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Victor Kraft Materials, 1918-1976 (continued)
Artwork and Miscellaneous (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 564/7 Junior Bazaar and Harper's Bazaar , miscellaneous magazine pages [photos]
BOX-FOLDER 564/3 Miscellaneous post cards [Reproductions of artwork]
BOX-FOLDER 564/2 Tsachacbosov, numbered etching print of a fish, signed, 1946
BOX-FOLDER 564/6 Miscellaneous magazine and newspaper clippings
  • American composer portraits, 1948 [photos]
  • Copland, Aaron, "The Story Behind El Salon Mexico"
BOX-FOLDER 564/8 Miscellaneous foreign publications
Copland Library, 1908-1988
The Copland Library series comprises selected books on a wide range of musical and general subjects from Copland's personal library. Most are signed, usually by the author, or contain annotations or information about Copland. The books reflect Copland's wide and varied interests and include those books written by Copland and translated into various languages. Many books concentrate on Copland's interest in French culture after his years of study in Paris.
Includes published hardbacks and softbacks. Arranged in alphabetical order by author, then by title.
Title only
One hundred Japanese folk-songs. Ongaku no tomo-sha, 1960.
Orquestra Sinfónica de México. 1929-30.
By Author
Adrian, P. G.
Réflexions sur l'univers sonore. Éditions Richard-Masse, 1954.
Note: signed by author.
Alfred Knopf
Read at a luncheon given by Fannie Hurst, Anne O'Hare McCormack, and H. L. Mencken.... Alfred Knopf, 1941.
Amado, Jorge
ABC de Castro Alves. Livraria Martins, 1945.
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
Copyright Law Symposium, no. 21-34. Columbia University, 1986.
Note: front cover embossed with Aaron Copland.
Andreis, Josip and Slavko Zlatic (editors)
Yugoslav music. Edition Jugoslavija Beograd, 1959.
Andrews, Edward D.
The gift to be simple. J. J. Augustin, 1940.
Anouilh, Jean
Pièces brillantes. La Table Ronde, 1951.
Antek, Samuel
This was Toscanini. Vanguard, 1963.
Note: Presented to Copland by the Toscanini Association.
Ausubel, Nathan (editor)
A treasury of Jewish folklore. Crown, 1948.
Bacon, Ernst
Notes on the piano. Syracuse, 1963.
Note: signed by author.
Bakeless, Katherine Little
Story-lives of American composers. Stokes, 1941.
Note: includes Copland.
Balzac, Honoré de
Le Lys dans la Vallée. Éditions R. Simon, n.d.
Bang, Herman
Erzentrische Novellen. Fischer, 1921.
Barolini, Antonio
Elegie di Croton. Feltrinelli, 1959.
Note: signed by author.
Bator, Victor
The Béla Bartók Archives: history and catalogue. Bartók Archives, 1963.
Note: signed by author.
Bayard, Samuel Preston (editor)
Hill country tunes. American Folklore Society, 1944.
Bearsley, Aubrey
The later work of Aubrey Beardsley. Dover, 1967
Note: signed.
Beck, Georg
Guide to the beauty of Bamberg. Bayerische, 1969.
Note: annotations by Copland.
Beck, Georges
Darius Milhaud. Heugel, 1949.
Becker, John
After Geneva. London Magazine Editions, 1975.
Note: signed by author.
Berger, Arthur
Aaron Copland. Oxford, 1953.
Note: notated.
Aaron Copland. Club du Libre Americain, 1962.
Berger, Melvin
Masters of modern music. Lothrop, 1970.
Note: includes Copland.
Bergson, Henri
The two sources of morality and religion. Doubleday, 1954.
Bernanos, Georges
Sous le soleil de Satan. Plon, 1926.
Bernstein, Leonard
Findings. Simon and Schuster, 1982.
Note: signed by author.
The joy of music. Simon and Schuster, 1959.
Note: signed by author.
Bever, Adolphe van and Paul Léautaud
Poètes d'aujourd'hui. Mercure, 1922.
Boccaccio, Giovanni
Decameròn. Rizzoli, 1950.
Note: 2 vols.
Borevitz, Victor
B. C. E. Biggest Century Enterprise. Borevitz, 1972.
Botkin, B. A. (editor)
The pocket treasury of American folklore. Pocket, 1950.
Boucher, Maurice
La philosophie de Hermann Keyserling. Les Éditions Rieder, 1927.
Breton, André
Situation du surréalisme entre les deux guerres. Éditions de la Revue Fontaine, 1945.
Brincourt, André
La farandole. La Table Ronde, 1952.
Brindle, Reginald Smith
Serial composition. Oxford, 1967.
Brooks, Van Wyck
The pilgrimage of Henry James. Dutton, 1925.
Bruyr, José
L'écran des musiciens. Les Cahiers de France, 1930.
Note: signed by author.
Honegger et son oeuvre. Éditions Corrêa, 1947.
Bynner, Witter
Cake. Knopf, 1926.
Note: signed by author.
Cage, John
Writing through Finnegans Wake. University of Tulsa, 1978.
Note: presented to Copland by the Oswego County Council on the Arts.
Campos, Jorge Hernandez
La parabola del Terron. 1945.
Campos, Rubén
El folklore y la música méxicana. Secretaría de Educación Pública, 1928.
Camus, Albert
L'étranger. Gallimard, 1942.
Le mythe de Sisyphe. Gallimard, 1942.
La peste. Gallimard, 1947.
Carco, Francis
Jésus-la-Caille. Artheme Fayard, n.d.
Cartwright, Jean and John Cartwright
Enjoy Santa Fe more. New Mexico Publishing Co., 1976.
Castillo, B. Díaz del
Conquista de la nueva españa, tomo II. Espasa-Calpe, 1928.
Cendrars, Blaise
Histoires vraies. Grasset, 1938.
Chapin, Katherine Garrisoin
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