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Writings and Oral Presentations, 1925-1988 (continued)
Writings by Others, 1925-1988 (continued)
About Aaron Copland (continued)
Articles (continued)
By Author (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 220/38 Aaron Copland , n.d.
Paddack, John Christopher
BOX-FOLDER 222/1 Aaron Copland (English and Spanish), 1964
Pasles, Chris
BOX-FOLDER 222/2 Aaron Copland: A reminder that music is a living art , 1978
Payne, Ifan
BOX-FOLDER 222/3 Copland on film: Indeed, the best does go on , n.d.
Perlis, Vivian
BOX-FOLDER 222/4 Aaron Copland and the piano , 1990
Boulanger -- 20th-century music was born in her classroom
See: Writings by AC, Articles: Copland salutes Boulanger
Perlis, Vivian and Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 231/11 Copland and the BSO: A lasting friendship , 1981
Pettis, Ashley
BOX-FOLDER 231/12 Marching with a song , 1934
Plaistow, Stephen
Some notes on Copland's "Nonet"
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Evans, Peter. First performances: Copland's "Connotations"
Portela, Francisco V.
BOX-FOLDER 231/13 Copland, arquitecto de la música , n.d.
Pottersman, Edna
BOX-FOLDER 231/14 Copland conducts Copland , 1972
R. A. S.
BOX-FOLDER 222/15 [ America's young men of promise ], n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 222/16 Musical events , 1932
Ramey, Phillip
BOX-FOLDER 222/5 Aaron Copland: Genial patriarch of American music , 1985
Aaron Copland at eighty: A candid talk with the composer about himself, American music and its makers, 1980
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Dommett, Kenneth: Aaron Copland -An appreciation
Redlich, H. F.
BOX-FOLDER 222/6 Music from the American continent , 1958
Reed, Philip
BOX-FOLDER 222/7 Copland and Britten: A composing friendship , 1990
Reti, Rudolph
BOX-FOLDER 222/8 Copland's "Third Symphony" termed a milestone , 1948
Roddy, Joseph
BOX-FOLDER 222/9 At 75, Aaron Copland is the first composer to live nicely off his notes , 1975
BOX-FOLDER 222/10 The case of Aaron Copland , 1976
Rosenfeld, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 222/11 Aaron Copland's growth , 1931
BOX-FOLDER 222/12 The advance of American music , 1939
BOX-FOLDER 222/13 Musical chronicle , 1925
Roy, Klaus George
BOX-FOLDER 222/14 A composer grows in Brooklyn , 1952
Salzman, Eric
BOX-FOLDER 222/17 Aaron Copland: The American composer is eighty , 1981
BOX-FOLDER 231/15 Disks: Copland , 1961
Sargeant, Winthrop
BOX-FOLDER 222/18 The case of Aaron Copland , 1946
Sasportes, José Estevão
BOX-FOLDER 222/19 Aaron Copland e a dança na América , 1961
Schonberg, Harold C.
Aaron Copland
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Dommett, Kenneth. Aaron Copland - An appreciation
BOX-FOLDER 222/20 Copland symbolizes a period , 1971
Schuman, William
BOX-FOLDER 222/21 Aaron Copland , 1979
A 75th birthday tribute
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Boulanger, Nadia. Tribute to Aaron Copland
Secunda, Sholom
BOX-FOLDER 222/22 Di groyse idishe compozitors Bloch un Copland (The great Jewish composers Bloch and Copland), 1950
Sessions, Roger
BOX-FOLDER 222/23 Reflections on the music life in the United States , 1956
Shapiro, Aaron
BOX-FOLDER 222/24 Aaron Copland wins Pulitzer Prize; Prominent as composer and author , 1945
Shostakovitch, Dmitri
BOX-FOLDER 222/25 Travel notes - No. 5 , 1949
Slonimsky, Nicolas
BOX-FOLDER 222/26 "The Six" of American music , 1937
Smit, Leo
BOX-FOLDER 222/27 For and about Aaron on his 75th , 1975
Smith, Cecil Michener
Copland's "Hear Ye, Hear Ye!" and an Ibert ballet
See: Writings by AC, Articles: Scherchen on conducting and Ewen on composers [Book review]
BOX-FOLDER 222/28 League of Composers program celebrates Copland birthday , 1950
Soria, Dorle J.
