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Professional File, 1914-1965 (continued)
Foreign File. (continued)
Poland, 1929-1938, undated
Puerto Rico
BOX 30 REEL 19-20 1934-1942
Rumania, 1930-1932
Santo Domingo, 1931
Scotland, 1927-1937
Siam, 1929-1938
South Africa, 1934-1938
South America, 1921-1939
(2 folders)
Spain, 1928-1934
Sweden, 1921-1941
(3 folders)
BOX 31 REEL 20 1929-1939
Syria, 1934
Turkey, 1929-1934
USSR, 1924-1937, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 31-42 REEL 20-28 American Birth Control League.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 31 REEL 20 Access to files
Birth Control Review
1920-1935, undated
(6 folders)
BOX 32 REEL 21 Index
(2 card file boxes)
BOX 33 REEL 22 Bureau of Social Hygiene, 1925-1926
Bylaws and constitution
California birth control leagues
“Centers for Contraceptive Advice in the United States,” Nov. 1934
Directory of clinics
General correspondence
(2 folders)
Creighton, Helen D. (Mrs. John T.)
Fagan, Bess (Mrs. William B.)
Fairchild, Henry Pratt
BOX 34 REEL 22-23 Fen-Gal
(2 folders)
Gamble, Clarence J., 1934-1936
(5 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX 35 REEL 23 Grah-Ham
(3 folders)
Hanau, Stella
Hanaue-Harris, Helen M.
Harris, John W.-Jef
(5 folders)
BOX 36 REEL 24 Jel-Jones, Eleanor Dwight (Mrs. F. Robertson)
Jones, Horace L.-Keene
(2 folders)
Keeney, Nancy B. (Mrs. Morton), 1933-1936
(2 folders)
Kel-Kennedy, Anne
Kennedy, Anne (Mrs. Cochran)-Klee
BOX 37 REEL 24-25 Klei-Mars
(4 folders)
Mart-National Book Co.
National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, Nov. 1929-Mar. 1935
(2 folders)
BOX 38 REEL 25 National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, Apr. 1935-Dec. 1936
National Committee on Maternal Health
National Council-New
New York- New York Times
New York University-Norton, Marion S. (Mrs. Paul R. C.)
Norton, Roy-Oreg
(3 folders)
BOX 39 REEL 26 Pil-Ste
(7 folders)
Stu-Thompson, Edna
Thompson, Josephine-Tim
BOX 40 REEL 26-27 Tis-Will
(2 folders)
Wils-Woman's Center
Woman's Digest-Woodb
Woodm-Young Circle League of America
Young Men's Christian Association-Z
Medical statement
Miscellany, 1925-1938, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 41 REEL 27 New York State Conference on Marriage and the Family
New York state legislation, 1923-1930
(3 folders)
“Plan for a Program Study for the Birth Control Movement,” 32
Press record
Proposed merger of American Birth Control League with Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau
Congressional, 1925-1926
(2 folders)
Field work
John Price Jones Corp.
BOX 42 REEL 28 Minutes of board of directors' meetings
Benson, Marguerite
Grew, Elizabeth
Matsner, Eric M.
Meves, Everett R.
Whitenack, Janet B.
Wood, Mabel Travis
Resignation of Margaret Sanger
Social work committees
Standards and instructions for organizing a birth control clinic
Town Hall, New York, N.Y., raid, Nov. 13, 1921
BOX 43-61 REEL 28-40 Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 43 REEL 28 Advisory council, 1928-1933
(5 folders)
Articles of association
Board of managers
Board of trustees
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