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Writings and Oral Presentations, 1925-1988 (continued)
Writings by Others, 1925-1988 (continued)
About Aaron Copland (continued)
Interviews (continued)
By Author (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 226/10 America's cultural explosion - Its scope and challenge, n.d.
Plush, Vincent
BOX-FOLDER 232/16 The uncomplicated air of Aaron Copland, 1975
R. B.
BOX-FOLDER 225/9 Música: O que dizem de nós, n.d.
Ramey, Phillip
BOX-FOLDER 226/11 A talk with Aaron Copland, 1972
Rosenwald, Peter J.
BOX-FOLDER 232/17 Aaron Copland talks about a life in music, 1980
Ryan, Barbara Haddad
BOX-FOLDER 232/18 Aaron Copland built legend with his role in U. S. culture, 1977
Saucier, Pierre
BOX-FOLDER 232/19 L'avenir n'est pas auz combinaisons à douze tons, 1955
Scherer, Ron
BOX-FOLDER 226/12 Copland comments on compositions; Scherer interviews famed composer, 1966
Schulman, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 226/13 Interview, n.d.
Seaman, Gerald R.
BOX-FOLDER 226/14 Telephone interview with Aaron Copland, 1979
Seaman, Julian
BOX-FOLDER 226/15 Copland sees hope in trend of moderns, 1928
Singer, Samuel L.
BOX-FOLDER 226/16 Copland cond [ucts], n.d.
Sitts, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 226/17 Copland says first visit led to return, n.d.
Smit, Leo
BOX-FOLDER 226/18 Conversation with Aaron Copland, 1980
Smith, Monica
BOX-FOLDER 226/19 Turntable: Copland looks ahead, 1968
Stearns, Dave
BOX-FOLDER 232/20 Copland - A common man's composer, 1977
Thurston, Chuck
BOX-FOLDER 226/20 Straight answers from Copland, 1978
Vadeboncoeur, Joan E.
BOX-FOLDER 226/21 Copland's composing career bloomed late, 1975
Van Sant, Rick
BOX-FOLDER 232/21 Composer Aaron Copland: He's still spirited at 76 [Premiere composer still youthful in outlook], 1976
Watters, Susan
BOX-FOLDER 232/22 Eye view: Aaron Copland on the sporting life, 1978
Wilson, Carolyn
BOX-FOLDER 226/22 Turntable: Cowboys and connotations, 1967
Wimbush, Roger
BOX-FOLDER 226/23 Here and there with Roger Wimbush: Aaron Copland, n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 226/23 Here and there with Roger Wimbush: Aaron Copland, 1968
See also: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Wimbush, Roger.
BOX 227 BOX 232 Articles
By Title
BOX-FOLDER 227/1 [Koussevitzky: Tanglewood], 1948
By Author
Chávez, Carlos
BOX-FOLDER 227/2 Canto y melodía el dodecafonismo en México, 1954
Clurman, Harold S.
BOX-FOLDER 227/3 The future of jazz, 1926
Cohen, Ethel S.
BOX-FOLDER 227/4 Credo of a composer: Ben-Zion Orgad, n.d.
Gilbert, L. Wolfe
BOX-FOLDER 227/5 Sour grapes of wrath, n.d.
Giordano, L.
BOX-FOLDER 227/6 Actitudes para oír música, 1933
Glock, William
BOX-FOLDER 232/23 Nadia Boulanger, 1946
Henahan, Donal
BOX-FOLDER 227/7 And now, Virgil's odyssey, 1971
Hoover, Suzanne R.
BOX-FOLDER 227/8 Nadia Boulanger, 1977
Johnson, H. Earle
BOX-FOLDER 227/9 The need for research in the history of American music, n.d.
Kennan, George F.
BOX-FOLDER 227/10 Seek the finer flavor, n.d.
Koussevitzky, Serge
BOX-FOLDER 227/11 Concerning interpretation . Translated by Nina Bechtereff, 1929
Krenek, Ernst
BOX-FOLDER 227/12 The composer and the interpreter, 1944
Kroll, Jack
BOX-FOLDER 227/13 The stage is a world, 1974
Lederman, Minna
BOX-FOLDER 227/14 Brief encounters, n.d.
Liepmann, Klaus
BOX-FOLDER 227/15 Music and engineers, 1950
Maisel, Edward
BOX-FOLDER 227/17 Charles T. Griffes: The life of an American composer, 1984
McCorkle, Donald M.
BOX-FOLDER 227/16 The Moravian contribution to American music, 1956
Mitsukuri, Shukichi
BOX-FOLDER 227/18 Japanese scales and theri [sic] harmonic treatment, 1959
Noakes, David
BOX-FOLDER 227/19 Nadia Boulanger: A life dedicated to the art of teaching, 1971
Perlis, Vivian
Boulanger -- 20th-century music was born in her classroom
See: Writings by AC, Articles: Copland salutes Boulanger
Pirrotta, Nino
BOX-FOLDER 227/20 The Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, 1958
Read, Gardner
BOX-FOLDER 232/24 Tanglewood: Investment in musical futures, 1941
Rosenfeld, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 227/21 [Stravinsky], n.d.
Shaw, Theodore L.
BOX-FOLDER 227/22 The hypocrisies of criticism, 1952
Simon, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 227/23 Leonard Bernstein: Molto furioso, n.d.
Slonimsky, Nicolas
BOX-FOLDER 232/25 South American composers, 1940
Souster, Tim
BOX-FOLDER 232/26 Organized delirium - Robert Henderson writes about the life and work of Pierre Boulez, 1969
Taubman, Howard
BOX-FOLDER 232/27 Tanglewood tales, or youth makes music, 1948
Terse, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 227/24 Charles Ives (1874-1954): Ein biographischer Überblick, 1987
Thomson, Virgil
BOX-FOLDER 227/25 America's musical maturity: A twentieth-century story, 1961
Weisgall, Hugo D.
BOX-FOLDER 227/26 Jewish music in America, 1954
Whiteside, Thomas
BOX-FOLDER 227/27 The blockbuster complex-III: Onward and upward with the arts, n.d.
Wilson, Edmund
BOX-FOLDER 227/28 Paul Rosenfeld: Three phases, n.d.
BOX 227 BOX 232 Booklets
By Title
BOX-FOLDER 227/29 Charles Edward Ives, 1942
By Author
Boulanger, Nadia
BOX-FOLDER 227/30 Gail Kubik: Divertimenti I and II - Sonatinas for piano and clarinet and piano, 1963
Christliebb, Don
BOX-FOLDER 227/31 Remembrance of Lawrence Morton, n.d.
Goldberg, Isaac
BOX-FOLDER 227/32 Jazz music: What it is and how to understand it, 1927
Naur, Robert
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