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Personal Files, 1880-1978 (continued)
Serge, Natalie, and Olga Koussevitzky (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 240/1-4 Koussevitzky, Serge--Death, 1951-1975
see also Koussevitzky Music Foundation, Subject Files, Anniversaries--1st--Koussevitzky's death
Includes obituaries, tributes, memorials, clippings, remarks, narratives, and speeches from the time of his death, as well as anniversary tributes in the years following. Also includes correspondence, statements by Olga, a radio script from a broadcast honoring SK, poetry, programs from events in honor of SK, including Church on the Hill memorials over the years, a Boston Symphony Orchestra statement, and various published and unpublished tributes.
Legal and Financial Papers
BOX-FOLDER 240/5--241/2 Legal correspondence and papers, 1925-1956
(6 folders)
Includes some financial papers.
BOX 346 Legal and financial, 1922-1926
BOX 347 Legal and financial, 1927-1929
BOX 348 Legal and financial, 1930-1932
BOX 349 Legal and financial, 1932-1935
BOX 350 Legal and financial, 1936-1938
BOX 351 Legal and financial, 1938-1939
BOX 352 Legal and financial, 1939-1940
BOX 353 Legal and financial, 1940-1941
BOX 354 Legal and financial, 1941-1942
BOX 355 Legal and financial, 1942
BOX 356 Legal and financial, 1943
BOX 357 Legal and financial, 1943-1944
BOX 358 Legal and financial, 1944-1945
BOX 359 Legal and financial, 1945
BOX 360 Legal and financial, 1945-1946
BOX 361 Legal and financial, 1946-1947
BOX 362 Legal and financial, 1947-1948
BOX 363 Legal and financial, 1948
BOX 364 Legal and financial, 1949-1950
BOX 365 Legal and financial, 1951-1955
BOX 366 Legal and financial, 1955-1956
BOX 367 Legal and financial, 1956-1957
BOX 368 Legal and financial, 1957-1958
BOX 369 Legal and financial, 1959-1960
BOX 370 Legal and financial, 1960-1961
BOX 371 Legal and financial, 1962-1964
BOX 372 Legal and financial, 1965-1967
BOX 373 Legal and financial, 1967-1978
BOX 374-379 Bank statements and cancelled checks, 1932-1972
BOX 380-382 Cancelled checks, 1924-1977
BOX-FOLDER 241/3-5 Marriages, 1905 and 1947
Includes Serge and Natalie’s marriage certificate, Serge and Olga’s marriage certificate, clippings, and congratulatory letters.
BOX-FOLDER 241/6-8 Medical records, 1919-1961
Records pertaining to Serge, Natalie, and Olga.
BOX-FOLDER 241/9 Meudon property, 1958-1963
BOX-FOLDER 241/10 Miscellaneous documents
BOX-FOLDER 241/11 Miscellaneous handwritten notes
BOX-FOLDER 242/1 Miscellaneous tributes, honors, and awards, 1924-1944
Programs, clippings, and correspondence relating to dinners, tributes and awards in SK’s honor during his lifetime.
BOX-FOLDER 242/2 Notebook, Unidentified
Possibly a secretarial notebook.
BOX-FOLDER 289/5 Poem by Val'mont, 1918
Handwritten on card.
BOX-FOLDER 242/3 Rationing documents, 1943-1944
BOX-FOLDER 242/4 Saratoga Springs, 1941
BOX-FOLDER 242/5 Seranak, 1938-1942, 1970-1975
Includes documents relating to the purchase of the Bald Head house, which would become Seranak.
BOX-FOLDER 242/6 Serge Koussevitzky memorabilia
BOX-FOLDER 242/7 Société de la Légion d'honneur, 1924-1940
BOX-FOLDER 242/8-9 Travel, 1925-1957
BOX-FOLDER 242/10-11 Wills and estate documents, 1930-1953
Wills belonging to Serge, Natalie, and Olga, including various versions. Accompanied by correspondence from lawyers regarding SK's estate. Also includes a brief statement by Olga indicating that her estate will go to the Library of Congress.
BOX-FOLDER 242/12 Wolaver, John. Sonatina in C major, opus 1, number 1
Music manuscript
Dedicated to Serge Koussevitzky.
Olga Koussevitzky and Family
BOX-FOLDER 243/1, 289/1, 290/4-5 Awards and honors, 1949-1968
BOX-FOLDER 243/2-4 Business and finance, 1956-1976
BOX-FOLDER 243/5-8 Caricatures, 1958-1977
Documents relating to OK’s caricatures. Includes correspondence, programs from exhibits, various lists of the caricatures, clippings and articles, and promotional materials.
BOX-FOLDER 244/1 Clippings, 1952-1978
BOX-FOLDER 244/2-10 Correspondence, 1941-1978
Includes invitations and announcements.
