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William A. Newland and Charles Zeuner collection of music, circa 1735-circa 1900

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Vocal Music (continued)
Sacred vocal music : Non-Latin (continued)
Works for voice and keyboard or a cappella voices - Printed music (continued)
Collections (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 39/1 The Choral Harmonist. Vol. 3, No. 25-32. London: J. Hart, n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 39/2-3 Handel & Haydn Collection.
From the 4th volume.
5 copies
  • Palestrina - We have heard with our ears.
  • [Kent] - Te Deum.
  • Haydn - Te Deum.
  • Beethoven - March and Chorus of Roman Soldiers from the Mount of Olives.
BOX 39-41 BOX 56 Works for voice and keyboard or a cappella voices - Manuscripts
BOX 39-40 BOX 56 By Composer
Bordese, Luigi
BOX-FOLDER 39/4 Flowers of Sacred Harmony
Carr, Benjamin
BOX-FOLDER 39/5 Anthem for Christmas
soprano and basso parts
BOX-FOLDER 39/6 Jubilate Deo (O be joyful)
vocal parts
BOX-FOLDER 56/2 Jubilate Deo (with a Gloria by Charles Zeuner)
Cunnington, W. P.
BOX-FOLDER 39/7 3 Dirges - Sung at the Solemn Requiem at St. Joseph's Church on March 18, 1863
organ score with text
Greene, Maurice
BOX-FOLDER 39/8 Duet - The Lord is my shepherd
organ/vocal score
Handel, George Frideric
BOX-FOLDER 39/9 Athalia
organ/vocal score
Hansen, E. R.
BOX-FOLDER 39/10 When shall we meet again - A sacred hymn
organ/vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 39/11 Funeral Anthem
organ/vocal score
copied by Charles Zeuner
Jackson, William
BOX-FOLDER 39/12 Anthem - Turn ye to me
vocal score
Jones, Geo. F.
BOX-FOLDER 39/13 Krug
contralto part and organ score with text
Meignen, Leopold
BOX-FOLDER 39/14 [Compilation of sacred and secular vocal works]
piano and piano/vocal scores
Milelotti, G.
BOX-FOLDER 39/15 La Pentecosta
organ/vocal score
Moran, P. K.
BOX-FOLDER 39/16 The Hebrew Mourner
organ/vocal score
Words by J. W. Eastburn
Neukomm, Sigismund Ritter von
BOX-FOLDER 39/17 O Jesus my Redeemer
organ/vocal score
Words from the German of Klopstock
Newland, William Augustine
BOX-FOLDER 40/1 Fairest Virgin
vocal parts
BOX-FOLDER 40/3 [Te Deum]
organ/vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 40/4 Te Deum Laudamus
orchestral and organ/vocal scores
Newland, William Augustine
BOX-FOLDER 40/2 Grand Te Deum
organ/vocal score
Rosenthal, W.
BOX-FOLDER 40/5 Spirit Creator
organ score with text
Spohr, Louis
BOX-FOLDER 40/6 Blessed are the dead
vocal score
This dirge was performed at the memorial services of Gen. U. S. Grant, Aug. 5, 1885
Stradella, Alessandro
BOX-FOLDER 40/7 Air D'Eglise (Pieta Signore)
vocal parts
Tuckerman, S. Parkman
BOX-FOLDER 40/8 Anthem - Sing praises to God
BOX 40-41 BOX 56 Title only
BOX-FOLDER 40/9 As the Hart Panteth
organ/vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 40/10 Mary Our Lovely Queen of May
organ score with text
BOX-FOLDER 40/11 O my Redeemer
organ/vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 40/12 We praise thee O God / Te Deum
organ/vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 40/13-20 [Anglican chants copied by Charles Zeuner]
  • Benedic anima mea
  • Benedictus
  • Bonum est confiteri
  • Deus Miseratur
  • Gloria Patri
  • Glorious Mother
  • Jubilate Deo
  • Venite Exultemus Domino
BOX-FOLDER 40/21 [Compilation of litanies, etc.]
