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Charles Eames and Ray Eames papers, 1850-1989

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Part II: Projects File, 1885-1989 (continued)
BOX II:166 Mathematical films with Raymond M. Redheffer, 1972-1976 See also Container II:103, Newton's Method
(4 folders)
Film information sheets
Timing charts and photograph of music recording session See also Oversize
University of California, Los Angeles, Calif., student papers, 1973
"Men of Modern Mathematics" timeline poster, 1967-1968, 1977-1979 See also Oversize
Metropolitan Overview film, 1974-1975
(5 folders)
BOX II:167 Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Mo., 1978
National Education Association, Learning About Learning Educational Foundation, script and storyboard, undated
National Fisheries Center and Aquarium exhibit, Washington, D.C.
Drawings and notes, 1966-1968, undated
Mollusc, 1971-1972, undated
National Fisheries Center and Aquarium, 1967-1970, undated
A Small Hydromedusan, Polyorchis Haplus, 1970, undated
Miscellany, 1966-1971, undated
Printed matter and clippings, 1921, 1966-1972, undated
Nehru: His Life and His India exhibit
Brochures, 1965 See also Oversize
Correspondence, 1964-1966
(4 folders)
Exhibit categories and miscellaneous design elements, 1964-1965
BOX II:168 Floor plans
London, England, venue, 1965
New York, N.Y., venue, 1963-1964
Mailings and shipments, 1964-1965, undated
(3 folders)
Meeting and budget notes, 1964
Notes, 1963-1965
(3 folders)
Coin, 1964
Lists, undated
Openings, 1965-1966
Correspondence, lists, and notes, 1964-1965
Prints, 1964-1965 See also Oversize
(2 folders)
BOX II:169 Publicity, 1964-1966 See also Oversize
(2 folders)
Research, 1964
Travel to India
Ephemera, 1958-1965
(2 folders)
Fabric samples, undated
Itineraries and addresses, 1957-1958, 1964-1965
Receipts, 1964-1965
New York World's Fair, New York, N.Y.
Correspondence and related material, 1960-1965, undated See also Oversize
(4 folders)
BOX II:170 Drawings, plans, and color samples
General, 1961-1966, undated See also Oversize
(3 folders)
Theater and projection plans for the Century 21 Exposition, Seattle, Wash., and the IBM pavilion, New York, N.Y., used for comparison, 1961-1962 See Oversize
Eero Saarinen and Associates, design review report, 1962
"Fairs, Exhibits, Pavilions, and Their Audiences," by Robert S. Weiss and Serge Boutourline, 1962
IBM at the Fair, 1965-1969, undated
Presentation films, 1961-1963, undated
Puppet shows
Information sheets and credits, 1965-1970, undated
The Cast of Characters, undated
Computer Day at Midvale, also notes and drawings, 1963-1964, undated
Sherlock Holmes, 1963
BOX II:171 Think
Credits, 1963-1964, undated
Flyer, circa 1964-1965
Lists of people to preview film, 1964, undated
Miscellaneous notes, undated
Photographic material returned, 1964-1967, undated
1964 version, 1963-1964
1965 revisions, 1964-1965
View from the People Wall, 1966-1969, undated
IBM Pavilion booklet
Early draft, 1963-1964, undated
Printed copy, 1964
Landscaping, 1960-1965, undated
General, 1963-1965, undated
IBM Pavilion, circa 1964-1965
BOX II:172 Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1962-1965 See also Oversize
(3 folders)
Notes, 1962-1965, undated
Photographs, 1962-1964, undated
IBM information managers' kit, 1963
Miscellany, 1963, undated
Packet of press clippings, 1963
Research, 1960-1964, undated
BOX II:173 Uniforms designed by Ray Eames, 1963, undated
(2 folders)
Olio film, 1965
Omnibus, CBS television series, notes and storyline for a program on the Eameses' work, 1955-1956
Pairs card game
Box design, undated See also Oversize
Correspondence, 1968-1973
Draft instructions, undated
Lists and notes, 1968-1970
(3 folders)
Miscellany, 1969-1971
Mock-ups, undated
Photograph contact sheets, 1969-1970, 1977 See also Oversize
(3 folders)
BOX II:174 Parade film, circa 1952-1953, 1969-1970
(2 folders)
Photography and the City exhibit, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Image of the City film
Credits, 1969-1972
Exhibit material photographed for film, 1968
General, 1968-1970
Music, sound, and timing, 1968-1969
Notes and drawings, 1968-1969
Photographs and negatives, 1968
Research and sources, 1964-1968
(2 folders)
Script, 1968-1969
(2 folders)
BOX II:175 (1 folder)
Storyboards with notes, 1968-1969
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