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Writings and Oral Presentations, 1925-1988 (continued)
Writings by Others, 1925-1988 (continued)
About Aaron Copland (continued)
Articles (continued)
By Author (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 220/1 Aaron Copland by Arthur Berger [Book review], 1953
See also: Writings by Others, Books: Berger, Arthur. Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 220/2 My friend Aaron, 1975
See also: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Boulanger, Nadia. Tribute to Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 220/3 Nightlife and daylight, 1947
Cogan, Alice
BOX-FOLDER 230/26 Musical genius like a prophet, n.d.
Colapinto, Frank
BOX-FOLDER 220/4 Copland, 1945
Cole, Hugo
BOX-FOLDER 220/5 Myth of the all-American composer, 1980
BOX-FOLDER 220/5 Popular elements in Copland's music, 1970-1971
See also: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Copland at 70
Commanday, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 230/27 At home with Aaron Copland, 1970
Conly, John M.
BOX-FOLDER 220/6 Aaron Copland looks ahead, 1965
Cooper, Martin
BOX-FOLDER 220/7 Extract from "Music Magazine", 1953
Craft, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 220/8 Stravinsky: Chronicle of a friendship 1848-1971, 1970
Deutsch, Didier
BOX-FOLDER 220/9 Aaron Copland, 1961
Diamond, David
BOX-FOLDER 220/10 The composer and film music, 1941
Diana, Marta
BOX-FOLDER 220/11 Un coloquio en el Teatro Colon con Aaron Copland, n.d.
Dickinson, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 220/12 Aaron Copland at eighty-five, 1985
BOX-FOLDER 220/13 Copland at 75, 1975
Dommett, Kenneth
BOX-FOLDER 220/14 Aaron Copland - An appreciation, 1980
Dorfman, Roger
BOX-FOLDER 230/28 Rise of a composer, 1942
Downes, Olin
BOX-FOLDER 220/15 Copland at 50, 1950
Drago, Erensto C.
BOX-FOLDER 230/29 Copland, el músico que pudo ser un asessino, n.d.
Dyer, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 230/30 The neighborly composer, 1975
Edmunds, John and Boelzner, Gordon
BOX-FOLDER 220/16 Some twentieth century American composers. A selective bibliography, Part I and II, 1957-1959
Evans, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 220/17 Copland's middle way, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 220/18 First performances: Copland's "Connotations", 1963
BOX-FOLDER 220/19 The thematic technique of Copland's recent works, 1959
Eyer, Ronald F.
BOX-FOLDER 230/31 Meet the composer: Aaron Copland, 1943
Fields, Sidney
BOX-FOLDER 220/20 Notes on a top composer, 1970
Fierz, Gerold
BOX-FOLDER 220/21 Aaron Copland, 1956
Figueiredo, Guilherme
BOX-FOLDER 220/22 Ora, Sr. Copland, 1948
Fine, Irving
BOX-FOLDER 220/23 Twentieth-century music, 1947
Finkelstein, Sidney
BOX-FOLDER 220/24 The music of Aaron Copland, Part I and Part II, 1951
BOX-FOLDER 220/25 Notes on Aaron Copland, 1948
Flanagan, William
BOX-FOLDER 220/26 The great American composers: Aaron Copland, 1966
Ford, Christopher
BOX-FOLDER 220/26 Two views of Aaron Copland, n.d.
Freed, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 220/27 America's spirit in music: Aaron Copland, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 220/28 Birthday greetings to -- and from -- Aaron Copland, n.d.
Frymire, Jack
BOX-FOLDER 220/29 Copland 68, 1968
Fuller, Donald
BOX-FOLDER 230/32 A symphonist goes to folk sources, 1948
G. A. T.
BOX-FOLDER 231/20 Da Trieste, n.d.
Garrido, Pablo
BOX-FOLDER 220/30 Aaron Copland embajador músical de Norte-America, n.d.
Garvie, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 220/31 Aaron Copland (English and Spanish), 1962-1963
Gelles, George
BOX-FOLDER 230/33 Don't forget about Copland's writing, 1976
Gill, Dominic
BOX-FOLDER 220/32 Copland, 1969
Goldberg, Albert
BOX-FOLDER 220/33 Copland film scores and critics, 1948
Goldberg, Isaac
BOX-FOLDER 230/34 Aaron Copland, 1929
BOX-FOLDER 220/34 Aaron Copland and his jazz, 1927
Goldman, Richard Franko
BOX-FOLDER 220/35 The Copland festival, 1960
Goléa, Antoine
BOX-FOLDER 220/36 Une musique savante, 1962
Goodwin, Noel
BOX-FOLDER 220/37 The quiet American, 1963
Guernsey, Otis L., Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 230/35 Function of the movie musical score, 1949
Hadjinikos, George
BOX-FOLDER 220/39 Versuch einer Analyse der Copland-Sonate, n.d.
Hall, Roger L.
BOX-FOLDER 220/40 The story of 'Simple gifts': Shaker simplicity in song, 1987
Hamilton, David
BOX-FOLDER 220/41 Aaron Copland: A discography of the composer's performances, 1970
An Aaron Copland photo album, 1970
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Bernstein, Leonard. Aaron Copland: An intimate sketch
The recordings of Copland's music
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Bernstein, Leonard. Aaron Copland: An intimate sketch
Hanson, Howard
BOX-FOLDER 221/1 Flowering of American music, 1949
Heinsheimer, H. W.
BOX-FOLDER 221/2 Aaron Copland: The making of an American composer, 1947
BOX-FOLDER 230/36 Aaron Copland: The making of an American composer, 1948
BOX-FOLDER 221/3 What price music?, 1947
Henahan, Donal
BOX-FOLDER 230/37 This Aaron is a musical Moses, 1975
Henderson, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 230/38 Copland's mark on America, 1980
Hershowitz, Alan
BOX-FOLDER 221/4 Copland: The music, 1980
Heylbut, Rose
BOX-FOLDER 230/39 America goes to the ballet, 1948
Hightower, Marvin
BOX-FOLDER 221/5 A retrospective for Aaron Copland, composer, 1978
Hohenlohe, Manfred
BOX-FOLDER 221/6 Das Buch von Aaron Copland: Unsere neue Musik [Book review], 1949
Holloway, Robin
BOX-FOLDER 221/7 Copland: Volume I, 1900-1942 [Book review], 1985
Johnson, Harriett
BOX-FOLDER 230/40 Aaron Copland: Dean of American composers, 1976
Kay, Norman
Aspects of Copland's development, 1970-1971
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Copland at 70
BOX-FOLDER 221/8 Copland: All-American composer, 1965
Keener, Andrew
BOX-FOLDER 221/9 Aaron Copland, 1981
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