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Margaret Sanger papers, 1900-1966

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BOX 247-256 REEL 142-145 Printed Matter, 1915-1953
Leaflets, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, brochures, and other printed matter separated from the collection during microfilming.
Arrangement of this material corresponds to the general arrangement of the collection. Headings and subheadings duplicate those used in the collection as a whole. The microfilm edition frequently repoduces only the cover page of a printed item.
BOX 247 REEL 142 Foreign file
BOX 248 REEL 142 China
(2 folders)
(2 folders)
Great Britain
(1 folder)
BOX 249
REEL 142-143
(7 folders)
BOX 250
REEL 143
(1 folder)
(5 folders)
BOX 251 (1 folder)
Japan, The Kaizo, 1922
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
Puerto Rico
BOX 252 REEL 143-144 Sweden
(2 folders)
(2 folders)
Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau
(3 folders)
BOX 253 REEL 144 Pamphlets
(2 folders)
National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control
(3 folders)
Roman Catholic opposition
Magazines and newspaper clippings
BOX 254 REEL 144-145 Pamphlets
Margaret Sanger Research Bureau
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
News Exchange
Around the World News of Population and Birth Control
(2 folders)
6th International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference, 1925
BOX 255 REEL 145 Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood, Nov. 1952
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Planned Parenthood, Aug. 1953
Speeches and writings
Besant, Annie, The Law of Population (1884)
Bradford, Gardner, “If I Were Baby Dictator of the United States,” Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, Feb. 26, 1933
Bromley, Dorothy Dunbar, “This Question of Birth Control,” Harper's Magazine, 1929
Fairchild, Henry Pratt
“The Facts about Birth Control,” New Republic, Oct. 16, 1929
“Population and War”
“Gandhi and Mrs. Sanger Debate Birth Control,” Asia, Nov. 1936
Gilman, Mildred, “Margaret Sanger, Birth Control, and World Peace,” The Humanist, 1953
Knowlton, Charles, Fruits of Philosophy, circa 1937-1939
Owen, Robert Dale, Moral Physiology (1881)
Silver, Ann, “A Two Year Birth Moratorium,” Weekly Review, Sept. 4, 1931
“The Story of Margaret Sanger,” The World Tomorrow, July 1929
Unitymagazine article, Mar. 4, 1935
BOX 256 1930-1958, undated
(6 folders)
BOX OV 1-OV 59not filmed Card File (Oversize), circa 1929-circa 1940
Index cards maintained by the Committee on Public Progress and the National Committee on the Federal Legislation for Birth Control.
The National Committee on the Federal Legislation for Birth Control cards are arranged alphabetically by state and therein by city and town, except for one group of cards arranged alphabetically by name, and another arranged by occupation and therein by name and city.
BOX OV 1not filmed Committee on Public Progress
Cancelled memberships
Two requests to join Reserve Corps
BOX OV 2 Three requests to join Reserve Corps
BOX OV 3 Resignations
National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control
Foreign file
BOX OV 4 Geographical file
Alaska-Arizona, Lowell
BOX OV 5 Arizona, Mesa-California, Alhambra
BOX OV 6 California, Altadena-Los Angeles (“A-C”)
BOX OV 7 California, Los Angeles (“D-C”)-Connecticut, New Canaan
BOX OV 8 Connecticut, New Haven-District of Columbia (“A-Hi”)
BOX OV 9 District of Columbia (“Ho-Z”)-Florida, Kissimmee
BOX OV 10 Florida, Lake City-Idaho, Boise (“A-McLean”)
BOX OV 11 Idaho, Boise (“McLeod-Z”)-Illinois, Chicago (“A-Ross”)
BOX OV 12 Illinois, Chicago (“Roth-Z”)-Indiana, Danville
BOX OV 13 Indiana, East Chicago-Zionsville
BOX OV 14 Iowa-Kentucky, Bowling Green
BOX OV 15 Kentucky, Cadiz-Maine, Prout’s Neck
BOX OV 16 Maine, Redding-Massachusetts, Boston
BOX OV 17 Massachusetts, Braintree-Weston
BOX OV 18 Massachusetts, West Roxbury-Michigan, Grand Rapids (“A-Grace”)
BOX OV 19 Michigan, Grand Rapids (“Graves-Z”)-Minnesota, Marcy
BOX OV 20 Minnesota, Minneapolis-Missouri, Joplin
BOX OV 21 Missouri, Kahoka-Nebraska, Kimball
BOX OV 22 Nebraska, Leigh-New Jersey, Emerson
BOX OV 23 New Jersey, Englewood-Newark
BOX OV 24 New Jersey, New Brunswick-Wyoming
BOX OV 25 New Mexico-New York, Croton-on-Hudson
BOX OV 26 New York, Dansville-Mount Vernon
BOX OV 27 New York, Nanuet-Rye
BOX OV 28 New York, St. Albans-Yorktown Heights
BOX OV 29 New York, Brooklyn (“A-L”)
BOX OV 30 New York, Brooklyn (“M-W”)
BOX OV 31 New York, New York (“A-C”)
BOX OV 32 New York, New York (“D-G”)
BOX OV 33 New York, New York (“H-L”)
BOX OV 34 New York, New York (“M-S”)
BOX OV 35 New York, New York (“T-W”)-Staten Island
BOX OV 36 North Carolina
BOX OV 37 North Dakota-Ohio, Cincinnati
BOX OV 38 Ohio, Columbus-Oregon, Oregon City
BOX OV 39 Oregon, Pendleton-Pennsylvania, Fullerton
BOX OV 40 Pennsylvania, Gaston-Pitcairn
BOX OV 41 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh-Rhode Island
BOX OV 42 South Carolina-Tennessee, Nashville (“A-Q”)
BOX OV 43 Tennessee, Nashville (“R-W”)-Texas, Sweetwater
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