Family--Naumov and Ushkov
BOX-FOLDER 244/11 Biographical materials relating to Aleksandr Nikolaevich (A. N.) Naumov (Olga's father)
Includes obituaries, two photographs from a publication, business card, and an article.
BOX-FOLDER 244/12 Clippings relating to A. N. Naumov, 1950-1957
BOX-FOLDER 244/13 Correspondence
Includes letters between Olga and A. N. Naumov; and Serge Gorchakoff’s letters to A. N. Naumov.
BOX-FOLDER 244/14 Speech delivered by A. Tchordgevsky for Aleksandr Naumov, 1915
BOX 245-248 Naumov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich (A. N.). Iz utsielievshchikh' vospominaniĭ, 1868-1917
14 typewritten bound volumes
A. N. Naumov's memoir. English title: From Remaining Memories.
BOX 249 Naumov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich (A. N.). Iz utsielievshchikh' vospominaniĭ, 1868-1917
2 printed soft bound volumes (2 copies)
Privately printed in 1954-1955 by Anna Naumova. Handwritten notes inserted between pages.
BOX 250-254 BOX-FOLDER 255/1 Naumov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich (A. N.). Iz utsielievshchikh' vospominaniĭ, 1868-1917
Corrected and edited photocopied typewritten proofs of Naumov's memoir. Includes annotations and accompanying notes.
BOX-FOLDER 255/2 Miscellaneous documents related to Naumov’s memoir
Includes a dedication page, a document entitled “contents of my memoirs,” and a document identified as “Naumov memoirs.”
BOX-FOLDER 255/3 English translation of first two chapters of Naumov’s memoir, by William H. Dougherty, 1955
Includes letters to Olga from Dougherty, and his translation of a couple chapters of The Brothers Karamazov.
BOX-FOLDER 255/4--256/2 Correspondence about Naumov’s memoir, 1942-1959
(6 folders)
Correspondence among Olga, Anna Naumova, Sergei Cheremeteff (Sheremetev) and Boris Brasol (Brazol’) regarding the publication of Naumov's memoir by Russian printing house (Russkaia Tipografiia). Also includes receipts, invoices, and other documents that relate to the sale of the memoir.
BOX-FOLDER 256/3-4 Hoover War Library materials, 1925-1953
Includes the contract between A. N. Naumov and the Hoover War Library at Stanford University; correspondence, including that between Naumov and Nikolai Nikolaevich Golovin regarding Naumov’s memoir; and other materials relating to the acquisition of Naumov's memoir by the Hoover War Library.
BOX-FOLDER 256/5 Fantastic sketch (CH’i to golosa), by Aleksandr Naumov, 1944
In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 256/6 Historical study of the development of land ownership in Russia, by Aleksandr Naumov, Oct. 1933
Accompanied by English translation by Loraine Rowan Shevlin, entitled "A short history of the development of land ownership in Russia."
BOX-FOLDER 256/7 History of the Naumov family (Imienie Golovkino), possibly by Aleksandr Naumov, undated
One page in Olga’s hand. In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 256/8 On the occasion of the overhearing of a conversation (Sluchaino Uslyshannye Razgovory), by Aleksandr Naumov, 1944
In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 256/9 Souvenirs of Petr Arkad’evich Stolypin (Vospominaniia Stolypine), by Aleksandr Naumov, undated
Stolypin was prime minister under Nicholas II until Stolypin’s assassination in 1911, in Kiev.
In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 256/10 Speech delivered by Aleksandr Naumov, 1928
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of Nicholas II, under whom Naumov served as minister of agriculture from 1915-1916.
In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 256/11 Stenographic report of the Russian Duma (Stenograficheskii Otchet), Feb. 18, 1916
Contains a report/speech by Aleksandr Naumov. Incomplete. Printed.
In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 256/12 The Zemstvo (elective district) in Russia of the past and of the future, by A. Naumov, Feb. 17, 1933
Contains emendations.
In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 256/13-14 Various writings of A. N. Naumov, 1916, 1934-1950
BOX-FOLDER 257/1-2 Biographical materials relating to Anna Ushkova Naumova (Olga's mother), circa 1911, 1953-1963
Includes obituaries, letters of condolence to OK, clippings, memoir, estate documents, possibly her passport.
BOX-FOLDER 257/3-5 Naumova, Anna Ushkova. Memories of My Husband, A. N. Naumov, 1951
(4 copies)
In Russian.
BOX-FOLDER 257/6 Memoir of the wife of Alexander Naumov, born Ushkov (handwritten on front page of this document), undated
BOX-FOLDER 257/7 Naumova's foreward to the memoir
BOX-FOLDER 257/8-9 Family correspondence and business documents, 1960-1964
Many of these documents relate to real estate.
BOX-FOLDER 258/1 Family documents, 1930, 1939, 1964, and undated
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