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Correspondence, 1909-1977 (continued)
General Correspondence, 1909-1977 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 64/24a Young, Edward D.
BOX-FOLDER 65/1 Zádor, Eugen
BOX-FOLDER 65/2 Zalstem-Zalessky, Evangeline Stokowski
BOX-FOLDER 65/2a Zamoyski, August
BOX-FOLDER 65/3 Zaslavskii, Boris
BOX-FOLDER 65/4-16 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1921-1940, undated
  • 65/4 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1921
  • 65/5 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1922
  • 65/6 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1923-1924
  • 65/7 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1925-1927
  • 65/8 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1928-1929
  • 65/9 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1930-1931
  • 65/10 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1932-1933
  • 65/11 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1934-1935
  • 65/12 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1936-1937
  • 65/13 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1938
  • 65/14 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1939
  • 65/15 Zederbaum, Vladimir, 1940
  • 65/16 Zederbaum, Vladimir, undated; incomplete
BOX-FOLDER 65/17 Zeeler, Vladimir
BOX-FOLDER 65/18 Zeisl, Eric
BOX-FOLDER 65/19 Zeitlin, Zvi
BOX-FOLDER 65/20 Zeller, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 65/21 Zemachson, Arnold
BOX-FOLDER 65/22 Zemdl, Sonia
BOX-FOLDER 65/23 Zemlinsky, Alexander, Mrs.
Zighera, Alfred
see Zighera, Bernard
BOX-FOLDER 65/24 Zighera, Bernard
Zighera, Georgette
see Zighera, Bernard
BOX-FOLDER 65/25 Zighéra, Léon
Ziloti, Aleksandr
see Siloti, Alexander
BOX-FOLDER 65/26 Zimbalist, Efrem
BOX-FOLDER 65/27 Zingel, Erich
BOX-FOLDER 65/27a Zondek, Hermann
BOX-FOLDER 65/28 Zorin, Vladimir
BOX-FOLDER 65/29 Round Robins
BOX-FOLDER 65/30 Preliminary correspondence list
BOX 126 Unidentified Correspondence, 1921-1975, undated
Correspondence lacking complete or identifiable signatures. Includes correspondence in Roman or Cyrillic alphabets, and correspondence containing first names only. The correspondent's name might be illegible, or missing completely.
BOX-FOLDER 126/1 Unidentified, Roman alphabet, 1925-1967
BOX-FOLDER 126/2-4 Unidentified, Cyrillic alphabet, 1921-1975, undated
BOX-FOLDER 126/5 Unidentified, Cyrillic alphabet, in Serge Koussevitzky's hand, 1925-1938, undated
BOX-FOLDER 126/6 Unidentified, first names only, A-D
BOX-FOLDER 126/7 Unidentified, first names only, E-V
BOX 66-94 Miscellaneous Correspondence
A mixture of various types of correspondence, including solicitations from charitable organizations, routine invitations to events, and letters from musical organizations.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
BOX 66 Aa-As
BOX 67 Ass-B'n
BOX 68 Bo-Cla
BOX 69 Cle-Dy
BOX 70 Ea-Fu
BOX 71 Ga-Haz
BOX 72 He-Hy
BOX 73 Ia-Ju
BOX 74 Ka-Ko
BOX 75 Kr-Ler
BOX 76 Les-Ly
BOX 77 Ma-Maz
BOX 78 Mc-Mix
BOX 79 Mo-My
BOX 80 Na-New
BOX 81 New-Oz
BOX 82 Pa-Qu
BOX 83 Ra-Roi
BOX 84 Rok-Ry
BOX 85 Sa-Sc
BOX 86 Se-Sk
BOX 87 Sl-Sq
BOX 88 St-Sz
BOX 89 Ta-Tz
BOX 90 U-V
BOX 91 Wa-Wee
BOX 92 Wei-Wj
BOX 93 Wl-Wy
BOX 94 Y-Z
BOX-FOLDER 94/6 Servicemen Correspondence, 1944-1946
Letters to Koussevitzky from servicemen around the world, and responses from Koussevitzky. Includes greeting cards, illustrations, and postcards.
