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Music, 1841-1988 (continued)
Music by Aaron Copland, 1911-1985 (continued)
Music Manuscripts and Printed Editions, 1920-1985 (continued)
Proclamation for piano. (continued)
Ms. (photocopy). Piano solo: 3 p.; 28 cm.
At end: Sketched in 1973; completed 1982.
Origin of Proclamation for orchestra.
BOX-FOLDER 43/100a Proclamation for piano. New York: Boosey & Hawkes, [1984] .
Piano solo; 3 p.
c1984 by Aaron Copland.
Plt.: PIB-438.
Note: Contains some holograph orchestra indications in pencil.
Bound in Two Pieces for Piano; includes and is filed with Midday thoughts.
100-A) Proclamation for orchestra : from Proclamation for piano [arranged]
BOX-FOLDER 43/100-Aa Proclamation for orchestra : orchestrated by Phillip Ramey (1984; orchestrated 1985). [New York]: Boosey & Hawkes, [1985] .
Full score; 10 p. (2 copies).
c1984 by Aaron Copland; orchestration copyright 1985.
At end: 1973-82 (Orchestration: March, 1985).
Transcribed from Proclamation for piano.
BOX-FOLDER 111/100-A misc Proclamation for orchestra.
100-A misc
Mss. Miscellaneous pages of holograph sketches from scores and parts in ink and pencil; photocopies.
BOX 112 Published Compilations of Works by Copland, 1982-1986
BOX-FOLDER 112/1 A Copland portrait : adapted by Clare Grundman (1985). New York: Boosey & Hawkes, [1986] .
Full score; 47 p. (2 copies).
Plt.: Q.M.B. 503.
Duration: ca. 8 min.
BOX-FOLDER 112/2 Album (1982). New York: Boosey & Hawkes, [1982] .
Piano solos; 31 p.
  • 1) Petit portrait
  • 2) Down a country lane
  • 3) Midsummer nocturne
  • 4) In evening air
  • 5) Piano blues No. 1
  • 6) Piano blues No. 4
  • 7) Saturday night waltz (from Rodeo)
  • 8) Sentimental melody
  • 9) The resting-place on the hill (from Our town)
  • 10) The young pioneers
  • 11) Sunday afternoon music
BOX-FOLDER 112/3 Sounding success : a Copland tribute / adapted by Clare Grundman (1985). New York: Boosey & Hawkes, [1986] .
Full score; 24 p. (2 copies).
Plt.: Q.M.B. 493.
Duration: ca. 6 min.
BOX 111 BOX 112 BOX 117A Music Composed by Copland Not Assigned ARCO Numbers, 1911-1985
BOX-FOLDER 111/1 "Ballade ?"
See also: "Two ballads for violin and piano"
Ms. Condensed score draft for violin and orchestra; [1] p.; 38 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
At top of page: Violin concerto (the latter work crossed out).
Dated 3/3/57 by the composer.
BOX-FOLDER 111/2 "Ballade for vl. & orch."
See also: "Two ballads for violin and piano"
Ms. Condensed score; 6 p. 38 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
Dated 3/4/57 by the composer.
BOX-FOLDER 111/3 [Ballade].
See also: "Two ballads for violin and piano"
Ms. Condensed score; [7] p., pages of music marked A-F; 43.5 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
Holograph note in pencil on page [1], pointing to top of page marked A: See p. 9 as idea for preceding this.
At end: 5 min.
BOX-FOLDER 111/6 "Two ballads for violin and piano" (1957).
Piano score and violin part; 8 + 4 leaves; 28 cm.
Note: Computer printout.
Laid in: Letter from Benjamin Folkman to Library of Congress Music Division Chief, Jon Newsom, dated May 19, 2000.
BOX-FOLDER 112/4 "Ballade of Ozzie Powell" : words on poem of Langston Hughes (1936-37).
Choral score and sketches; 3 + 2 p.; 33.5 cm.
Note: Holograph in ink and pencil.
On title page: Later used as sketches for Music for Radio .
Includes photocopy of manuscript title page.
BOX-FOLDER 112/5 "Corrigenda" : Copland-Shackelford organ variations (1973).
Organ solo; [13] p. 28 cm.
Note: Contains holograph markings in red pencil.
