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Photographs, 1889-1985 (continued)
Photoprints without Aaron Copland (continued)
Miscellaneous People and Subjects (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 486/10 Miscellaneous
  • Abstract (Victor Kraft)
  • Goldmark, Rubin.
  • Schindler, Kurt
  • Unidentified people
BOX-FOLDER 487/1-3 Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 487/1 "Billy the Kid"
BOX-FOLDER 487/2 "Dance Panels", 1963, Munich
BOX-FOLDER 487/3 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 487/5-5 Motion Pictures
BOX-FOLDER 487/4 "North Star", [1943]
Includes photos (Margaret Bourke-White)
BOX-FOLDER 487/5 Miscellaneous
BOX 487 BOX 501 Photos of Artwork
BOX-FOLDER 487/6 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 501/14 Miscellaneous (Color)
BOX 487 BOX 501 BOX 507 Houses
BOX-FOLDER 487/7 "Rock Hill," Peekskill, NY (Victor Kraft?)
BOX-FOLDER 487/8 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 501/15 Miscellaneous (Color)
BOX 507 Miscellaneous (Color slides)
BOX 488-489 BOX 506 BOX 510 Contact Sheets
BOX-FOLDER 488/1 AC Portraits: Early (1900-1930) and Middle (1931-1960)
AC Portraits
BOX-FOLDER 488/2-3 Middle (1931-1960)
BOX-FOLDER 510/1 Middle (1931-1960) and Late (1961-1990)
BOX-FOLDER 488/4-5 Late (1961-1990)
BOX-FOLDER 488/6 Miscellaneous
AC Conducting
BOX-FOLDER 510/2 Middle, Foreign Countries, 1964, [London?]
BOX-FOLDER 488/7-8 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 488/9 AC in studio
AC with Composers
BOX-FOLDER 489/1 Foss, Lukas and Harold Shapero (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 510/3 Chávez, Carlos and Harold Clurman, [ca. 1960s] (Victor Kraft)
AC with others
BOX-FOLDER 506/17 Reception
BOX-FOLDER 488/10-14 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 506/18 London, 1970 (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 506/19 London, 1972 (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 489/2 Piston, Walter (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 489/3-4 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 510/4 Bernstein, Leonard (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 489/5 Fizdale, Robert and Arthur Gold (Victor Kraft)
BOX-FOLDER 489/6 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 489/7-10 Tanglewood
BOX-FOLDER 489/11 Miscellaneous
BOX 504 BOX 513 BOX 514 Photo Albums
BOX 504 Family: ca. late 1800s - early 1900s)
BOX 513 AC alone
BOX 513 AC with friends
BOX 513 Friends
  • Clurman, Harold
  • Kraft, Victor
  • Lavinia, IL, [1932-34]
BOX 514 Mexico, 1932
  • AC alone
  • AC, Carlos Chávez, and Victor Kraft
  • Landscapes
BOX 514 United States, 1932
  • AC alone
  • Kraft, Victor alone and with Paul Bowles
  • Landscapes
BOX 508 BOX 511 BOX 512 Color Slides
BOX 508 BOX 511 Miscellaneous
BOX 512 See also: "Photoprints" container listings for color slides in specific categories.
BOX 507-508 BOX 512 Negatives
BOX 507 BOX 508 Black and White
BOX 507 35mm and 2.5x2.5 negatives
Negatives: Not to be served see: following Explanation to code system.
BOX 508 4x5 negatives and 5x7, 8x10 copy negatives
Negatives: Not to be served see: following Explanation to code system.
BOX 512 Color
BOX 512 35mm, 2.5x2.5 negatives, and one 8x10 transparency
BOX 521-564 Victor Kraft Materials, 1918-1976
The Victor Kraft Materials contain approximately 40,000 items and span the years c. 1918-1976. Victor Kraft (1915-76) was a professional photographer and life-long friend of Aaron Copland. They first became acquainted in the early 1930's and maintained close contact until Kraft's death. Copland was the godfather of Kraft's only child Jeremy, a son from his second wife Rheba. Kraft's photographs appeared in such prominent publications as "Life Magazine", "Harper's Bazaar", "Junior Bazaar", and the French art journal "L'Oeil", among others.
The bulk of the photoprints and negatives document Kraft's travels in Mexico in the 1930s [and/or 1950s?] and in Brazil from 1951-53. Notable subjects include formal and informal portraits of Aaron Copland, and portraits from the 1940s and 1950s of numerous composers and performers of the American music scene, including Leonard Bernstein, Paul Bowles, Edwin Denby, Lukas Foss, Erik Johns, William Kapell, Dmitri Mitropoulos, and Robert Shaw. The Tanglewood Music Festival during the 1940s is also well represented with many historically interesting images to be found in the photoprints, as well as the contact sheets and negatives. Photoprints by other prominent photographs are represented -- Cecil Beaton (portraits of Victor Kraft and a self-portrait photocard), Ronny Jaques (a signed portrait of Carson McCullough), and Carl Van Vechten (1935 portraits of Victor Kraft). All other images are assumed to have been created by Victor Kraft unless otherwise noted. Of other interest are the series of letters to Kraft from Paul Bowles, and a sampling of Kraft's original negative sleeves which reveal insights into his systematization and methodology. See the Explanation of Code System for Photographs in the Victor Kraft Materials at the end of this series.
