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BOX 80-86 Printed Matter, 1938-1985
Reports, monographs, conference proceedings, charts, graphs, publications, bylaws, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by name of organization, with separate categories for institutes, laboratories, and conference proceedings and reports.
BOX 80 Organizations and agencies
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1961-1968
(3 folders)
Associated Universities
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, N.Y., 1948-1972
General, 1966-1971
“A-B” miscellaneous See also Oversize
(2 folders)
Club of Rome, 1970
BOX 81 Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1963-1985
Council on Foreign Relations, 1939-1968
(2 folders)
“C” miscellaneous
Defense Department, 1956-1960
“D” miscellaneous
European Council for Nuclear Research, 1953-1984
“E” miscellaneous
Institute of Radio Engineers, 1945
International Atomic Energy Agency, 1963, undated
Itek Corp.
BOX 82 1964-1969
National Academy of Sciences, 1947-1967
(4 folders)
Navy Department, 1946-1962, undated
(4 folders)
“N” miscellaneous
BOX 83 Office of Scientific Research and Development, 1945
Office of the White House Press Secretary, 1962
Sanders Associates, Inc., 1967, undated
State Department, 1946-1965
(2 folders)
United Nations, International Cooperation Year, 1965
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel 1962-1975, undated
White House, President's Report on Science and Technology, 1971
BOX 84 “W” miscellaneous
Institutes for advanced study
“C-I” miscellaneous
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1966-1978
Research laboratories
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, Md., 1938-1939
Joint Services Electronics Program, undated
“S-W” miscellaneous
Conference proceedings and reports
“A-C” miscellaneous
(3 folders)
“M” miscellaneous
BOX 85 National Education Association, Educational Policies Commission, 1966-1968
(3 folders)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1966-1978
“N” miscellaneous
“S” miscellaneous
United Nations
Application of Science and Technology, 1962
Atomic Energy Commission, 1946-1947
(3 folders)
Third International Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, 1964
(1 folder)
BOX 86 (1 folder)
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1952
“U” miscellaneous
White House Conference on International Cooperation, 1965
BOX 86-99 Miscellany, 1899-1988
Agendas, articles, lectures, biographical material, bibliographies, writings, and correspondence by Rabi's wife and others, financial material, notes, photographs, poems, and Nobel Prize material.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 86 Abstracts, 1932-1968, undated
Agenda of meetings, 1940-1986, undated
Articles by others
General, 1945-1984, undated
“A-R” miscellaneous
(4 folders)
Sakharov, Andrei D., 1968
Snow, Charles P., 1956
BOX 87 “S-Z” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Special subjects, 1935-1987, undated
Arms and disarmament
(2 folders)
Judaism and science
Science and technology
(2 folders)
Unidentified, 1947, 1966-1968, undated
Atomic Energy Commission, 1974
BOX 88 Awards and honors
1926-1987, undated
(3 folders)
Bibliographies, 1927-1965
Biographical items
Others, 1920-1986, undated
“A” miscellaneous
Bohr, Niels, 1945-1985, undated
(2 folders)
“B” miscellaneous
Condon, Edward U., 1945-1969 See also Container 2, same heading
“C-D” miscellaneous
Einstein, Albert, 1920-1965, undated See also Container 3, same heading
“E” miscellaneous
Fermi, Enrico, 1939-1966 See also Container 3, same heading
BOX 89 “F” miscellaneous
Grundfest, Harry, 1953-1954
“G-N” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1943-1979, undated See also Container 6, same heading
(3 folders)
“O-R” miscellaneous
Stern, Otto, 1969, undated
“S” miscellaneous
Teller, Edward, 1954-67, undated
“T-Z” miscellaneous
Articles about
General, 1945-1988, undated See also Oversize
(2 folders)
Compton Lectures, 1962
BOX 90 General, 1955-1977, undated
Book reviews, 1961-1988, undated
Drawings and photo captions, 1951-1986, undated
General, 1917-1981, undated
Introductions and tributes, 1967-1977, undated
Memorials and obituaries, 1988, undated
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