BOX-FOLDER 112/6 "Internationale" (1942).
Piano sketch; [3] p.; 31.5 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
At head: Arranged by A. C. for Koussevitsky, 5'42.
BOX-FOLDER 112/7 "Into the streets May first" (ca. 1934).
Piano-vocal score and sketches; [4] p.; 34 cm.
Note: Holographs in pencil.
English text by Alfred Hayes; the poem "Into the Streets May First" was published first in the New masses , May 1, 1934 and later in the Workers' song book no. 2 in 1935.
BOX-FOLDER 111/4 [Miscellaneous holograph and copyist's manuscript pages in ink and pencil and photocopies of unidentified fragment from sketches, scores, and parts remaining in the collection file.]
BOX-FOLDER 112/8 "Motet : Psalm 28-6" (n.d.).
Vocal score (SATB); [4] p.; 35 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
BOX-FOLDER 112/9 "Movement" : for string quartet (1921-24). New York: Boosey & Hawkes, [1988] .
Score for string quartet; 13 p. (2 copies).
At head: To Vivian Perlis.
Included with this published score is a photocopy (2 leaves) of the manuscript violin part.
Written at head of the part: Dedicated to V. P. (Vivian Perlis) inventor of this work! - A. C.
BOX-FOLDER 112/10 "Music Library Association 1931-1971" (1971).
Melody principal and schedule of MLA seminar sessions; 2 leaves + [4] p. program.
Note: Holograph in ink, photocopy and printed program.
At end: For the M. L. A's 40th Anniversary with a salute from Aaron Copland - Rock Hill, 1971.
BOX-FOLDER 112/11 "String quartet" (1965-68).
Sketches for string quartet; [24] p.; 34.5 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
BOX-FOLDER 117A/1-6 "Tragic ground" : a musical play / text by Lynn Riggs (1945).
Sketches, piano-vocal scores and libretto typescripts; unnumbered; various sizes.
Note: Holographs in ink and pencil.
This work was never produced.
BOX-FOLDER 111/5 "Two ballads for violin and piano" (1957).
Ms. (photocopy). Piano score; 6 p.; 43 cm.
Note: Photocopy of copyist's manuscript.
Arranged, by Bennett Lerner and Phillip Ramey for violin and piano from the music in Ballade for violin and orchestra (see Box 12/5-6), for the occasion of Copland's 88 th birthday; performed there by Roger Zehab, violin, and Bennett Lerner, piano.
BOX 117B-117E Juvenilia, 1911-1926
BOX 117B-117D Juvenilia (arranged chronologically), 1911-1926
BOX-FOLDER 117B/1-14 Juvenilia (1911-1921).
17 volumes of Copland "Juvenilia"; includes exercises, compositions, sketches, instrumental and vocal parts, and ideas for operas.
Note: Holographs in pencil and ink.
BOX-FOLDER 117C/1-7 Juvenilia: Schirmer manuscript music books (1917-1921).
7 volumes of A. Copland student works while studying under Robin Goldmark; includes exercises and early compositions.
Note: Holographs in pencil.
BOX-FOLDER 117D/1-2 Juvenilia A: Capriccio , for violin and piano (1916?).
Score for violin and piano; 1 leaf; 30.5 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
At end: Around 1916?
Photocopy included.
BOX-FOLDER 117D/3-4 Juvenilia B: Moment musicale - a tone poem, piano solo (1917).
Piano solo; 3 lvs; 34 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil and ink.
Photocopy included.
BOX-FOLDER 117D/5-6 Juvenilia C: Melancholy, a song à la Debussy (1917).
Piano-vocal score (2 versions); 2 lvs.; 34 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
Photocopy included.
BOX-FOLDER 117D/7 Juvenilia D: Spurned love (1917).
Piano-vocal score; [5] p. (pp. 21-25); 21 x 25 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
At head: Composed Nov. 2, 1917.
BOX-FOLDER 117D/7 Juvenilia E: After Antwerp (1915).
Piano-vocal score; [3] p. (pp. 18-20); 21 x 25 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
At head: Composed Dec. 10, 1917.
BOX-FOLDER 117D/8-9 Juvenilia F: Waltz caprice (1918).
Sketch for piano solo; 2 lvs; 34 cm.
Note: Holograph in pencil.
Photocopy included.
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