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Music, 1930s-1960s (continued)
Original Compositions, 1930s-1960s (continued)
McCord's menagerie (continued)
Four photocopies of scores for TBB men's chorus (incomplete); 8 pages each
Note: Dedicated to the Harvard Glee club on its 100th anniversary
  • Vultur gryphus
  • Jerboa
  • Mole
  • Clam, or, Whose ooze
BOX-FOLDER 2/21 Measuring music
Holograph full score; 10 pages
BOX-FOLDER 2a/1 The Mesabi blues
Lyrics by Irving Fine and Papa Georgie Fine
Holograph score for unaccompanied voice; 2 pages
Note: "A Father's Day greeting to Papa Georgie - June 19, 1955, from Claudia, Emily, Joanna, Verna and Irving" written on cover
BOX-FOLDER 2a/20 Miscellaneous lyrics and sketches
Holograph; 14 leaves
Laid in: Envelope; song list (mostly from World War II); expense sheet
BOX-FOLDER 2a/21 Miscellaneous student music workbook
Holograph harmony and counterpoint exercises (bound); 26 pages
Note: "Irving G. Fine, Dunster J-35, Harvard College" written on cover
BOX-FOLDER 15/5 Music for piano, 1947
Ozalid holograph score for piano; 20 pages
  • Prelude
  • Waltz-Gavotte
  • Variations
  • Interlude and finale
BOX-FOLDER 2a/2 My name is Mussolini, 1942
Holograph piano-vocal score; manuscript lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 2a/4 O Traurigkeit
Holograph score for organ; 1 page
BOX-FOLDER 2a/5 Old concerto in manner of Stravinsky-Bach
Holograph sketches in pencil (fragile); 7 pages
Note: "Concerto - slow movt" written at top
BOX-FOLDER 2a/6 An old song
Three Ozalid holograph scores for chorus, one with annotations; 5 pages each
BOX-FOLDER 15/6 Orchestral preludes
Photocopy of holograph sketch/short score; 14 pages
BOX-FOLDER 2a/7 Romanza for wind quintet
Two Ozalid holograph scores; parts
Note: "To Verna," "Commissioned by the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation" written at top
BOX-FOLDER 2a/7 Romanza for wind quintet
Holograph sketches; 3 pages
BOX-FOLDER 2a/8 Serious song
Holograph sketch; 2 pages
Note: Early orchestral version
BOX-FOLDER 2a/9 Shepherd's song
Holograph sketches (fragile); 4 pages
BOX-FOLDER 2a/10 Sonata for cello
Holograph sketch score for cello and piano; 13 pages
Note: "Early 1939" on folder
BOX-FOLDER 2a/11 Sonata for violin and piano
Holograph sketch score for violin and piano; 16 pages
Note: "Early" on folder
BOX-FOLDER 2a/12 Song of the flowers
Ozalid manuscript piano-vocal score; 7 pages
BOX-FOLDER 2a/13 Springtime is ringtime
Holograph score for voice and piano (incomplete); holograph sketches; manuscript lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 2a/14 String quartet
Holograph sketch score; 40 pages
Note: "Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation and dedicated to the memory of Serge and Natalie Koussevitzky" written on title page
Digital content available
BOX-FOLDER 2a/14 String quartet
Holograph 12-tone row elaborations; 1 page
Laid in: Excerpts from manuscript score transparency; 3 pages
Digital image available
BOX-FOLDER 2a/14 String quartet, 1951 September - 1952 May
Ozalid holograph score; 52 pages
Digital content available
BOX-FOLDER 2a/15 Suite for brass instruments
Holograph full score (incomplete); 2 pages
BOX-FOLDER 15/7 Symphony 1962
Ozalid copyist full score with annotations; 32 pages
Note: "Print from original masters of Symphony (1962) with corrections for publication" written on cover of portfolio
BOX-FOLDER 15/7 Symphony 1962
Photocopy of holograph score; 28 pages
Note: Different version
BOX-FOLDER 2a/16 There'll come a day, 1942
Words by Michael Lynde
Holograph score for voice and piano with annotations; negative photocopy of holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 1/2 Three choruses from Alice in Wonderland, circa 1942
Two manuscript scores (transparency and Ozalid) for SATB chorus and piano; 21 pages each
  • Lobster quadrille
  • Lullaby of the duchess
  • Father William
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 Three choruses from Alice in Wonderland, 1953
Two holograph scores (transparency and Ozalid) for women's chorus and piano; 19 pages each
Note: "Composed for the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Bradford Junior College" written on cover of "Beautiful soup" and "The white knight's song"
  • The knave's letter
  • The white knight's song
  • Beautiful soup
BOX-FOLDER 2a/22-27, 15/8 Unidentified
Holograph sketches; 54 pages
BOX-FOLDER 2a/17 Waltz
Holograph score (incomplete); 1 page
BOX-FOLDER 2a/18 What is this warm feeling?, 1942
Words by Maynard Kaplan
Holograph piano-vocal score; holograph sketches; manuscript lyric sheet sketches
BOX-FOLDER 2a/19 When men of war roll ashore in Cambridge Town
Holograph sketches for voice and piano; 8 pages
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 The white knight's song, 1943
Negative photocopy of score for voice and piano; 3 pages
Note: From Three choruses from Alice in Wonderland
Sketchbooks, undated
Holograph sketches in bound volumes. Contents are identified wherever possible.
Arranged by assigned number.
BOX-FOLDER 4/1 Sketchbook no. 1
Contents: Miscellaneous pencil sketches
Laid in: Typed Old Testament verses and pencil sketches
BOX-FOLDER 4/2 Sketchbook no. 2
Carl Fischer Spiral Music Writing Book
Contents: Quartet sketches; text of Ben Jonson's "O know to end as to begin" (used by Fine in The Hour Glass); miscellaneous pencil sketches
BOX-FOLDER 4/3 Sketchbook no. 3
Schirmer's Wire Bound Music Writing Book
Contents: Florida sketches; miscellaneous pencil sketches with 6 pages laid in; "My Little Salamander"
BOX-FOLDER 4/4 Sketchbook no. 4
Carl Fischer Spiral Music Writing Book
Contents: Three pages of unidentified pencil sketches
BOX-FOLDER 4/5 Sketchbook no. 5
Pheasant Music Book
Contents: Sketches for woodwind partita and string quartet
Digital content available
BOX-FOLDER 4/6 Sketchbook no. 6
The Spiral Music
Contents: Harmony exercises in pencil with 31 pages laid in
BOX-FOLDER 4/7 Sketchbook no. 7
The Spiral Music
Contents: Unidentified pencil sketches
BOX-FOLDER 4/8 Sketchbook no. 8
Boston Music Co. Series of Manuscript Books
Contents: Unidentified pencil sketches
BOX-FOLDER 4/9 Sketchbook no. 9
Carl Fischer Spiral Music Writing Book
Contents: Orchestral piece; tone row and transformations
BOX-FOLDER 4/10 Sketchbook no. 10
Pheasant Music Book
Contents: Pencil sketches, mostly unidentified except for "Sad Sack at the U. S. O." and "Choral New Yorker"
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Sketchbook no. 11
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