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William A. Newland and Charles Zeuner collection of music, circa 1735-circa 1900

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Vocal Music (continued)
Sacred vocal music : Latin (continued)
BOX 30 Vespers services and excerpts - Printed music
BOX-FOLDER 30/8-9 W. A. Newland's collection of Vespers. Philadelphia: W. A. Newland, n.d.
Published and for sale by W. A. Newland.
10 sets
Includes cover pages for:
  • Catholic Church Music. Masses, Vespers & Responses. Boston: Ditson & Co.
  • Catholic Church Music, Seventh Series - Peters Collection. New York: J. L. Peters
  • Catholic Church Music, Ninth Series. Boston: Ditson & Co.
BOX-FOLDER 30/10 W. A. Newland's collection of Sacred Music, Nos. 1-10. Philadelphia: W. A. Newland, 1850 .
Published and for sale by W. A. Newland
Contains works by B. Carr, W. Newland, J. Ohnewald, Paxton, and R. Taylor
BOX 30 Vespers services and excerpts - Manuscripts
BOX 30 By Composer
BOX-FOLDER 30/11 [Unidentified]
vocal parts
Millard, Harrison
BOX-FOLDER 30/12 [Unidentified]
organ score with text
  • Magnificats and Vespers by Marzo and Mercadente
  • Mass by Mercadente
Newland, William Augustine
BOX-FOLDER 30/13 [Unidentified]
6 sets of vocal parts
Rosewig, Albert H.
BOX-FOLDER 30/14 [Unidentified]
organ score with text
Scherbauer, K.
BOX-FOLDER 30/15 Vesperae breves (Op. 5)
vocal parts
BOX 30 Title only
BOX-FOLDER 30/16 [Vespers fragments]
BOX 31 Motets, anthems, antiphons, etc. - Printed music
BOX 31 By Composer
André, Anton
BOX-FOLDER 31/1 Te Deum Laudamus komponirt und in einen Klavier-Auszug gebracht von Anton André. 60stes Werk. Offenbach a/M: Johann André, [1829-1833] .
Pl. no. 5250.
Fuss, Johann
BOX-FOLDER 31/2 Hymnus. Johann Fuss in Wien. (Beylage zur allgemeinen musikalischen Zeitung, [No. 51]; No. 9).
Gounod, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 31/3 Ave Maria by Charles Gounod. [S.l.]: N. & P., n.d.
Popular soprano or tenor songs
Handel, George Frideric
BOX-FOLDER 31/4 Te Deum [Laudamus] in Score Composed for His Grace the Duke of Chandos in the Year 1720 by G. F. Handel. No. 20.
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
BOX-FOLDER 31/5 Te Deum a 4 Voci coll accompagnamento di due Violini, Bassi e Organo composto da W. A. Mozart. Partitura mit unterlegtem deutschen Texte von C. A. H. Clodius. Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, [1803] .
Inscribed on title page: C. F. Abel
Neukomm, Sigismund Ritter von
BOX-FOLDER 31/6 Hymnus für drey Stimmen, von Hrn Ritter S. von Neukomm. (Beilage zur allgem. musikal. Zeitung 1825. No. 40; No. III).
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
BOX-FOLDER 31/7 Stabat [Mater] de Pergolèse. A deux voix avec accompagnement de Piano ou Orgue. Édition deluxe. Paris: V. Launer, n.d.
Pl. no. Vve. L.3335.
also includes: Requiem à quatre voix, by Mozart
Raffelin, A.
BOX-FOLDER 31/8 [Ave verum corpus] A. Raffelin. Partitur. Offenbach s/M: Joh. André, n.d.
Webbe, Samuel
BOX-FOLDER 31/9 Tantum Ergo, No. 3
also includes Tantum Ergo no. 4, by Fr. X. Schmid
Winter, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 31/10 Ave Maria. Trio. For the Offertory. Music by Winter. Cincinnati: W. C. Peters & Sons, n.d.
from The Musical World and Times
BOX-FOLDER 31/11 Regina Coeli. Trio [for] Two Trebles and Tenor. Arranged from Winter.
Winter, Peter and Vincent Novello
BOX-FOLDER 31/12 Jesu Fili Dei. Terzettino for Benediction from Winter and Novello. Cincinnati: W. C. Peters & Sons, n.d.
Pl. no. 1124
Manuscript alteration. both to score and to manuscript solo bass part
BOX 31 Title only
BOX-FOLDER 31/13 Magnificat - Canticum B. V. M.
BOX 31-35 Motets, anthems, antiphones, etc. - Manuscripts
BOX 31 Adeste Fideles
Novello, Vincent (arranger)
BOX-FOLDER 31/14 Adeste Fideles
organ score with text
BOX 31 Adoremus Natum
Souvin, Edward
BOX-FOLDER 31/15 Adoremus Natum
organ score with text
BOX 31 Alma Redemptoris Mater
Bordese, Luigi
BOX-FOLDER 31/16 Alma Redemptoris Mater
soprano part
Lutgen, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 31/17 Alma Redemptoris Mater
organ score with text
BOX 31 Amor Jesu
Neukomm, Sigismund Ritter von
BOX-FOLDER 31/18 Amor Jesu
vocal score
BOX 31 Asperges
Novello, Vincent
BOX-FOLDER 31/19 Asperges
bassi part
[on verso] Asperges from Catholic Choir, p. 18
Werner, A.
BOX-FOLDER 31/20 Asperges
[on] Domine from Garbet vocal parts
BOX-FOLDER 31/21 Asperges
[in] Inchoat Sacerdos Antiphonam [rubric]
BOX 31 Ave Maria
Cherubini, Luigi
Ave Maria
see: Haydn, Mass in B-flat, Box 26
Luzzi, Luigi
BOX-FOLDER 31/22 Ave Maria
cornet part, organ/vocal score (2 copies)
English version by H. Millard
  • Ave Maria by Rossini from Seperazione (Peters 4115)
  • Duo from Stabat [Mater] by Rossini
BOX-FOLDER 31/23 Ave Maria
[from] Cavalleria Rusticana.
Arranged by W. A. Newland
  • O Salutaris by W. F. Pecher, organist of New York Cathedral. Arranged by W. A. Newland
  • Jesu, Jesu by Mozart, Bass solo with chorus. Arranged by W. A. Newland
Rossini, Gioacchino
Ave Maria
see: Ave Maria by Luzzi (above)
Schubert, Franz
BOX-FOLDER 31/24 Ave Maria
organ score with text
BOX-FOLDER 31/25 Ave Maria
BOX 32 Ave maris stella
Donizetti, Gaetano
Ave maris stella
see: Haydn, Mass in B-flat, Box 26
Thomas, J. B.
BOX-FOLDER 32/1 Ave maris stella
soprano part
BOX 32 Ave Regina
Raffelin, A.
BOX-FOLDER 32/2 Ave Regina
solo soprano (or tenor) with organ
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