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Aaron Copland collection, 1841-1991

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Copland Library, 1908-1988 (continued)
By Author (continued)
Copland on music. Andre Deutsch, 1961.
Copland on music. Da Capo, 1960.
Note: 1976 reprint.
Copland on music. Norton, n.d.
Note: soft copy, pages msg.
Lerne Musik hören. Kasparek, 1948.
Note: What to listen for, German transl.; 2 copies.
Luister zo naar muziek. Zomer & Keunings, n.d.
Note: What to listen for, Dutch transl.; 1 hard copy, 1 soft copy.
Music & imagination. Mentor, 1952.
Note: paperback.
Music and imagination. Harvard, 1952.
Note: composer copy, 2nd printing 1953.
Music and imagination. Harvard, 1952.
Note: paperback, sixth printing, 1972.
Music and imagination. Oxford, 1952.
[ Music and imagination ]. Shorinsha, Tokyo, 1962.
Note: Japanese transl.
[ Music and imagination ]. Shridhar Hari, 1962.
Note: Annotated; Marathi transl., Bombay.
[ Music and imagination ]. 1968.
Note: Russian transl., in three parts.
Música e imaginación. Emece, 1955.
Note: 3 soft copies.
Música y músicos contemporáneos. Editorial Losada, 1945.
Note: Our new music, 2 copies.
Musik von heute. Humboldt, 1947.
Note: Our new music.
The new music, 1900-1960. Norton, 1968.
Note: rev. and enlarged edition; 1 soft copy, 2 hard copies, one cased in hard cover.
The new music, 1900-1960. MacDonald, 1968.
Note: rev. and enlarged edition; 2 hard copies.
A nova música. Gráfica Record Editôra, 1969.
Note: The new music; 2 soft copies.
Nueva música, 1900-1960. Editorial Letras, 1969.
Note: The new music, rev. and enlarged edition, Spanish transl.; 2 hard copies.
Our new music, leading composers in Europe and America. Whittlesey, McGraw-Hill, 1941.
Note: 3 hard copies, 1 with notations for 1966 revision.
Unsere neue Musik. Kasparek, 1947.
Note: Our new music, German transl.
Vom richtigen anhören der Musik. Rowohlts, 1967.
Note: What to listen for, revised and enlarged edition, German transl.; paperback.
What to listen for in music. Whittlesey, 1939.
Note: Accomp. Study Outline, 2 copies, annotated.
What to listen for in music. Mentor, 1953.
Note: 2 copies.
[ What to listen for in music ] Tehran, Iran: Zavar, 1956.
Note: Persian transl.
What to listen for in music. McGraw-Hill, 1957.
Note: revised edition.
[ What to listen for in music ]. Cairo: Hassan Irani, 1958.
Note: Arabic transl.
[ What to listen for in music. ] Tokyo: Ongaku no tomo-sha, 1965.
Note: Japanese tranls., signed by Tsukatami.
Copland, Aaron and Vivian Perlis
Copland, 1900 through 1942. St. Martin's, 1984.
Note: hardback, signed by Copland.
Coulette, Henri
The war of the secret agents. Scribner's, 1966.
Red Channels: Report of Communist influence in radio and television. American BusinessConsultants, 1950.
Note: annotations on Copland entry.
Crevel, René
Le clavecin de Diderot. Editions Surrealistes, 1932.
Note: signed, gift to Copland.
Davison, Alvin
The human body and health. American Book Company, 1908.
Derais, François and Henri Rambaud
L'envers du journal de Gide. Le nouveau portique, 1951.
Diamond, David
The Alice and Frederick Slee lectures. University of Buffalo, 1961.
Dolan, Robert Emmett
Music modern media. Schirmer, 1967.
Note: signed by author.
Drutman, Irving
Good company. Little, Brown, 1976.
Edwards, Arthur
The art of melody. Philosophical Library, 1956.
Note: signed by author.
Eekhoud, George
Escal-Vigor. Mercure de France, n.d.
Le terroir incarné. La Renaissance d'Occident, 1923.
Elöd, Juhász
Amerikai variációk. Zenemükiadó, 1969.
Note: signed by author.
Bernstein Story. Zenemükiadó, 1972.
Note: signed by author.
Engel, Gabriel
Gustav Mahler: song-symphonist. Bruckner Society of America, 1932.
Note: signed by author.
Engel, Lehman
Words with music. Macmillan, 1972.
Note: signed.
Ewen, David (editor)
The book of modern composers. Knopf, 1942.
Note: pencil marks, section on Copland.
Composers of today. Wilson, 1934.
Note: Copland copy, pencil notes.
Fennell, Frederick
Time and the winds. G. LeBlanc, 1954.
Note: signed by author.
Fernández, Justino
Folklore Méxicano. Eugenio Fischgrund, n.d.
Note: signed.
Fernández, Ramón
André Gide. Éditions R.-A. Corrêa, 1931.
Foote, Arthur and Walter R. Spalding
Modern harmony in its theory and practice. Schmidt, 1905.
Note: Copland notes.
Forster, E. M.
Alexandria: a history and guide. Doubleday, 1961.
Maurice. Edward Arnold, 1971.
Fox, Ida
In the wind. Antiphon, 1970.
Note: signed by author.
France, Anatole
L'anneau d'améthyste. Calmann-Levy, n.d.
Franco, Enrique
La música en los estados unidos. La Editora Nacional, 1955.
Note: signed by author.
Friedman, Sanford
Rip Van Winkle. Atheneum, 1980.
Note: signed by family.
Gagliani, Oliver
Oliver Gagliani. Ideograph, 1975.
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