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Aaron Copland collection, 1841-1991

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BOX 456 BOX 464-466 BOX 509 BOX 516 BOX 519-520 MAPCASE C-Drw 2/10-16 Art Works, 1944-1983
The Art Works section is divided into Of Aaron Copland, Other Works, Poetry, and Posters that include drawings, caricatures, and portraits of Aaron Copland and other artistic renderings which consist of special editions of illustrated poems by various artists in different mediums. The two most illustrious artists represented are a numbered print by Pablo Picasso and an engraved color print by Marc Chagall which was part of an invitation from the Prince and Princess of Monaco for a 1967 program to honor Nadia Boulanger.
Citations, Medals, etc. include certificates, proclamations, plaques, medals, keys to cities and, some cases, accompanying correspondence, programs, reviews and other printed material. Arranged alphabetically by the presenter's name.
BOX 456 BOX 464-465 BOX 509 BOX 516 BOX 519 Of Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 509/3 Albee, E. (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 519/1 Altman, N. (right and left handprints)
BOX-FOLDER 509/5 Boyce, John (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/7 Frueh, A. (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 516/2 Frubauf, Aune (woodcut)
BOX 465 Hirsch, Joseph (portrait)
BOX-FOLDER 516/3 Hoffnung, Gerard (caricature reproduced in journal)
BOX-FOLDER 516/4 Irene (sketch)
BOX 464 Johnson, J. R. (watercolor; collage)
BOX-FOLDER 456/2 Nando (caricature)
BOX-FOLDER 516/6 Oslundigo, E. R. (watercolor)
BOX-FOLDER 456/3 Perrin, Joyous (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/9 Re, F. (engraving, 2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 519/7 Ross, Alvin (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/12 Schiff, R. (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 456/5 Schiff, R. (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/2 Unidentified (caricature)
BOX-FOLDER 509/1 Unidentified (caricature with Charles Ives)
BOX-FOLDER 519/3 Unidentified (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 456/10 Unidentified (mounted newspaper photo of AC and Benny Goodman)
BOX-FOLDER 519/4 Unidentified (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 519/2 Unidentified (portrait)
BOX 456 BOX 466 BOX 509 BOX 516 BOX 519-520 MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/10, 16 Other works
BOX-FOLDER 516/1 Chagall, Marc (Print, included in a program honoring Nadia Boulanger)
BOX 466 Children (drawings)
BOX 464 Johnson, J. R. (painting)
BOX-FOLDER 509/6 Keahy, Ruth (watercolor, El Saloon Mexico)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/16 Picasso, Pablo (numbered print of bull and horse)
BOX-FOLDER 509/11 Ross, A. (etching)
BOX-FOLDER 509/10 Ross, A. (etching, one for each month)
BOX-FOLDER 456/8 Unidentified (18th century songbook)
BOX-FOLDER 516/5 Unidentified (Japanese fabric sculpture)
BOX-FOLDER 519/6 Unidentified (paper collage)
BOX 520 Unidentified (Tango folio)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/10 Unidentified (watercolor and floor plan of AC's house)
BOX-FOLDER 456/13 Wolf, R. Statements on art
BOX 456 BOX 509 BOX 520 Poetry
BOX-FOLDER 509/4 Ammons, A., Breaking Out
BOX-FOLDER 456/4 Price, R., The Dream of the House
BOX-FOLDER 509/13 Tate, A., All is Brilling
BOX 520 Unidentified, For Aaron Copland (5 poems)
BOX-FOLDER 456/1 Unidentified, Patrick County, Virginia
BOX 456 BOX 519 MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11-15 Posters
BOX 464 Albany Institute
BOX 464 American Symphony Orchestra
BOX 464 Australian concerts
BOX 464 Basilique-Cathédrale Sante-Reparate
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Bamberger Symphoniker
BOX-FOLDER 519/5 Barous, Terry (senior recital)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Beorgradska Filharmonija
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/14 Bologna concert
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Boston Symphony Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 456/9 Boston University concert
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Bowery Ensemble
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/13 Javier Cabada
BOX-FOLDER 456/11 Empire Sinfonietta
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/12 Harvest of Music Festival
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/13 Inscape
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Israel Philharmonic
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Jordan Hall, Boston
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/12 National Symphony Orchestra
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/12 New York State Council on the Arts
BOX-FOLDER 456/12 Ojai Festival
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/14 Parkening, Christopher
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/15 Russian concerts
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/13 Schiff, Richard J.
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Second hurricane
BOX-FOLDER 456/7 Smit, Leo (recital)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/14 Seymour Group, Australia
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Syracuse University concert
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/11 Tender land
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/14 Trieste Philharmonic (2 copies)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/14 Waldman, Paul
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/14 WFNL, U.S. Guys (Ives, Copland, Bernstein)
BOX 468-494 BOX 496-514 MAPCASE C-Drw 2/4-6 Photographs, 1889-1985
The Photographs series contain approximately 12,000 images and date from c. 1889-1985. The largest section is the portraits of Copland alone, both formal and informal, professional and amateur. Noteworthy subjects include many rarely-seen early portraits of Aaron Copland and the majority of the photographs reproduced in Copland's two volume autobiography, "Copland, 1900-1943" (Volume I) and "Copland Since 1943" (Volume II). Photographs from these books are identified with a Roman numeral I or II, designating the volume in which it was reproduced, followed by an Arabic numeral designating the page on which the photograph is found.