Artist life, 1970
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Copland at 70
Stahmer, Klaus
BOX-FOLDER 222/29 Aaron Copland: 75 Jahre , 1976
Stell, Loren
BOX-FOLDER 231/16 Aaron Copland and his influence , n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 231/17 Brooklyn to 'Billy the Kid' , 1980
Stemmer, Konrad
BOX-FOLDER 231/18 Die synchronisierte Zeitschrift , 1952
Stoddard, Hope
BOX-FOLDER 231/19 Aaron Copland on the composer's craft , 1949
Strode, Rosamund
BOX-FOLDER 222/30 Aaron Copland at Aldeburgh , n.d.
Tākui, Hyūeru
BOX-FOLDER 222/31 Amerika no ongaku no soko o saguru (American music, a study in depth), 1960
BOX-FOLDER 222/32 Tsekai no mei shikishatachi (Aaron Copland - The gift of simplicity). Translated by Junji Miura, 1969
Taubman, Howard
BOX-FOLDER 231/21 The music of Aaron Copland (in Russian), n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 231/22 Scored for Americans: "Aaron Copland: His work and contribution to American music" , by Julia Smith [Book review], 1956
See also: Writings by Others, About AC, Books: Smith, Julia. Aaron Copland: His work and contribution to American music
BOX-FOLDER 222/33 A week for youth , n.d.
Temianka, Henri
BOX-FOLDER 222/34 On music , 1980
Thomson, Virgil
Contemporary American composers, VII. Aaron Copland
See: Writings by AC, Articles: Stravinsky and Hindemith premieres
BOX-FOLDER 222/35 Copland as great man , 1946
BOX-FOLDER 231/23 The cult of jazz , 1925
Tircuit, Heuwell
[Titles by Heuwell Tircuit]
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Tākui, Hyūeru. Amerika no ongaku no soko o saguru
Trench, Kelly
BOX-FOLDER 222/36 Aaron Copland at 75 , 1975
Tryon, Winthrop P.
BOX-FOLDER 231/24 Symphony forecast - New work by Aaron Copland for season's first concert , 1945
BOX-FOLDER 231/25 I concerti: Musica americana d'oggi nella conferenza di A. Copland , 1951
Walsh, Michael
P.S., 1982
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Keens, William. Part of it all: A profile of Aaron Copland
Ward, Robert
Aaron Copland: Four dance episodes from "Rodeo"[Music review]
See: Writings by AC, Articles: Memorial to Paul Rosenfeld
Warfield, William
See: Writings by AC, Lectures & Speeches: The composer as critic
Waterfall, Beth
BOX-FOLDER 231/26 Celebrating the master of American music: Aaron Copland , 1985
Waters, Edward N.
BOX-FOLDER 222/37 Harvest of the year: Selected acquisitions of the music division , 1967
Watson, Marcia
BOX-FOLDER 222/38 Copland to receive prize , 1970
Widener, William Harry
BOX-FOLDER 222/39 Sour blue notes sounded on alleged reds in music , n.d.
Wimbush, Roger
BOX-FOLDER 222/40 Here and there with Roger Wimbush: Aaron Copland , 1964
See also: Writings by Others, About AC, Interviews: Wimbush, Roger.Here and there with Roger Wimbush: Aaron Copland
Winner, Percy
BOX-FOLDER 222/41 Jazz played out, American audiences inert, native composers agree , 1929
Young, Douglas
The piano music, 1970-1971
See: Writings by Others, About AC, Articles: Copland at 70
Zanetti, Emilia
BOX-FOLDER 222/42 Aaron Copland giudica il "jazzismo" , 1949
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