Common Council for American Unity
7 June, "To the Class of '41," Commencement address, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y.
11 June, "Prophets of Doom," Commencement address, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn.
BOX 46 16 June, Commencement address, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass.
19 June, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
10 Sept., Message to P.E.N. Club, London, England
10 Sept., U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children
20 Nov., Council for Democracy, Boston, Mass.
2 Dec., "A Superstition Is Destroyed," dinner in honor of Edward R. Murrow
15 Dec., Dedication of Thomas Jefferson Room in the Library of Congress
11 Feb., Urban League
13 Mar., Acceptance of death mask of Lord Lothian for the Library of Congress
19 Mar., Freedom House, New York, N.Y., address
14 Apr., Russian War Relief luncheon, New York
17 Apr., American Society of Newspaper Editors, New York, N.Y.
20 Apr., "The Psychological Front," Associated Press, New York, N.Y.
6 May, American Booksellers Association, New York, N.Y.
11 May, "What Government Asks of Broadcasters," National Association of Broadcasters, Cleveland, Ohio
May, "The Image of Victory," Commencement address, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.
17 June, National Retail Dry Goods Association, Chicago, Ill.
26 June, "Toward an Intellectual Offensive," American Library Association, Milwaukee, Wisc.
BOX 47 30 July, "American Opinion and the War," Cambridge University, Cambridge, England
15 Oct., Pour La Victorie dinner, New York, N.Y.
22 Oct., Boston Book Fair, Boston, Mass.
4 Dec., New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Boston, Mass.
10 Dec., Dinner in honor of George W. Norris
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