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Aaron Copland collection, 1841-1991

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Awards, 1934-1985 (continued)
Citations, Medals, etc. (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 445/6 National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, 1967 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 445/7 National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, 1974 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 445/8 National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, 1975 (printed materials)
BOX-FOLDER 446/4 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 1960-61 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 444/1 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 1966-67 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 451/5 National Association for American Composers and Conductors, n.d. (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 450/3 National Bicentennial Medal, 1976 (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 440/27 National Endowment for the Arts Medal, 1986 (printed materials)
BOX-FOLDER 441/17 National Federation of Music Clubs, 1941 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 441/18 National Institute of Arts and Letters, 1942 (membership)
BOX-FOLDER 441/19 National Institute of Arts and Letters Medal, 1956 (printed materials)
BOX-FOLDER 440/28 National Music Awards, 1976 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 441/20 National Press Club, 1974 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 452/8 New York State Assembly, 1985 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 440/29 New York State Music Awards, 1975 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 463/3 New York State Music Award, 1981 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 440/18 New York State Music Awards, 1981 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 443/2 Oakland University, 1978 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 441/21 Oklahoma City, 1943 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 440/30 Ovation Magazine, 1989 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 451/1 Paramount Center for the Arts, 1985 (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 439/11 Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 1990 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 441/22 Philharmonic Symphony Society of New York, 1970 (membership)
BOX-FOLDER 442/4 Phi Mu Alpha, 1961 (membership)
BOX 448 Phi Mu Alpha, 1970 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 443/5 Phi Mu Alpha, 1972 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 443/3 Phi Mu Alpha, 1974 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 442/1 Phi Mu Alpha, 1976 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 443/4 Phi Mu Alpha, 1979 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 440/31 Pi Kappa Lambda, 1970 (membership)
BOX-FOLDER 440/32 The Pierian Sodality of 1808, 1962 (certificate)
BOX-FOLDER 451/6 Pittsburgh Bicentennial, 1958 (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 440/38 Preservation and Revitalization of Cold Springs Area, 1983 (reception)
BOX-FOLDER 452/2 President of Brooklyn, 1980 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 452/13 Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1964 (printed materials)
BOX 459 Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1964 (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 440/35 Pulitzer Prize, 1945 (printed materials)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/9 Pulitzer Prize, 1945 (diploma)
BOX-FOLDER 450/4 Rainier, Prince de Monaco, III, n.d. (medal)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/9 Royal Academy of Music, 1959 (membership)
BOX-FOLDER 457/5 Royal Philharmonic Society, 1970 (membership)
BOX-FOLDER 441/23 Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce, 1960 (membership)
BOX-FOLDER 444/2 San Jose, n.d. (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 441/24 Scholastic Teacher's National Film and Filmstrip Awards, 1960 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 442/2 State of Kansas, 1976 (membership)
BOX-FOLDER 452/10-11 State of New York, 1979 (citation- 2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 439/7 State of Louisiana, 1976 (AC Days)
BOX-FOLDER 461/1 State of Michigan, 1980 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 452/9 State of New York, 1983 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 439/8 State of North Carolina, 1976 (AC Day)
BOX-FOLDER 452/15 State of Tennessee, 1978 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 439/14 State of Utah, 1976 (AC Week)
BOX-FOLDER 439/12 State University of New York at Potsdam, n.d. (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 440/36 Stereo Review, 1981 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 439/13 Syracuse University Chancellor's Medal, 1975 (printed materials)
BOX 459 Syracuse University Chancellor's Medal, 1975 (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 440/39 Tanglewood, n.d. (concert)