BOX-FOLDER 56/10 [Hymn parts]
BOX-FOLDER 40/23 [Miscellaneous chants]
BOX-FOLDER 40/22 [Miscellaneous hymn parts]
BOX-FOLDER 40/24 [Miscellaneous works]
BOX-FOLDER 40/25 [Miscellaneous fragments]
BOX-FOLDER 41/1 Instrumental parts, sacred vocal, non-Latin
BOX 41-46 BOX 56 Secular vocal music
BOX 41-42 BOX 56 Music for 1 voice - Printed music
BOX 41-42 By Composer
Arne, Thomas Augustine
BOX-FOLDER 41/2 (The wanton God who pierces hearts... ) Sung by Mrs. Clive. [London?]: [s.n.], n.d.
Beethoven, Ludwig van
BOX-FOLDER 41/3 Gesänge mit Begleitung des Klaviers in Musik gesetzt von L. van Beethoven. No. 16. [Op. 52, no. 5] Mayence: Charles Zulehner, n.d.
Pl. no. 113.
BOX-FOLDER 41/3 May Gesang. Wieherrlich Leuchtet mir die Natur von Göthe [and] Ohne Liebe Lebe, wer da Kann Gedicht von Lessing, in Musik gesezt mit Clavier Begleitung von L. van Beethoven. No. 11 u. 12. Mainz: B. Schott Söhne, [1788?] .
Pl. no. 109.
BOX-FOLDER 41/4 Scena ed Aria, Ha! Treuloser Meineidger verräthrischer Barbar? = (Ah! perfido, spergiuro barbaro traditor) in Musik gesezt mit Clavier Begleitung von L. van Beethoven. No. 13. Mainz: B. Schott Söhne, [1805?] .
Pl. no. 150.
Bellini, Vincenzo
BOX-FOLDER 41/5 Beatrice di Tenda. Come t'adoro e quanto, cavatina nella Beatrice di Tenda del maestro Bellini. Paris: Pacini, n.d.
Pl. no. 3360.
BOX-FOLDER 41/6 La Sonnambula. Ah non credea mirarti. Air Finale per voce di soprano. Paris: V. Launer, n.d.
Pl. no. V.L. 3199.
Bertoni, Ferdinando Gioseffo
BOX-FOLDER 41/7 La Virginella. Adapted as a favorite Lesson for the Harpsichord [S.l.]: [s.n.], [1780?] .
Bordogni, Giulio Marco
BOX-FOLDER 41/8 24 nouvelles Vocalises faciles et progressives à la portée de toutes les voix avec piano par Marco Bordogni. Introduction aux 36 Vocalises. Livr. I. Berlin: A. M. Schlesinger, n.d.
Pl. no. S. 3566(1).
Bornhardt, J. H. C.
BOX-FOLDER 41/9 Das Musikalische Tempo. Ein Gesang mit Begleitung der Guitarre. Zur Erbauung für jedes Alter. Gedichtet von Haug. Componirt von J. H. C. Bornhardt. Braunschweig: I. P. Spehr, n.d.
Pl. no. 1129.
BOX-FOLDER 41/10 Der Taucher, Ballade von Schiller zur Guitarre componirt von J.H.C. Bornhardt. 65tes Werck. Braunschweig: J. P. Spehr, n.d.
Pl. no. 973.
Della Maria, Pierre-Antoine-Dominique
BOX-FOLDER 41/11 Le Prisonnier Aria aus der Oper le Prisonier. Wenn ich in jenen finstern Mauern. Mainz: B. Schott, [1819?] .
Pl. no. 7.
BOX-FOLDER 41/11 Romance. No. 18. Le Prisonnier ou la Ressemblance. Paroles du Duval, Musique du Delamaria. [Paris]: J. Mees, n.d.
from Journal hebdomadaire
Dibdin, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 41/12 Brother Jack, written & composed by Mr. Dibdin, and sung by him in his new entertainment called the Cake House. London: Charles Dibdin, n.d.
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