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Charles Eames and Ray Eames papers, 1850-1989

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Part I: Research and Production File, 1949-1988 (continued)
Administrative and planning file
Audiovisual equipment, 1968-1969
Budgets, cost estimates, and work schedules, 1967-1970, undated
Computer hardware requirements, 1967-1969, undated
Drawings, 1967, undated
General correspondence, 1964-1970, undated
(2 folders)
Meeting, Vail, Colo., 1969
General, 1966-1969, undated See also Oversize
"Notion writing," 1966, undated
On philosophy and goals, 1962-1969, undated
BOX I:147 Outlines of exhibit areas, 1966-1969, undated
Proposal film
Notes, 1967, undated
Scripts, 1967
(2 folders)
Proposal for a pavilion of arts and sciences, 1964
Report, circa 1970
Space planning
Floor plans, 1968, undated
Square footage requirements, 1966-1967, undated
"Computer Concepts" exhibit area
"Decision and Strategy"
Strategy games, 1961-1970, undated
(2 folders)
Value lever machine, 1967-1969, undated See also Oversize
(2 folders)
"General Information Devices," push-again device, 1964-1969, undated
BOX I:148 "Logic and Memory"
Binary counter, 1968-1970, undated
(2 folders)
Fluid computer fountain, 1962-1971, undated
(3 folders)
General notes and information, 1961-1969, undated
Logic device, propositional calculus, 1969
Pulse machine, 1967, undated
Reaction time demonstration, undated
"Machines That Learn"
General notes and information, 1962-1970, undated
Learning game experience, 1967-1969, undated
Pattern recognition, 1963-1969, undated
(2 folders)
Shannon, Claude, Shannon's mouse, 1969, undated
"Man or Machine"
General notes and information, 1959-1968
Minsky machine, 1969-1970
BOX I:149 Turing, A. M., machine, 1955-1969, undated
"Problem Structuring"
Animated storyboard flow chart, 1968-1969, undated See also Oversize
General notes and information, 1967-1969, undated
Language blocks, 1967-1970, undated See also Oversize
(4 folders)
Zoo sort, 1969, undated See also Oversize
"Tools of Design"
General notes and information, undated
Linear programming, 1969, undated
Optical bench, 1965-1969, undated
Simulation demonstration, 1969, undated
Transparent computer demonstration, 1968-1969
BOX I:150 Introduction area and court
Changing exhibits, 1965-1969, undated
Games, 1966-1970, undated
General notes and information, 1965-1969, undated
Hologram and laser demonstration, 1967-1970, undated
Newsreels, 1968, undated
Responsive directory, 1968-1969, undated
Uses of computer power, 1966-1969, undated
Library and information center, 1956-1969, undated
Miscellaneous research
Aerial images, undated
Anecdotes, 1967-1969, undated
Executives Computer Concepts Course, IBM Education Center, San Jose, Calif., 1965-1969, undated
Graphics and animation, 1969, undated
Library and research computer use, 1967-1969, undated
Museum theory, 1966-1970, undated
Photocopies of early cartoons re computers, undated
BOX I:151 Peep shows, 1969-1970, undated
Puppet shows, 1968-1969, undated
(2 folders)
Telephone booth, 1968-1969
Visual presentation area, 1968-1969, undated
IBM Washington Presentation Center, Washington, D.C.
Budgets, work orders, and invoices, 1968-1969, undated
City planning computer demonstration, 1968, undated
Exhibit design, 1964-1968, undated
General correspondence, 1968-1972
Mathematical games reference file, 1968
(2 folders)
Notes, 1968, undated
Photographs, 1968, undated
BOX I:152 Invention and Innovation (proposed)
Artwork and plans by
Cole, Cornelius, undated
Eames, Charles, undated
Eames, Ray, undated
Howard, Jeff, undated
Jeakins, Dorothy, undated
Jenkins, Chris, undated
Unidentified, undated See also Oversize
Berenson, Bert, undated
Cohen, I. Bernard, 1977-1979
Funke, Alex, undated
Goodwin, Marcia, 1978-1979, undated See also Oversize
(3 folders)
International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), 1978-1979, undated
Inventions to be replicated, 1979, undated
Kuhn, Thomas, undated
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-1979
BOX I:153 Notes, 1976-1979, undated
(4 folders)
Project notebooks
Bibliography, 1979, undated
Film, 1978-1979, undated
Main source book, 1979, undated
(2 folders)
BOX I:154 (2 folders)
Sources and resources, 1978-1979
Timeline, 1979
Proposals and presentations
(4 folders)
BOX I:155 1977-1979
(7 folders)
Rieveschel, George, 1978-1979
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