A large portion of the photo images were taken by Copland's life-long friend, the professional photographer, Victor Kraft (1915-76). Among the images produced by Victor Kraft are luminaries of the American music scene from the first half of the twentieth century, including Leonard Bernstein, Marc Blitzstein, Paul Bowles, David Diamond, Lukas Foss, Serge Koussevitzky, Walter Piston and the Tanglewood Music Festival during the 1940s. In fact, a significant amount of items correspond or overlap between this series and the Victor Kraft Materials series. Illustrious photographers represented include Margaret Bourke-White, Irving Penn, Gordon Parks and Carl Van Vechten, among others. If photographic credits are not given, the photographer is, as yet, unidentified. See the Explanation of Code System for Photographs at the end of the series.
Includes black and white and color photoprints in several sizes, color slides, black and white contact prints, black and white and color negatives, and color transparencies (mostly 35mm, but includes oversize, copy and square negatives). Photoprints with and without Aaron Copland arranged by subject from the most personal and relevant to Copland to less important and significant, then roughly in chronological order; Photo Albums arranged in approximate chronological order; Color Slides arranged by subject; and Negatives arranged according to pre-existing job codes in alpha-numeric order when available, and according to newly-assigned codes arranged by subject, then numerically.
BOX 468-485 BOX 490-494 BOX 496-499 BOX 501 BOX 503 BOX 506 BOX 507 BOX 509-512 MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/4-6 Photoprints with Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 468/1-4 BOX-FOLDER 491/1-3 BOX-FOLDER 506/2-9 AC Portraits: Early (1900-1930)
BOX-FOLDER 491/1 1906, at age 6 [enlargement of smaller print]
BOX-FOLDER 506/1 [1920?], "Copland 1924" (Ortho) [ I;37]
BOX-FOLDER 491/2 1920s, AC in Paris
BOX-FOLDER 491/3 ca. 1920s
BOX-FOLDER 506/2 1923
BOX-FOLDER 506/3 [1926?], "Copland in front of Koussevitzky's house, Boston, 1925" [I;101]
BOX-FOLDER 506/4-9 1930, 6 signed and mounted prints (Hermann Collmann)
BOX-FOLDER 468/3-4 Miscellaneous
  • At piano
  • Informal
BOX-FOLDER 468/1-2 Miscellaneous
BOX 469-472 BOX 491-492 BOX 506 BOX 512 AC Portraits: Middle (1931-1960)
BOX-FOLDER 492/1-3 [ca. 1930s], series, one mounted (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 471/1-3 1932, series (Carl Van Vechten)
BOX-FOLDER 506/10 [1932], "Copland 1927" [copy of photo by Carl Van Vechten]
BOX-FOLDER 492/11 1946, "Studio in the Berkshires September, 1946" (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 506/11 1947, signed and mounted (Irving Penn)
BOX-FOLDER 491/4 [1947], signed and mounted (Irving Penn)
BOX-FOLDER 492/13 ca. 1951, at piano, "Barn studio in Berkshires, circa 1951" (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 492/14 1958, Life magazine (Gordon Parks)
BOX-FOLDER 492/15 1959 (Harold Shapero)
BOX-FOLDER 492/16 1960 (C. Manos)
BOX-FOLDER 491/5 Undated, 1 photo, matted (Carl Van Vechten), Undated
BOX-FOLDER 492/7 Undated, 2 photos (Victor Kraft) [Negs. CC-CP-N-1057-R2;22,23], Undated
BOX-FOLDER 492/5 Undated, 2 photos, 3 prints, Undated
BOX-FOLDER 471/4 Undated, 3 photos (George Platt Lynes), Undated
BOX-FOLDER 492/6 Undated, 2 prints, Undated
BOX-FOLDER 491/6-9 Undated, 8 proofs (Pach Bros.), Undated
BOX-FOLDER 492/8-10 Undated, At piano [Berkshires studio], Undated
BOX-FOLDER 492/12 Undated, [Berkshires?, outdoors] (Victor Kraft), Undated
BOX-FOLDER 492/4 Undated, Informal, Undated
Includes: Mexico
BOX 512 Undated, [Massachusetts house, exterior and interior; sunset (Victor Kraft)] (Color slides)
BOX-FOLDER 469/1-3 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 470/1-4 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 472/1 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 472/2 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 472/5 Miscellaneous, AC at piano
BOX-FOLDER 472/3-4 Miscellaneous, informal
BOX 473-475 BOX 490 BOX 493 BOX 496 BOX 506 BOX 509 BOX 511 AC Portraits: Late (1961-1990)
BOX-FOLDER 493/4-6 1960s, proofs (Lotte Meitner-Graf)
BOX-FOLDER 493/11 [1960s], 2 photos, "in 60's" (Marc and Evelyne Bernheim)
BOX-FOLDER 493/12 [1960s], 3 photos, "in 60's" (Editta Sherman)
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