Includes letters, telegram, manuscript and typewritten notes, identification cards and passport, address book, bank checks and statements, receipts, purchase orders, black and white and color prints, black and white contact prints, color slides, black and white and color negatives, color transparencies (mostly 35 mm, but includes oversize, copy and square negatives), a watercolor and etching print, post cards, clippings, and maps. Biographical, Professional Papers, Photoprints, Contact Sheets, Color Slides and Printed Matter arranged by subject (Photoprints follow similar order as photoprints in Photographs series); Correspondence arranged chronologically; Artwork arranged alphabetically by subject, and Negatives arranged according to pre-existing job codes in alpha-numeric order when available, and according to newly-assigned codes arranged by subject, then numerically.
BOX-FOLDER 521/1-2 Biographical
BOX-FOLDER 521/1 Personal Papers
BOX-FOLDER 521/2 Foreign Service application
BOX-FOLDER 521/3-4 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 521/3 Bowles, Paul, 1935-1936
BOX-FOLDER 521/4 Miscellaneous, 1937-1975
BOX-FOLDER 521/5-7 Professional Papers
BOX-FOLDER 521/6-7 Brazil, 1951-1953[?]
BOX-FOLDER 521/5 Miscellaneous
BOX 522-535 BOX 547-553 Photoprints
BOX-FOLDER 522/1-8 BOX-FOLDER 523/1-2 BOX-FOLDER 535/1-2 BOX-FOLDER 547/1 Victor Kraft: Portraits and Family
BOX-FOLDER 522/2-6 BOX-FOLDER 547/1 Portraits
BOX-FOLDER 522/2 Early
BOX-FOLDER 522/3 Early and Middle
  • Portraits (Cecil Beaton)
  • Self-portraits
  • Self-portraits with camera
BOX-FOLDER 522/4 Middle
Includes: Self-portraits
BOX-FOLDER 547/1 Middle with camera
BOX-FOLDER 522/6 Middle with camera
BOX-FOLDER 522/5 Middle and Late
Includes: Passport photos
BOX-FOLDER 522/1,7,8 BOX-FOLDER 523/1-2 BOX-FOLDER 535/1-2 Family
BOX-FOLDER 522/1 Family and childhood
BOX-FOLDER 522/7 Alone and with Jeremy Kraft: Late
BOX-FOLDER 535/1-2 With Jeremy Kraft, [ca. 1970s, snapshots] (Color)
BOX-FOLDER 522/8 VK with others
BOX-FOLDER 523/1 VK with Pearl Kazin
  • Brazil [curled prints]
  • Wedding photos, 1951
BOX-FOLDER 523/2 Kazin, Pearl alone [curled prints]
BOX-FOLDER 424/1-4 BOX-FOLDER 535/2 BOX-FOLDER 547/2-12 Composers and Performers
BOX-FOLDER 547/2 Copland, Aaron: Portraits: [Middle]
BOX-FOLDER 547/3 Copland, Aaron: 1948, Tanglewood, "Copland-Milhaud with composition students"
BOX-FOLDER 535/2 Copland, Aaron: With others (Color)
Includes: Kraft, Jeremy
BOX-FOLDER 547/6 Dancers, in studio
BOX-FOLDER 547/4 Foss, Lukas and Alexei Haieff
BOX-FOLDER 524/2 Johns, Erik and Frances Garman, [ca. 1940s?]
BOX-FOLDER 547/7 Kapell, William
BOX-FOLDER 524/1 Kraft, Victor with camera
BOX-FOLDER 547/5 McPhee, Colin, Walter Piston, and Igor Stravinsky
BOX-FOLDER 547/8 Mitropoulos, Dmitri
BOX-FOLDER 547/9 Robbins, Jerome
BOX-FOLDER 547/10 Shaw, Robert, 1947, City Center, New York
BOX-FOLDER 547/11 Tanglewood, 1940s
  • Hofman, Irwin, conducting
  • Percussion class
  • Violinist, unidentified
BOX-FOLDER 524/3 Miscellaneous
  • Haeiff, Alexei
  • Lopatnikoff, Nicolai
  • Mitropoulos, Dmitri
BOX-FOLDER 524/4 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 547/12 Unidentified performers, backstage
BOX-FOLDER 525/1-2 BOX-FOLDER 548/1-4 Famous People
BOX-FOLDER 548/1 Bowles, Paul, [ca. 1930s]
BOX-FOLDER 548/2 Denby, Edwin, [ca. 1930s, Mexico]
BOX-FOLDER 548/3 Laughton, Charles and Elsa Lanchester
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