BOX 95-105 Artists Correspondence
Primarily unsolicited letters from performers wishing to arrange auditions or concert appearances with Koussevitzky.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
BOX 95 Aa-Bez
BOX 96 Bi-Ci
BOX 97 Cl-Dz
BOX 98 E-Gl
BOX 99 Go-Hi
BOX 100 Ho-Lef
BOX 101 Leh-Mey
BOX 102 Mi-Pl
BOX 103 Po-Sen
BOX 104 Sh-Sz
BOX 105 T-Z
BOX 106-111 Family Correspondence, 1920-1977
The first folder (106/1) contains information about family names, and explains the connections between different branches of the families of Serge Koussevitzky, Natalie Koussevitzky (neé Oushkoff) and Olga Koussevitzky (neé Naoumoff). Sections of this subseries include: letters between Serge, Natalie, and Olga Koussevitzky; correspondence written by relatives of Serge Koussevitzky; correspondence written by members of the Naoumoff family; and correspondence written by members of the Oushkoff family.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent within each subseries.
Correspondence between Serge Koussevitzky [S.K.], Natalie Koussevitzky [N.K.] and Olga Koussevitzky [O.K.], 1923-1941, undated
BOX-FOLDER 106/2 S.K. to N.K., 1923 [Barcelona]
BOX-FOLDER 106/3 S.K. to N.K., 1923 [England]
BOX-FOLDER 106/4 S.K. to N.K., 1923 [Scotland]
BOX-FOLDER 106/5 S.K. to N.K., 1923 [other]
BOX-FOLDER 106/6 S.K. to N.K., 1924-1926
BOX-FOLDER 106/7 S.K. to N.K., 1927-1930
BOX-FOLDER 106/8 S.K. to N.K., 1931
BOX-FOLDER 106/9 S.K. to N.K., 1932-1941
BOX-FOLDER 106/10 S.K. to N.K., undated
BOX-FOLDER 106/11 N.K. to S.K., 1923
BOX-FOLDER 106/12 N.K. to S.K., 1924-1925
BOX-FOLDER 106/13 N.K. to S.K., 1926-1939
BOX-FOLDER 106/14 N.K. to S.K., undated [Biarritz, 1920s]
BOX-FOLDER 107/1 N.K. to S.K., undated
BOX-FOLDER 107/2 S.K./N.K. to O.K., 1930-1932
BOX-FOLDER 107/3 S.K./N.K. to O.K., 1933-1934
BOX-FOLDER 107/4 S.K./N.K. to O.K., 1935-circa 1941
BOX-FOLDER 107/5 S.K./N.K. to O.K., undated
BOX-FOLDER 107/6 O.K. to S.K./N.K.
Koussevitzky [Kusevitskii] family correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 107/7 Kusevitskii Family
BOX-FOLDER 107/8 Akatova, Zinaida
See also: Zinaida Akatova in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/9 Bakh, Anna Kusevitskaia
See also: Anna Kusevitskaia Bakh in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/10 Bakh, Sarra
See also: Sarra Bakh in Family Genealogy
Hayton, M. S., Mrs.
see Hayton, Shura
BOX-FOLDER 107/11 Hayton, Shura
See also: Shura Hayton in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/12 Kusevitskaia, Sof'ia
See also: Sof'ia Kusevitskaia in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/13 Kusevitskii, Adol'f
See also: Adol'f Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/14 Kusevitskii, Aleksandr
See also: Aleksandr Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/15 Kusevitskii, Boris
See also: Boris Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
Kusevitskii, Elena
see Kusevitskii, Boris
BOX-FOLDER 107/16-17 Kusevitskii, Iosif
See also: Iosif Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
  • 107/16 Kusevitskii, Iosif & Kseniia
  • 107/17 Kusevitskii, Iosif & Kseniia [undated envelopes]
Kusevitskii, Kseniia
see Kusevitskii, Iosif
BOX-FOLDER 107/18 Kusevitskii, Lev
See also: Lev Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 107/19 Kusevitskii, Nikolai
See also: Nikolai Kusevitskii in Family Genealogy
Kusevitskii, Raia
see Kusevitskii, Adol'f
Naoumoff [Naumov] family correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 108/1 Naumov Family
Koussevitzky, Natalie
see Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna Naumova and Naumova, Anna Ushkova
Koussevitzky, Olga
see Leuchtenberg de Beauharnais, Anna Naumova; Naumov, Aleksandr and Naumova, Anna Ushkova
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