BOX-FOLDER 441/25 Third Street Music School Settlement, 1979 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 449/2 Town of Cortland, 1985 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 440/2 Umpaqua Community College, 1981 (AC Festival)
BOX-FOLDER 458/7 United States Air Force Band, n.d. (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 452/16 United States Senate, 1985 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 441/10 Universidad de Chile, 1963 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 452/3 Universidad de Chile, n.d. (award)
BOX-FOLDER 450/5 Universidade do Estado da Guanabara, 1950 (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 452/5 Universidade do Estado da Guanabara, 1963 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 440/40 University of Leeds, 1977, (tribute)
BOX-FOLDER 439/10 University of Pennsylvania, 1980 (citation)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/9 University of Pennsylvania Glee Club, 1970 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 459/3 University of Pennsylvania Glee Club, 1970 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 441/26 Venezuelan Association of Authors and Composers, 1957 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 439/15 Washington, DC, 1980 (AC Day)
BOX 462 Westchester Council for the Arts, 1981 (plaque)
BOX-FOLDER 458/7 Westchester County Executive, 1981 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 461/2 Westchester County Executive, 1985 (citation)
BOX-FOLDER 450/6 Westchester County Merit Award, n.d. (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 440/3 Westchester Music and Arts Camp, 1981, (festival)
BOX-FOLDER 440/33 William Penn College, 1983 (award)
BOX-FOLDER 441/27 Wisdom Magazine, n.d. (award)
BOX-FOLDER 441/28 Yale University Howland Medal, 1970 (printed materials)
BOX-FOLDER 450/7 Yale University Howland Medal, n.d. (medal)
BOX-FOLDER 450/8 Yale University Samuel Simons Sanford Medal, n.d. (medal)
BOX 456 BOX 464-466 BOX 509 BOX 516 BOX 519-520 MAPCASE C-Drw 2/10-16 Art Works, 1944-1983
The Art Works section is divided into Of Aaron Copland, Other Works, Poetry, and Posters that include drawings, caricatures, and portraits of Aaron Copland and other artistic renderings which consist of special editions of illustrated poems by various artists in different mediums. The two most illustrious artists represented are a numbered print by Pablo Picasso and an engraved color print by Marc Chagall which was part of an invitation from the Prince and Princess of Monaco for a 1967 program to honor Nadia Boulanger.
Citations, Medals, etc. include certificates, proclamations, plaques, medals, keys to cities and, some cases, accompanying correspondence, programs, reviews and other printed material. Arranged alphabetically by the presenter's name.
BOX 456 BOX 464-465 BOX 509 BOX 516 BOX 519 Of Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 509/3 Albee, E. (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 519/1 Altman, N. (right and left handprints)
BOX-FOLDER 509/5 Boyce, John (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/7 Frueh, A. (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 516/2 Frubauf, Aune (woodcut)
BOX 465 Hirsch, Joseph (portrait)
BOX-FOLDER 516/3 Hoffnung, Gerard (caricature reproduced in journal)
BOX-FOLDER 516/4 Irene (sketch)
BOX 464 Johnson, J. R. (watercolor; collage)
BOX-FOLDER 456/2 Nando (caricature)
BOX-FOLDER 516/6 Oslundigo, E. R. (watercolor)
BOX-FOLDER 456/3 Perrin, Joyous (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/9 Re, F. (engraving, 2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 519/7 Ross, Alvin (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/12 Schiff, R. (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 456/5 Schiff, R. (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 509/2 Unidentified (caricature)
BOX-FOLDER 509/1 Unidentified (caricature with Charles Ives)
BOX-FOLDER 519/3 Unidentified (ink sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 456/10 Unidentified (mounted newspaper photo of AC and Benny Goodman)
BOX-FOLDER 519/4 Unidentified (pencil sketch)
BOX-FOLDER 519/2 Unidentified (portrait)
BOX 456 BOX 466 BOX 509 BOX 516 BOX 519-520 MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/10, 16 Other works
BOX-FOLDER 516/1 Chagall, Marc (Print, included in a program honoring Nadia Boulanger)
BOX 466 Children (drawings)
BOX 464 Johnson, J. R. (painting)
BOX-FOLDER 509/6 Keahy, Ruth (watercolor, El Saloon Mexico)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/16 Picasso, Pablo (numbered print of bull and horse)
BOX-FOLDER 509/11 Ross, A. (etching)
BOX-FOLDER 509/10 Ross, A. (etching, one for each month)
BOX-FOLDER 456/8 Unidentified (18th century songbook)
BOX-FOLDER 516/5 Unidentified (Japanese fabric sculpture)
BOX-FOLDER 519/6 Unidentified (paper collage)
BOX 520 Unidentified (Tango folio)
MAPCASE-DRAWER C-Drw 2/10 Unidentified (watercolor and floor plan of AC's house)
BOX-FOLDER 456/13 Wolf, R. Statements on art
BOX 456 BOX 509 BOX 520 Poetry
BOX-FOLDER 509/4 Ammons, A., Breaking Out
BOX-FOLDER 456/4 Price, R., The Dream of the House
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